Fanta to relaunch with new look and reduced sugar

Six decades after it first arrived in Ireland, Fanta is getting a new look
Six decades after it first arrived in Ireland, Fanta is getting a new look

Fanta Orange is set for a revamp inside and outside the bottle this year, as Coca-Cola continues its plan to reduce sugar content by one-third across the board in the coming years


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8 June 2017 | 0

New-look Fanta Orange bottles and cans are set to roll out across the country this month. First launched in Ireland in 1963, the soft drink is a firm favourite with consumers, who will get to enjoy a new spiral type bottle, brand identity and logo.

The relaunched brand will contain a new reduced sugar recipe, while retaining its familiar orange taste popular with consumers for more than 50 years. The drink’s new total sugar content will be two-thirds of what it was before, the company says.

The launch of the new reduced-sugar Fanta is part of a programme by the Coca-Cola Company across its entire drinks portfolio. Coca-Cola has invested in the reformulation of much loved drinks in order to drive innovation and product development.

The relaunch of Fanta follows the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in September 2016 and Oasis Zero launched just last month. Further low and zero sugar drinks and recipes will be unveiled throughout 2017 and 2018.

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