Best New Food and Drink Start-up 2018

James Davey and Jo Davey of Absolute Nutrition accept the award for Best New Food and Drink Start-up 2019, presented by Dan Curtin, sales director, Centra
James Davey and Jo Davey of Absolute Nutrition accept the award for Best New Food and Drink Start-up 2019, presented by Dan Curtin, sales director, Centra

Determination, passion and a real belief in your product range are all essential ingredients in order to flourish as a food start-up. Undoubtedly, our shelves would be considerably less interesting without their contributions


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22 January 2019 | 0

And the nominees are…

Mama Nagi’s

Fused by Fiona Uyema

Fresh Fish Deli

Absolute Nutrition

Fitness Food HQ


Jo Davey, founder of Absolute Nutrition

Absolute Nutrition was named as the winner of this year’s award for Best New Food and Drink Start-up 2018, as voted for by retailers. Absolute Nutrition’s award-winning range of paleo, high protein and high energy treats and snacks was developed by Dublin girl Jo Davey, a trained holistic nutritionist and mum of four. Its range is produced locally in a gluten-free kitchen with vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar-free options.

Jo Davey founded Absolute Nutrition in 2014. She spotted a gap in the market for healthy snacks and treats made from wholefood ingredients, with nutritional benefits and free from refined sugar, gluten and artificial preservatives. Davey was good at cooking and making paleo treats at home but couldn’t find the same quality when out or at the gym.

As a result, she began making treats and snacks for friends who didn’t have time themselves or didn’t know what ingredients to use. The taste and quality of Davey’s food spoke for itself and the company went from strength to strength. In fact, within a few months, she was supplying local SuperValu stores.

An idea and passion born in Jo’s kitchen at home has subsequently grown into a successful business that now employs a number of local people. The entrepreneur says her aim is to teach people that snacking and treats can be both tasty and nutritious.

She is keen to share her recipes and love of wholefoods, real food, with everyone. “I would love for people to experience the satisfaction in growing something, even a herb, and using it in their own cooking,” Jo says.

The team at Absolute Nutrition all play an important role in the company’s success. “While I am in my kitchen, at in-store tastings, events or at cool photo-shoots having all the fun, my partner in crime, James is managing Absolute Nutrition,” Jo says. “He commits himself to every challenge and project, keeps on top of business and still manages to support and encourage me all the way. I could not do it without him.”

Winning the ShelfLife C-Store Award was a real team effort moreover. “We are absolutely thrilled to win Best Start-up Business 2018 at the ShelfLife C-Store Awards,” Jo and James said. “As with all of our achievements, this is a team effort. We would like to thank ShelfLife for an amazing evening and Centra Ireland for sponsoring our award.”


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