Farmers end protests at two Dunnes Stores branches as talks begin

The IFA wants to secure a 50c increase on a kilo of pork, which it says would add a few cents per pack of ham to the retail price

Protests held at Dunnes Stores branches in Bishopstown in Cork and Monaghan, prevented shoppers from entering



15 February 2022 | 0

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Following an agreement by Dunnes Stores to discuss price increases to suppliers and address rising farm costs, the Irish Farmers’ Association agreed to end protests occurring outside two Dunnes Stores outlets.

Farmers protested on Monday and overnight at Bishopstown in Cork and Monaghan, The Irish Times reports. Customers had been prevented from entering shops but staff were able to enter the stores.

After a phone call from Dunnes Stores, IFA president Tim Cullinan said they had agreed to meet this afternoon to discuss what should be done in order to restore the viability of producers.

“The blockade was about engagement and a phone call came through to our office from Anne Heffernan the managing director of Dunnes Stores,” Cullinan said. “We have agreed to a meeting with Anne and her team at Great George’s Street in Dublin at their head office at five o clock this evening.

“On the back of that meeting as I always said the blockade would be lifted,” he added. “We will move on from here. We will go into negotiations. This is about getting fairness along the food supply chain and getting a margin passed down the line to farmers.”

Cullinan added that farmers are asking for a 15c price increase onto the cost of a chicken, as well as 2c onto the price of an egg and 50c on a kilo of pork, which would add a few cents per pack of ham. He emphasized that their goal was not to drive “a massive price increase for the consumer”.



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