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LifeFibre Co. Fruit ‘n’ Fibre 500g
LifeFibre Co. Fruit ‘n’ Fibre 500g

Emphasising the quality and craft that goes into making each loaf, is helping bread brands to maintain sales in the face of growing private label competition


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14 June 2012

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Nowadays, consumers are increasingly looking for healthy loaf, roll and baguette options, and to cater for this growing demand, producers are increasingly providing a broad range of choices, including wholemeal and wholegrain variants. Breads enriched with extra vitamins and minerals are proving a hit with parents who are keen to pack a nutritious choice in their kids’ lunchboxes.  Packaging developments such as re-sealable packs are also offering consumers greater convenience and flexibility. Despite the recession, leading niche bakeries are continuing to perform well and attract consumers looking for a tasty bakery treat, as are authentic Italian and French gourmet varieties.

It’s a matter of Pride

Irish Pride is one of the largest bakery companies in Ireland with bakeries located in counties Wexford and Mayo. One of the key strengths of the company is its distribution network and Irish Pride partners with leading niche bakeries such as McCambridge and Panelto to deliver a complete range of breads to stores nationwide every day. 

Irish Pride Bakeries has one of the widest ranges of bread in the Irish bread market ensuring that its brand has something for every consumer. Some of its key brands are Sandwich, Big Toast and Healthy Grain. During 2011, Irish Pride extended the company’s biggest selling sub brand Irish Pride Sandwich 800g to introduce Irish Pride Wholemeal Sandwich 800g. This new product is the ideal solution for consumers who want the convenience of a square slice in a healthy wholemeal variety and it has delivered strong growth in the category since its introduction to the range. 

Irish Pride Bakeries operates a second brand, LifeFibre Co. During 2011, the company repositioned the LifeFibre Co. brand to appeal to the mainstream consumer. The range includes LifeFibre Co. Nine Grain Loaf 500g and LifeFibre Co. I love my heart. Both products are truly innovative in the bread market with Nine Grain Loaf 

having the highest seed level and I love my heart being the only bread that will help to reduce blood cholesterol. The LifeFibre Co. brand has carved a niche in the market and appeals to consumers who are looking for a healthy option in the bread aisle. In order to capitalise on the success of the LifeFibre Co. brand, Irish Pride will further extend the range this summer. 

The group is introducing LifeFibre Co. Fruit ‘n’ Fibre 500g. This bread is packed full of juicy sultanas and a special blend of seeds and grains including sunflower seeds, linseeds, pinhead oatmeal and kibbled soya. It is packed full of fibre and energy making this breakfast bread the perfect way to kick start the day. 

As a bakery Irish Pride has always been renowned for its fresh, high quality, healthy breads and will continue to focus on maintaining these standards. 

Complete Cuisine is now recruiting for Hot Hero Roll destination sites

Complete Cuisine is now recruiting for Hot Hero Roll destination sites

A complete hero

Complete Cuisine is a 100% Irish owned family run company with multi depot locations around Ireland. After working over the past two years in conjunction with a major supplier, Complete Cuisine is now delighted to unveil a new concept called ‘Hot Hero Rolls’.  For a small space allocation in-store, investment in hardware and accessories together with in-store training and development from its key customer service personnel, Complete Cuisine is confident that it can make any retailer’s food operation a destination unrivalled for both quality and innovation.



The secret is in the make-up of the dough used to produce the ‘Hot Hero Rolls’ and Complete Cuisine believes the ingredient sauces really deliver the wow factor. The Hot Hero Roll starts with a frozen piece of dough. You simply top the stick of dough with one of four toppings; you add your own signature cut and continue the process until the Hot Hero Roll breads are baked to perfection. There are eight menu offerings to begin with.


Unfortunately Complete Cuisine can’t reveal all the company’s secrets that make the Hot Hero Rolls concept look, feel and more importantly taste so good. This is the beginning of a new generation of Hot Hero Rolls, a star product, which is another profit generating concept from Complete Cuisine. This hot sandwich concept is 100% Irish with all revenues staying within Ireland. Complete Cuisine is now recruiting for Hot Hero Roll destination sites so contact any of the below numbers and put yourself forward as a potential Hot Hero Roll destination.


Contact Dermot on 087 2508064 or Tadhg on 087 2585272 or email for more information.


Cuisine de France is constantly researching new tastes to bring to the consumer

Cuisine de France is constantly researching new tastes to bring to the consumer

A truly healthy cuisine


Cuisine De France is meeting consumers’ demands for healthier options. 

