Cereals to use rosehip extract

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Food scientists have found a new application for some commonly found garden shrubs, and some not so common


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9 January 2009

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A new rosehip extract has been launched which could be used in cereals, fruit bars and smoothies to reduce osteoarthritis pain.
South African company Afriplex, has developed a new rosehip extract which because it is water soluble unlike its current rosehip powder, can be used in different applications such as yoghurts and ready-to-drink beverages.

Studies have linked rosehip to bone health and suggest that it can reduce osteoarthritis pain by over a third. This makes it particularly attractive to food manufacturers addressing health and wellness and nutraceutical trends, says Billy Smith, marketing executive at Afriplex.

The company said that it developed the South African grown rosehip extract, as a result of high customer demand, and claims it has already had an enquiry from a cereal manufacturer in Europe. It estimates that the market for rosehip in Europe is worth between E10m and 12m over the next three years.

Afriplex also played a role in the development of South African fruit baobab; tipped by Mintel to be the headline superfruit of 2009. Together with trade association Phytotrade Africa, the company successfully petitioned for dried baobab pulp to gain novel foods approval for the EU, which was granted in June.



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