BBQ season hits Tesco with the launch of the Fire Pit range

The range is back in select Tesco stores to get customers excited about dining outdoors again



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14 June 2022

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The Fire Pit range is back in select Tesco stores, offering customers everything they need for the BBQ season, from meat options and veggie alternatives, to the complementary sides, equipment and accessories.

Tesco has invited its customers to fire up their grills using Tesco’s variety of tasty ingredients. Each product included in Tesco’s BBQ offering is easy to cook, while the Fire Pit and Finest BBQ options include a burst of fiery flavours, such as the Fire Pit Peri-Peri Beef Steaks (RRP €3.75), mouth-watering Fire Pit Korean-style pork belly slices 410G (RRP €4.00) and Fire Pit BBQ Basted Pork Chops 550g (RRP €4.00).

Some BBQ classics to reach for include the Fire Pit Chicken Thighs Irish Pale Ale Marinade 780G (RRP €3.75) and the Fire Pit 6 Jumbo Sausages 600G (€3.75). It also includes plant-based options such as its Plant Chef 2 Meat Free Burgers 226G (RRP €3.50) or the Plant Chef 2 Meat Free Steaks with Garlic Melt 210G (RRP €5.00), created for Tesco by plant chef, Derek Sarno, pack a tasty punch.

A BBQ is not complete without a selection of sides so Tesco Finest has the perfect range to complement a wide variety of meats, and of course the meat free options. These include the Fire Pit Baby Potatoes with Garlic Herb Butter 400G (RRP €2.99) and Fire Pit Corn on the Cob in a Cajun spice 500G (RRP €2.99)

Whether customers are new to grilling or are feeling a little rusty, the Fit Pit range of cookware has everything from a Fire Pit Large Kettle BBQ (RRP €110) and Fire Pit BBQ Tool Set in Aluminium Case (RRP €30) which is easy to grip with a soft touch handle.

Tesco is also pleased to announce it will sponsor chef Nico Reynolds debut series on RTÉ One, ‘All Fired Up’, which airs starts on 14 June.

“When someone believes in a personal vision it’s a gift and when that someone is Tesco it’s an incredible pleasure, having them believe in the new series has been special,” said Reynolds. “Ultimately cooking is one great unifier we have, it transcends culture and boarders and how I cook always has to reflect that there’s something for everyone. The Tesco Fire Pit range hits the spot with a broad range of varied flavours and a taste for every palate.”



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