The company’s core Brown French Bread range continues to thrive and includes best sellers like the Cuisine De France Brown Parisien, a fusion of traditional grains, crammed with a blend of seeds to create a baguette packed full of goodness and flavour.  The demi baguette range includes the Malted Grain Demi Baguette made with flour, yeast, water and malt providing a rich taste experience and the Triple Grain Demi Baguette made with a blend of wholemeal flour and white flour, kibbled rye, brown linseed and sesame seeds is a truly nutritious eat.  

In addition, the brand is delighted to present a range of seeded demi baguettes which include the nutty Poppy Seed Demi Baguette and the sweet tasting Sesame Seed Demi Baguette. A perfect pick ‘n’ mix for this summer’s picnics, BBQs and family gatherings. 

Cuisine de France offers a large stable of healthy bread options which include the best selling Triple Grain Loaf.  This is topped with sesame linseed and kibbled rye with a crispy nutty crust. The Malted Wheat Vienna is made with granary flour, malted wheat flour and bran to create a full flavoured Vienna loaf.  And due to the continued demand from consumers for healthy alternatives Cuisine de France has just introduced a new addition to its portfolio, the Oat Topped Wholemeal Bloomer, available now. 

The introduction of the Continental Range of rolls high in fibre and enriched with extra seeds have proved exceptionally popular as they are an ideal accompaniment for a kids’ lunchbox or mid-day snack.  The range includes: 

  • cdfRye Square Roll – a rustic bread roll made from a mixture of wheat and rye
  • Multigrain Roll – a high fibre with plenty of seeds and grains and sprinkled with linseed, sesame and sunflower seeds
  • Sunflower Roll – a rustic roll with rye flour, par baked and sprinkled with sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin Roll – a rustic roll topped with crunchy pumpkin seeds for a distinctive appearance and flavour 

Cuisine De France is passionate about its breads and is constantly researching new tastes to bring to the consumer.

For more information or to place an order, call Cuisine De France telesales on 01-4647200. 

Mums enjoy Kingsmill ‘Mum Break’ at Balmoral Show

Housed in a giant loaf, the Kingsmill ‘Mum Break’ at the Balmoral agricultural show in Belfast, offered mums who visited Balmoral a relaxing pit stop in the midst of the busy day out. 

Mums who visited the tent during Balmoral Show were treated to a complimentary Kingsmill sandwich and offered the chance to kick back, relax and re-energise for the hectic afternoon ahead with the family, all while the kids enjoyed the play area.   

A recent poll, conducted by Kingsmill, revealed that over half of NI mums (64%) skip lunch because they ‘simply don’t have time’ so the fresh thinking brand is fighting back against the hectic lifestyles mums lead by encouraging them to take a ‘Mum Break’.  

Victoria Brown, Allied Bakeries, explained: “We’re delighted to have the Kingsmill ‘Mum Break’ experience to Balmoral Show. One of Northern Ireland’s most popular shows, Balmoral expected over 80,000 people across the three days, and we’re proud to have been at the heart of it, offering mums a relaxing haven amidst the chaos of the family day out. 

“We want to encourage mums to enjoy a ‘Mum Break’ not just at the show but everyday by driving home the importance of a lunch break. Taking that 15 minute lunch break boasts plenty of benefits for our mothers that juggle so much on a daily basis, and we at Kingsmill want to make it all the more convenient. With fresh thinking ideas from our new look Kingsmill range; from Soft White, Tasty Wholemeal, Crusts Away! and our new 50/50 sandwich alternative range there are lots of quick and easy lunchtime ideas for the whole family – including mum.” 

A rich Irish heritage

As Ireland’s oldest bakery, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien has a rich heritage with Irish consumers. Baking since 1835, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien bread, buns and, in past decades, cakes, have been enjoyed in Ireland for more than a century. 

To honour this shared history, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien recently launched a new brand positioning and in doing so are re-launching the iconic ‘J’ brand symbol using contemporary pack designs and engaging advertising.  With the strap line ‘History in the Baking’, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien is communicating the unique experience and craftsmanship that goes into every sliced pan. 

With a greater media spend than ever before, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien is investing throughout this year in TV, radio, outdoor, press and online to engage with Irish consumers.  

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien’s Bundys brand is also being supported this summer with targeted radio advertising emphasising the quality of ingredients that go into baking Ireland’s original bun brand. 

While the history is rich, the future looks even brighter for this much loved Irish institution.  Along with working with customers to deliver a category value driving promotion and innovation plan, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien says it will continue to invest in the brand, engage with consumers and bake great tasting bread and buns.



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