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With rays of sunshine increasingly warming our days, this month we are highlighting the new innovations and stalwart bestsellers that your discerning customers will be asking for, writes Peter Stears


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15 May 2017

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Ireland’s summer weather may not be one of the country’s unique selling points and it definitely isn’t something that is reliable. However this isn’t to say outdoor pursuits aren’t plentiful in the bright and (mostly) warm and dry evenings.

In Dublin, the banks of the city’s canals swell with people who like to relax and enjoy the sunshine with a pint in hand, whether it be on a lazy Sunday, or after work.

We are like moths to a flame when the sun comes out. The warm weather is a great excuse to meet with friends and family and often our inboxes fill up with frantic messages being sent at the first hint of it being a sunny day.

This generally improved mood, the longer days, and sunshine are the perfect combination for alcoholic beverage companies to start introducing new products to the market and is an advertising goldmine.

Summer dominates seasonality messaging. According to a survey carried out by bar management software developers Bevspot in 2016, who analysed $20m worth of alcohol sales, beer and spirit sales peaked during the summer period.*

Summer’s popular association with alcohol reflects the positive association between hot days and cold drinks. The close-up image of a bottle of beer, with water droplets running down it after being taken out of a cooler, and the sun glaring in the background, is an all too common marketing image that appeals to our senses.

The positive association of hot summer days and cold drinks is already ingrained into people’s minds and the same way winter and warm fires go together in what’s appealing to us so too does cold drinks and summer.

Each of these brand new beverage options often have innovations in product and packaging but most of all, price. The companies behind the beverages aim to make their product stand out from the crowd and make it an ideal choice for a range of occasions for consumers.

Whatever the event or occasion, consumers will actively seek to purchase drinks that match the image that advertisers have already put into their head.

To capitalise on this market it’s up to the retailers to identify their own marketplace and use placement and promotion to best utilise these summer options. Read on to find out which brands are set to generate sales during the season.

*(Source: ‘A Year of Data: Beverage Sales by Season’, published by Bevspot in April 2016


Refreshing sparkle

Tanqueray No. Ten gin has crisp citrus notes

Tanqueray No. Ten gin has crisp citrus notes

Summer is upon us, bringing with it longer days and warmer temperatures, so why not make the most of it and host your very own summer cocktail gathering at home? We have a perfect cocktail in mind… The Tanqueray No.Ten Grapefruit Fizz.

A drink that’s almost too easy to make, this peach-coloured fizz is best when you have a lot of thirsty guests to entertain. The crisp citrus notes of the Tanqueray No. Ten gin combine with the bitter grapefruit and the refreshing sparkle of the tonic to create the perfect addition to any summer garden party.

When we say too easy, we mean it: no matter your skill level, you really shouldn’t struggle to pull this off. The only tools you’ll need are something to measure your ingredients with – if you don’t have a jigger, a shot glass, measuring jug or even weighing scales will do – and a knife and chopping board for the garnish. Other than that, it’s simply a case of mixing the ingredients together.

You can serve it in several different types of glassware, but if you have suitable stemware this will help to keep the drink cooler for longer in the heat. It also looks particularly impressive when presented in a Copa or large wine glass. If you’re really invested in showmanship, or don’t have a vegetable peeler to hand, get creative with the garnish by using grapefruit wedges or wheels instead of peel.

Perhaps you could share the below one minute recipe with customers:

(Serves 6)


210ml Tanqueray No. Ten gin

90ml Aperol

240ml pink grapefruit juice

960ml tonic water

1 pink grapefruit, cut into wedges


  1. Measure the Tanqueray No. Ten gin, Aperol, pink grapefruit juice and tonic water into an ice-filled jug
  2. Add a handful of pink grapefruit wedges
  3. Stir
  4. Pour into Copa glasses or large wine glasses filled with fresh ice
  5. Garnish each glass with an additional wedge of pink grapefruit

Alcohol content: 102g

Truly unique gin experience

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin fuses oriental botanicals with local Irish ones

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin fuses oriental botanicals with local Irish ones

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin with its refreshing signature grapefruit serve is an ideal choice for relaxed garden parties and warm evenings with friends this summer.

