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With more consumers than ever opting for a vegan or plant-based diet, for dietary or environmental concerns, producers, manufacturers and retailers are embracing the area like never before, but there is still some uncertainty about what it entails.


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4 June 2019

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Is veganism a diet or a lifestyle? It’s both, really. 2018 saw veganism enter the mainstream like never before, as manufacturers, retailers and consumers embraced the plant-based diet. The surge in popularity is known for its health benefits as well as its benefits to the environment, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding out there as to exactly what a “vegan” is, what the diet entails and what it eliminates.

In a special upcoming ShelfLife supplement, we aim to explore the world of veganism to shed light on the subject and more. Health experts, proponents, producers and more will reveal the hows and whys of the new world of veganism, including why it’s not just a trendy food fad anymore; it may well be the future of food!

Plus, we’ll shine a light on some of the most popular vegan products currently on the market – some are well-established family brands, while others are brand new innovations – but they all are going places…

A perfect opportunity to bring your product to the attention of retailers from across the supermarket and convenience sectors.

To include your product please contact us at ShelfLife by mailing Ian Mulvaney, ianmulvaney@mediateam.ie, or Mark Morgan, markmorgan@mediateam.ie, or call 01-294-7767.



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