Best Retail Technology Supplier Award 2014

Mark Morgan of presents the award for Best Retail Technology Supplier to Padraig Nolan of Retail Solutions

Intelligent retail technology solutions can help streamline your business; creating less stress and more profits. Ireland’s leading solutions providers deserve full credit for continually striving to make the frenetic world of retailing as headache-free as possible


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16 January 2015

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And the nominees are…

  • CBE
  • Stationmaster
  • Leaders Enterprise
  • Payzone
  • Merit Solutions
  • Tockheim
  • Postpoint
  • Retail Solutions
  • MTS Security
  • Sage

The award for Best Retail Technology Supplier 2014 was sponsored by


NewLogoFullRetail Solutions is delighted to have recently won the Best Retail Technology Supplier accolade at the National C-Store Awards. The award closely follows the news that Retail Solutions has won a contract to supply Appleby-Westward’s 151 UK Spar stores with Retail Solutions’ award-winning software.

“We see both of these accolades as a result of our commitment to continually striving to improve our product and increase our levels of customer satisfaction. Our focus has always been to use innovative technology imaginatively to solve our customers’ retail problems.” said Jarlath Hennelly, general manager.

For 20 years, Retail Solutions has been providing retailers with high quality yet low cost retail management systems, which assist them in increasing sales and reducing costs which allows them to pass the savings on to their customers. With over 850 sites in Ireland and approaching 500 sites in the UK and Australia, the group has been able to work closely with customers, to ensure business critical information is at their fingertips at any given time.





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