Heineken publishes sustainability report

Heineken's sustainability goals are set out in a new advert published by the brewer
Heineken's sustainability goals are set out in a new advert published by the brewer

Heineken has published its 2017 sustainability report, in which it outlines its commitment waste reduction, recovery and recycling, with a promotional video affirming its ambitions and beliefs.



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22 June 2018 | 0

Heineken has teamed up with Irish director Lochlainn McKenna to publicise its sustainability targets in conjunction with the launch of its 2017 sustainability report. The iconic beer brewer reveals that it has achieved many of the targets it set for itself (some well ahead of schedule), including zero waste-to-landfill, CO2 reduction of 20% and ethical sourcing of ingredients from local farmers.

Sandy Boundy, Communications and CSR manager at Heineken Ireland, said that the past year has been all about collaboration to achieve those targets. “This year we have worked with our partners and stakeholders to become a truly green brewer,” Boundy said. “It is only through working with others that we can hope to hit our ambitious targets, and throughout the report there are examples of sustainability achievements we have only been able to unlock thanks to that collaborative approach.”

Heineken achieved its zero waste to landfill target by working PM Group and Greenstar to analyse what was recoverable from its production process, while the CO2 reduction was enacted by increasing the number of deliveries going straight to customers, optimising routes and increasing the capacity of its trucks and trailers.

Meanwhile, Heinken marked the publication of the report with a short film directed by Lochlainn McKenna, in which Heineken’s sustainability story so far is told in style:

Maggie Timoney, MD of Heineken Ireland, said the company is proud to have been brewing in Ireland for more than 160 years. “We intend to be here another 160 too,” she said, “which will take a serious and ongoing commitment to sustainability – a commitment we’re pleased to have already displayed over the past year.

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