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is slow-distilled by hand with Oriental Botanicals and Gunpowder tea.  The super-premium gin is the result of the Curious Mind of PJ Rigney’s travels and passionate exploration.  His curious mind, filled with the great oriental traditions of distilling fruit, herbs and botanicals, has fused oriental botanicals with the local Irish ones, to create this fresh citrus-tasting gin with spicy notes, all slow distilled by hand in medieval copper pot stills.

Fresh Chinese lemons, Kaffir limes and oriental grapefruits are vapour-infused along with the exotic gunpowder tea to give a truly unique gin experience.

Signature red grapefruit serve:

Generous wedge of fresh red grapefruit

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin – 40ml

Chilled Premium tonic -140ml

Garnish with a thick wedge of red grapefruit

Served over cubed ice

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is distributed in Ireland by Dalcassian Wines & Spirits.

Unique German and Irish combination

Von Hallers Gin is infused with German ginger and slow distilled in Ireland

Dalcassian Wines & Spirits has just launched Von Hallers Gin, the second super-premium brand from The Shed Distillery (Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin was launched in May 2016).

Von Hallers Gin is created in Germany and crafted in Ireland. Count Carl Von Hardenberg Jr. came over to learn the craft of hand distillation at The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, where he discovered Irish botanicals and distilling with gleaming copper pot stills – a method unchanged since medieval times.

On his return to Germany, Carl began to dream of a gin that would combine the meticulous approach of his homeland with the freedom and inventiveness of Ireland.

He began at the famous Göttingen Botanical Gardens, established in 1736 by the physician, poet and – above all – botanist, Albrecht Von Haller. In Göttingen, Carl hand-picks German ginger and lemon verbena, and brings them to be distilled slowly with Irish angelica at The Shed Distillery.

The outcome is a remarkable gin, aromatic, distinctive, pure and born of two traditions: wholly German, fully Irish and altogether unique.

It’s gonna be a Bulmers summer 

Bulmers received a new look this year, which is being supported by a multi-million euro marketing campaign

Bulmers received a new look this year, which is being supported by a multi-million euro marketing campaign

It’s only fitting that Ireland’s number one cider is, well, Irish. Bulmers has been central to the evolution of the cider category and its premium positioning in the market, and is getting ready for a bumper summer with a fantastic programme of trade activity.

Bulmers has been turning heads this year with a new look and a new attitude and its shimmering suit of copper can be seen on shelves right across the country. For many cider lovers staying in is the new going out.  Put together a gang of friends, great beats, hopping tunes and ice cold Bulmers, and you can be 99% sure you’re at the best party this summer.

For sports fans, and Ireland is full of them, Bulmers is running a summer promotion offering consumers a chance to win their ultimate sporting trip. With a big drive in the off-trade, the on-pack promotion will feature a unique text entry code. Shazam offers an alternative entry mechanic and Bulmers has even created an augmented reality game that consumers are going to love.

Bulmers’ new look is being supported by a  multi-million euro campaign of  TV, radio, out of home and digital advertising, together with experiential marketing and PR. The Tipperary brand is also making a significant commitment to its customers with a high-profile trade programme that not only includes the sports promo, but dynamic point of sale that will ensure real stand out and a stronger than ever presence on shelf. All trade activity has been designed to support customers achieve increased sales levels, as the cider category in Ireland continues to outperform the market.

Sweet times ahead for Outcider

Off-trade activity is a big focus for the Outcider team, with vibrant POS materials 

Off-trade activity is a big focus for the Outcider team, with vibrant POS materials 

Outcider is already proving to be the big hit of 2017, with its vibrant, in-your-face pack design and refreshing, sweet appley taste.

This cider is for adults with attitude. It’s for those who like a certain sweetness to their drink and who are looking for something new, something a bit edgy. They want their choice of drink to be reflective of their other lifestyle choices and Outcider ticks all the boxes.

