Barbecue beauties!

Although our unreliable weather is infamous, that hasn’t dampened the nation’s enthusiasm for BBQs one little bit. If anything, it’s actually made us more eager to snatch up the opportunity for al fresco dining whenever we can! Gillian Hamill highlights the best-sellers


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15 May 2015

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“Irish weather – it’s not as though we can rely on it, but when it’s good…the whole country takes to barbecuing with a level of enthusiasm that would give even the Aussies a run for their money.” Chef Domini Kemp writing in The Irish Times sums up well the nation’s grá for barbecues, adding that: “Fridges are optimistically stocked with ribs, kebabs, burgers, salads and marinated everything, ready for even the slimmest possibility of eating outdoors.”

Indeed, the statistics back up the fact that barbecues and al fresco dining are an essential part of summer for Irish consumers. In 2013, Irish shoppers spent an additional €2 million on sausages in the 12 weeks to 18 August 2013, boosting sales by 12%, according to Kantar Worldpanel statistics. Cooked meats, bagged salads and bread rolls all saw double digit sales growth, helping overall grocery sales grow by 1.5%.

The Heinz BBQ Heroes campaign will include a television advert for the first time

The Heinz BBQ Heroes campaign will include a television advert for the first time

BBQ heroes

This summer, Heinz unveils a refreshed campaign to promote its unrivalled range of sauces during the BBQ season.

Returning for a second year and launching in April to maximise the full BBQ season, the Heinz BBQ Heroes campaign has increased its promotional spend from last year to include a  television advert for the first time as well as an increased social media presence. The key focus for the 20 second television advert supporting the launch is to drive relevance and taste appeal of Heinz sauces by inspiring consumers to use Heinz sauces at the BBQ occasion.

The advertising will provide tips on how to use Heinz sauces as a marinade and highlight Heinz products.

The BBQ Heroes range offers consumers versatility and the opportunity to experience new tastes during the up-coming BBQ season. The range includes the much-loved classics such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup, which is the number one selling ketchup brand in Ireland, with a 56% value share of the category (Source: Kantar: January 2015).

Zingy Heinz Salad Cream and full flavoured Heinz Classic BBQ are also included. HJ Heinz is the market leader in BBQ sauce and holds a market value share of 39% (Source: Kantar: January 2015). Heinz also offers new adventurous varieties such as the refreshingly spicy Heinz Peri Peri and Heinz Sweet Chilli Sauce which will add a kick to the nation’s favourite BBQ foods. The campaign also provides great marinade suggestions to really bring out flavours.

The Heinz BBQ Heroes campaign launched on 27 April 2015 and will run right through to the end of summer. The campaign will include TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social and heavyweight customer marketing activity.

Slow cooked to perfection


RibWorld products don’t need any marinating or preparation and are therefore a ultra-convenient option for consumers

RibWorld was acquired by M&M Walshe and operates as part of the family run business, which is located in Fethard, Co. Tipperary, on a 95,000 square foot BRC “A” grade site. The plant saw over €5m investment recently which reflects the pride, passion and commitment put in by the Walshe family, which now sees the third generation of the family involved in the business. RibWorld is an established international premium brand with a growing portfolio of consumer offerings to meet different usage occasions. The portfolio includes Pork Ribs, Pork Tenderloin and Pulled Pork. RibWorld continues to innovate and is launching exciting new products including Pulled Beef, Beef Brisket and Mojito Lamb Rump in the near future. The company believes these products will excite your customers and increase spend per basket in your stores. RibWorld products are all fully cooked using a method called “sous-vide” which means that they are “slow cooked to perfection” retaining all the moisture and flavour.

Rib3RibWorld products don’t require any marinating or preparation and the company says they are subsequently ultra-convenient for consumers who are becoming more time poor and do not have time to spend preparing meals but won’t compromise on the flavour and quality.

RibWorld has also developed an exciting new product about to come the market, RibWorld 2 Rib Rack Twin pack, ideal for an individual main meal or as a starter portion for a couple. The product is ideal for any convenience store or small supermarket, packed 10 per box in shelf-ready packaging.

For more information contact Denis Kelly, international sales manager, RibWorld on 00353 (0) 52 6132374 or visit

The cream that makes summer!

Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream can be poured straight from the bottle over summertime treats

Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream can be poured straight from the bottle over summertime treats

Produced by Glanbia Consumer Foods, the Avonmore Cream range has something to suit all tastes and occasions including the fridge staple Fresh Cream, convenient Freshly Whipped Cream, Sour Cream perfect for summer BBQs, Fresh Dessert Cream and the latest addition to the range – Summer Whipped Cream.

Avonmore Summer Whipped Cream is a tasty, vanilla-flavoured whipped cream that’s perfect for long summer days and summer desserts. Pop into a picnic cooler bag and spoon over raspberries, strawberries or favourite desserts for a really sumptuous treat. A great alternative to ice-cream, the company believes it’s sure to delight both young and old alike.

Avonmore Summer Whipped Cream is a vanilla-flavoured whipped cream

Avonmore Summer Whipped Cream is a vanilla-flavoured whipped cream

Another must-have for the summer season is Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream. Already thickened and ready to serve, this luxuriously smooth and thick cream can be poured straight from the bottle over all consumers’ favourite summer treats.

The tangy taste of Avonmore Sour Cream is the ideal accompaniment for barbecues, light meals or simply as a dip for nachos.

