Core invests €7.5m in restructure

Alan Cox, CEO of Core, says the future of the advertising and marketing sector is about collaboration

Marketing & communications firm Core has enacted a major restructuring of the business, including a move to its new custom-built creative space at Windmill Lane in Dublin, the address made famous by masters of musical collaboration such as U2, The Rolling Stones and many more.



22 June 2018

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Core, the marketing communications company previously known as Core Media, is investing €7.5m this year in a complete restructure of the business and a relocation to a 24,000 sq ft. custom-built creative space at 1 Windmill Lane (1WML).

The investment follows an extensive strategic review, which resulted in the development of a five-year plan to not only transform its proposition as a business, but also the industry in which it operates. The focus of the new strategy is collaboration, which will enhance the creativity of work developed by Core, across all disciplines, and provide a seamless structure that will meet the global trend of clients demanding full solution services.

This business plan will be officially launched to the industry at an event held in the town hall space in 1 Windmill Lane. Keynote speaker, music producer Steve Lillywhite, will return to the iconic Windmill Lane address to talk about his experiences with the likes of U2, Morrissey, The Pogues and Talking Heads, and how true collaboration can create magic.

Core employs a team of 310 people and, until recently, operated as a group of nine separate companies. Now, to facilitate enhanced collaboration, the business has been transformed into one company of nine practices.

The transformation of the business is reflected in the company’s new vision statement:

‘By truly embracing collaboration, sharing ideas freely and empowering one another, we will create work that is more powerful and transformative than our individual efforts can ever be.’

For further details, visit or @Core_IRL on twitter.



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