Ireland’s newest cider recently announced its first sponsorship and it’s not one for the faint hearted.  Outcider is going on tour with Bingo Loco, Ireland’s craziest night out that is changing the way we think about bingo – forever. Bingo Loco has hit Ireland by storm with, yes, bingo but also conga lines, rave rounds, dance-offs and an insanely entertaining evening; this one is not for your traditional bingo-loving granny.

Off-trade activity is a big focus for the Outcider team and includes POS that is as bold and vibrant as the James Earley-designed livery. The growth of the brand is being supported by in-store sampling and omnipresent outdoor advertising and it’s sweet times ahead for one of Ireland’s newest brands.

From the people who brought us Bulmers, Outcider’s launch onto the Irish market means there’s now even greater choice for street-savvy cider lovers who know what they want.

A most unusual tipple!

William Grant & Sons created the

Hendrick’s Gin is a most unusual tipple. Imbibed by the inquisitive throughout the year, our devoted pursuit of the unusual comes alive in the glorious months of summer, as the days become longer and our curiosities are piqued. This summer, Hendrick’s Gin prepares you for an unprecedented panoply of sensory enlightenment as you relish in the first days of heat and summer with the Hendrick’s Summer Mule tipple.

Hendrick’s is a super-premium gin produced by William Grant & Sons, launched in Scotland in 1999.

Hendrick’s can be used to create cocktails such as the Hendrick’s Summer Mule which is floral, fruity and fizzy delight

Hendrick’s can be used to create cocktails such as the Hendrick’s Summer Mule which is a floral, fruity and fizzy delight

Hendrick’s Summer Mule cocktail:

This floral, fruity and fizzy delight is sure to quench your thirst.


50ml Hendrick’s Gin

20ml fresh lime juice

10ml elderflower cordial

8 leaves of catnip

1-inch cucumber

Topped with ginger beer


Add cucumber to glass and break with muddler. Add other ingredients and build all together over cracked ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish.

To immerse yourself even further into the wonderfully unusual world of Hendrick’s Gin, visit www.hendricksgin.com for a most unusual online experience.

A triple gold!

Greg MacNeice of Mac Ivors Cider Co. with his wife Ali celebrating three gold medals in the International Brewing and Cider Awards at the Guildhall in London

Greg MacNeice of Mac Ivors Cider Co. with his wife Ali celebrating three gold medals in the International Brewing and Cider Awards at the Guildhall in London

This year has got off to a phenomenal start for Irish craft cider producer Mac Ivors Cider Co.

Cider maker Greg MacNeice, a fifth generation apple grower who produces great tasting ciders in Ireland’s apple capital, picked up three gold medals in the 2017 International Brewing and Cider Awards.

Mac Ivors Cider Co, one of Ireland’s leading cider producers, was competing against brewers and cider makers from Europe, Australasia, the Far East and North and South America. With a 15% increase in entries, this year the competition was tough.

After three rigorous days of judging, by an expert panel of brewers and cider makers, the Co Armagh based cider producer was awarded three gold medals for its Traditional Dry Cider, Medium Cider and Plum and Ginger Cider.

Greg, who regularly meets his customers at craft beer and cider festivals the length and breadth of Ireland, said: “After winning overall Champion Cider at the last event two years ago, we were keen to benchmark our ciders again in an international arena. These awards attract a diverse range of high quality ciders and are judged by professional cider makers who command huge respect so we are delighted to win three Gold medals at this year’s competition.

“We are particularly pleased to win a Gold medal for our Plum & Ginger Cider which was just launched last year, alongside two gold medals for our more traditional ciders – Medium and Traditional Dry.”

Major prestige at global competition

Mór Irish Gin was awarded prestigious Double Gold and Best in Show at the latest global Wine & Spirits Tasting Competition in Orlando, Florida

Mór Irish Gin was awarded prestigious Double Gold and Best in Show at the latest global Wine & Spirits Tasting Competition in Orlando, Florida

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 74th Annual Convention & Exposition ended with the announcement that Mór Irish Gin has been awarded Double Gold and Best in Show in the popular Wine & Spirit Tasting competition.