And if the famous Irish weather does let us down this summer, don’t despair! Consumers can still enjoy Avonmore Fresh Cream or Freshly Whipped Cream with warm chocolate cake or their favourite dessert for the perfect treat whatever the weather.

For inspiration this summer, visit which features over 300 recipes, including starters, mains meals, desserts, snacks and picnic ideas, as well as lots of great competitions.

Irish BBQ favourite returns home

Chef has been an Irish favourite since 1921, long before the days of barbecues but it is barbecue season when Chef comes into its own. Chef believes it offers the ultimate barbecue must-have with sauces to suit all tastes and occasions. From zingy Tomato Ketchup for burgers, smooth Brown Sauce which makes chargrilled sausages taste great, tangy Barbecue Sauce with chicken and beef and Salad Cream which is the perfect salad accompaniment at 60% less fat than standard mayonnaise. Not forgetting pickled onions, vinegar and the Irish salad must-have, Chef Beetroot.

Irish consumers love Chef because of the distinctive taste, one which they have grown up with and which is easily recognisable. Taste is the key differentiator that Chef believes it has versus the competition and the brand hopes to enhance this in the months to come as it moves production of Chef back to Ireland and to a new home in Cabra in Dublin.

With the move back to Dublin, consumers can look forward to a new look and feel from Chef and new flavours which are being developed specifically for Irish taste buds.

Flavoursome additions

Encona sauces are available in a range of heat levels to suit chilli aficionados and novices alike

Encona sauces are available in a range of heat levels to suit chilli aficionados and novices alike

Encona is the UK’s number-one hot pepper sauce brand*, established over 40 years ago and featuring a range of flavours from around the world, which are incredibly versatile. Encona sauces can be used as dips, condiments, marinades, cooking ingredients or flavourful everyday table sauces.

Available in 285ml top-down squeezy packs in a range of heat levels to suit chilli aficionados and novices alike, Encona is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. Following on from the success of the existing variants, West Indian Hot Pepper, Thai Sweet Chilli, Brazilian BBQ and Texan BBQ, new exciting flavours such as Jamaican Jerk BBQ, Thai Mild Sweet Chilli and Mexican Smokey Jalapeno will be available from May 2015.

Encona Sauces has launched a new range of marinades, available in 180g jars

Encona Sauces has launched a new range of marinades, available in 180g jars

To make barbecue dishes even more flavoursome, Encona Sauces has launched a new range of Encona Marinades. Available in 180g jars, in three flavours – Moroccan Harissa, Korean BBQ and Jamaican Jerk BBQ – these marinades are perfect for adding an authentic spicy kick to all summer dishes.

Moroccan Harissa is a spicy and fragrant Moroccan inspired paste made with a blend of chilli puree, herbs and spices, to create a perfect aromatic North African style marinade. Jamaican Jerk BBQ is an authentic mild Jerk seasoning, blended with tomatoes and spices for a distinctive Jerk flavour without the heat; perfect for the whole family. Korean BBQ is made with a blend of Gochujang spices to create its sweet and spicy flavour.


Grace Hot Pepper Sauce is an ideal accompaniment for a wide range of dishes

Grace Hot Pepper Sauce is an ideal accompaniment for a wide range of dishes

Grace Hot Pepper Sauce is a tasty and tangy Jamaican-style condiment that can be used to help add a fiery flavour to a whole host of dishes from stews and soups, to pasta and pizza and it works wonderfully in cocktails too. It is the perfect table accompaniment for hot-sauce lovers.

For more information on stocking Grace Foods products and the Encona range, contact Flanagan’s Foods:

Tel: 1 450 6100 Email: Web:

*(Source: IRI UK Table Sauces (Chilli and BBQ) MAT 52 w/e 28 March 2015)

Soft rolls, hard results

Irish Pride has become the market leader in the soft rolls category.

The Irish consumer is seeking alternatives to the standard sliced pan and this is a key driver in the growth of the soft rolls category as well as the increase in the number of barbecue occasions each year. The soft rolls category has achieved strong year-on-year growth over the past number of years.

For the last year the Irish Pride brand has been the star performer in the category, and following a focused approach to sales development, Irish Pride has become a clear market leader. This success has been built on the superior quality of the soft rolls range that is produced by Irish Pride in its state of the art bakery in Taghmon, Co. Wexford.

The Irish Pride range offers consumers both versatility and choice. The Bunsters burger bun range is perfect for any barbecue, while the Irish Pride Bap range can be enjoyed as a healthy snack throughout the day. The Irish Pride Bap range includes the Floury Bap and Healthy Grain Bap allowing consumers to enjoy either the soft texture of the Floury Bap or a healthier high fibre option with the Healthy Grain Bap.

Add some sizzle to the party!

Bic Megalighter believes it offers an important component for any outdoor cooks at this time of year. The BIC Megalighter is a user-friendly, safe and reliable tool which assists in getting the party started when lighting a cooking appliance for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Not only is the BIC Megalighter an essential tool for consumers during the summertime, the brand believes it is equally as important for households throughout the rest of the year.

Research has shown that 60%* of purchases are on impulse, making it even more important to have impactful displays that engage the customer at the point of sale. In light of this, BIC has a wide variety of creative display solutions for retailers.

*(Source: Utility European Consumer Survey – Jan 2012)









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