Double Gold is only awarded to the precious few in the contest that all judges unanimously agree should be awarded gold following a blind tasting of each entrant. Best in Show is awarded to the brand which is chosen above all other similar spirits in its category.

The awards are judged by independent industry experts arranged by prominent publications such as The Tasting Panel magazine, The Somm Journal, and The Clever Root with the prestigious honour of competition executive director falling to Tony Abou-Ganim of The Modern Mixologist this year.

This accolade places Mór Irish Gin as one of the most highly sought after gins to the American market and the announcement has already led to a rapid expansion in the USA with a likely 46 state deal in the works.

Known for its authenticity, Mór is a handcrafted Irish gin with beautiful floral notes. With a name that draws inspiration from its birthplace Tullamore or Tulach Mór, a brand that simultaneously reflects the big and bold flavour of the gin as well as cementing it as a genuine Irish brand as it expands to global markets.

With a rich and unique combination of earthly root botanicals and wild berries, Mór’s distinct flavour encompasses its Irish heritage in every drop. The location of its distillery in the island’s midlands dictates its original taste as it contains Slieve Bloom mountain water as well as seven simple ingredients; juniper, coriander, angelica, and rosemary, marry the beautiful berry notes of blackberry, raspberry and cranberry.

Commenting on the win, founder of the company, Eoin Bara said: “In such a heavy dominated vodka and tequila market [in America], we are excited to see how Mór Irish Gin can fit in beside it.  This business is in my blood – my grandfather William O’Donoghue was a distiller at renowned whiskey maker, Tullamore Dew – and we attribute this success to his personal philosophy of attention to detail. Each of our bottles is labelled by hand and our botanicals are foraged. We care and it’s wonderful to get this recognition so early in our brand story.”

A 70cl bottle of Mór Irish Gin retails at €47.99 from reputable stockists. For more information on Mór Irish Gin, visit the website and keep up to date with @Moririshgin on social media.

 ‘The bold apple taste worth thieving’

Orchard Thieves is the number two cider brand in IrelandOrchard Thieves, the bold Irish cider with an urban edge, not only celebrates its third summer this year but also being the number two cider brand in Ireland. The refreshing cider, a mix of crisp and tart apples, delivers an instant fresh apple taste that’s certain to quench the thirst of its Irish fans during the summer months.

The brand will implement a heavyweight through-the-line campaign this summer to include TV, outdoor and digital. In the off-trade, Orchard Thieves will be engaging and recruiting consumers with its largest activation to date.

Those looking for a lighter alternative, but without compromising on taste, can enjoy Orchard Thieves Light. Successfully launched last year, it’s now available in both 50cl and 660ml bottle format nationwide, giving shoppers choice in the great taste of Orchard Thieves.

Orchard Thieves will be at Ireland’s biggest music festivals this year including Longitude, Electric Picnic and Indiependance.

Follow Orchard Thieves on Twitter and Facebook: facebook.com/orchardthievesireland or twitter.com/orchardthieves.

 A portfolio to suit all tastes


Michael Barry of Barry & Fitzwilliam claims that they have the Best of Bordeaux and the best of the Rhone when you take into account of the success of Michel Lynch and Guigal. Guigal was recently ranked sixth in the World’s Most Admired Wine Brands by Drinks International and was the highest ranked French wine brand on the list.


McGuigan wines continue to outperform the market. According to a recent report, McGuigan is now the number one Australian wine brand in the off-trade.  The Black Label range comprises of a Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Rose with a Malbec soon to be launched.  The range will have strong above the line marketing support for the summer with a major emphasis on Neil McGuigan’s award IWC awards as “the Best Winemaker in the world” for the third time.  McGuigan Frizzante is an ideal Celebratory drink which will be backed up with a radio campaign, ‘Like Prosecco? Love McGuigan Frizzante!’ and is now available in a 20cl snipe.


Finca La Linda and Luigi Bosca Argentinean Wines have been added to Barry & Fitzwilliam’s range.

Luigi Bosca has been working in the wine-producing industry for over 100 years. Currently led by its third and fourth generation, Bodega Luigi Bosca is one of the few wine-producing places that remains in the hands of the founding family throughout the decades, and has become the paradigm of the national wine.

“Luigi Bosca and Finca La Linda brands are amongst the finest producers of top class Argentinean wines,” said Michael Barry, managing director of Barry & Fitzwilliam.


Mont Gras, a former ‘Chilean Producer of the Year’, continues to grow strongly. Barry & Fitzwilliam will be offering activity across the full range from entry level Blends to the excellent Reserva Range. The Soleus range of Organic Wine produced by Mont Gras is also going from strength to strength.

Viña Casa Silva was born in 1997, following an old familiar longing to project, on a bottle of wine the love and affection of a family for their land, the Colchagua Valley. With Don Emilio Bouchon, the first generation came to Chile in 1892, from Bordeaux, St. Emilion, France. Since that time Casa Silva has been devoted to the production of wines, pioneering the Colchagua Valley.

“Casa Silva is among the finest producers of top class premium Chilean wines,” said Michael Barry, managing director of Barry & Fitzwilliam.

New Zealand

A family-owned New Zealand winery, Villa Maria has been New Zealand’s leading wine award winner, both nationally and internationally since the early 1980s. The repositioning of the Private Bin Range has seen sales surge. Villa Maria is now the number one New Zealand wine brand on the market and is expected to grow a further 20% this year. It is now the fourth most admired wine brand in the world according to Drinks International.


Barry & Fitzwilliam has a very strong line up in the fortified wine sector.

The company represents Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, Croft Original Sherry, Tio Pepe Sherry and Cockburns.  It is not overstating it when Michael Barry says “that they are very much the category captains of this sector” and are looking forward to a fortified summer especially now that sherry is very much back in fashion. Tio Pepe has had a major resurgence over the last few years and was voted number 11 in the World’s Most Admired wine brands recently by Drinks International.


Barry & Fitzwilliam distribute a wide range of premium spirits. They include Macallan, Teachers, Courvoisier Cognac, Rémy Martin Cognac, The Famous Grouse, Jim Beam Bourbon, Vladivar Vodka and Whyte and Mackay Scotch.

Barry & Fitzwilliam is also the exclusive distributor of The Kilbeggan Distillery’s range of whiskey which includes: Kilbeggan, Connemara and Tyrconnell.  Kilbeggan 8 Year Old in that distinctive decanter style bottle continues to grow especially after it won the Best Grain Whiskey at the Irish Whiskey Awards last year.

Cointreau – a cool experience on ice with a warm afterglow, surrounded by the exotic scent of oranges while maintaining its elegant French heritage.  Cointreau is an ideal partner for cocktails, renowned for livening up a Margarita, making a long drink even longer with 7UP or the stylish party Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Bols Distilleries is one of the largest and oldest producers of fine spirits and liqueurs in the world, some dating back to the year 1575. Many of the unique flavours of Bols liqueurs are made with fruit juices, thereby creating the ideal platform for some of the best cocktails around.  The selection of flavours available from Bols is vast and includes Bols Blue, Grenadine, Advocaat, Crème de Cacao, Cherry Brandy and many more.

Among the classics, Bols Triple Sec Curacao is essential in a Cosmopolitan and Bols Crème de Cacao (brown) in a Brandy Alexander. More Bols cocktail recipes are available on www.bolscocktails.com. Bols Elderflower and a number of new SKUs have been added to the Bols range this year.

Sourz continues to do well. It has a unique, dual sweet and sour flavour that is both refreshing and tangy.  Sourz is now available in Apple, Blackcurrant, Cherry and Tropical Blue.

Jägermeister, the famous German schnapps, is a huge seller in the shooter market, particularly among trend setters. It is a half-bitter German schnapps with a unique blend of 56 herbs and spices is ideal served chilled. Sales are up again this year which is an excellent performance and a reflection of its seventh place in the top ten spirits in the on-trade. The 20ml size continues to do very well in the off-trade. Barry & Fitzwilliam has also just listed a 50ml. The Jägermeister TV commercial will be on the satellite channels over the summer.

Tia Maria is a hugely popular coffee liqueur worldwide, particularly in its mixability in cocktails, with coffee or in desserts, or mixed with milk and ice as a luxurious long drink.  It will be heavily backed by a new press campaign focusing on its mixability, especially with coffee.

Disaronno is “a secret recipe which is said to include the pure essence of 17 selected herbs and fruits with an infusion of apricot kernel oil”

Disaronno is “a secret recipe which is said to include the pure essence of 17 selected herbs and fruits with an infusion of apricot kernel oil”

Disaronno is described as a ‘cool’ brand.  With its distinctive square glass decanter and smooth almond flavour, it has a secret recipe which is said to include the pure essence of 17 selected herbs and fruits with an infusion of apricot kernel oil. It is a very “hot brand” internationally and Barry & Fitzwilliam is hoping to emulate that here. This is another brand which will be supported by a satellite TV campaign. Disaronno and orange juice are a perfect mix and Disaronno Sourz is also increasing in popularity.

Midori is a premium melon liqueur infused with Japanese muskmelons, Midori adds vibrancy to any night out. It’s carefully crafted by artisan spirit makers through melon infusion and distillation and has a touch of French brandy to give it just the right taste profile. Known for its bright green colour, premium quality and authentic taste, Midori is perfect for mixing with juices, spirits and other liqueurs. Let its versatility turn an ordinary drink into an exotic cocktail.

Passoã, the only passion fruit based liqueur, made with passion fruit juice from Brazil. It blends perfectly with any fruit juice and is also a perfect base for cocktails.

It has seen a lot of recent success with the Pornstar Martini Cocktail otherwise known as the PSM in the UK. 25ml Passoã, 25ml vodka, two teaspoons sugar, 25ml passion fruit puree, shot of champagne and a splash of pressed apple (ABV: 17%).


Barry & Fitzwilliam represents an unrivaled range of premium gins from across the globe.

These include London Number 1 (London), Copperhead (Belgium), Damrak Gin (Holland), Larios (Spain), Sipsmith (London) and the iconic The Botanist from the island of Islay in Scotland as well as local gins such as Dingle.


Since the coming together of Beam Suntory, Barry & Fitzwilliam has acquired its distribution rights for

Auchentoshan & Bowmore Scotch Whiskies. The Auchentoshan (pronounced Okken-toshan) distillery was established in the Dumbartonshire estate of Auchentoshan in 1823.

Auchentoshan, meaning `Corner of the field’ in Gaelic, produces a delicate, smooth and light single Malt Whisky. The subtle aroma and flavour of its spirit is achieved by the unique triple distillation process, whereby the spirit is not distilled twice, as elsewhere in Scotland, but instead, distilled three times producing even greater refinement to its character.

Bowmore was the first of Islay’s distilleries to receive a license, springing fully-formed into official existence in 1779. It is likely that the founder of the distillery, one William Simson, had been distilling in Bowmore since shortly after his arrival in 1766.

This year sees the addition of Bruichladdich Malts to the range.


New additions to Barry & Fitzwilliam’s range of craft beers include New Yorker and Innis & Gunn

New additions to Barry & Fitzwilliam’s range of craft beers include New Yorker and Innis & Gunn

Global beer brands have seen a major increase in interest. Barry & Fitzwilliam currently distribute the Wells & Young portfolio, the most popular of which is Banana Bread Beer and Coopers from Australia which has gained a very loyal following over the years. New additions to the range include New Yorker and Innis & Gunn.

Barry & Fitzwilliam is also delighted to be able to offer a fantastic range of Irish craft ciders including Toby’s Cider, Kellys Ciders and Longueville Cider. The Cotton Ball Brewing Company and Killarney Brewing Co. are just a few of our range of Irish Craft Beers.

The relaunched W.K.D. range will be supported again this summer with a combination of promotions, a social media campaign as well as traditional media. N.K.D. is the new addition to the W.K.D. range with a major focus on less sugar and lower calories.

In conclusion, Michael Barry says: “We have an excellent portfolio of wines, spirits and beer.  A range to satisfy all price points and are expecting a very busy Summer Season” says Michael Barry MD of Barry & Fitzwilliam.”







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