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Hellmann’s is the number one brand in the salad dressings market with a value market share of 34%
Hellmann’s is the number one brand in the salad dressings market with a value market share of 34%

The barbeque category was worth over €335 million in 2009, and with consumers eager to make the best of sunny weekends at home – sales looks set to soar even further


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12 May 2010

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BBQAt a glance: BBQ

  • Hellmann’s mayonnaise is the number one selling mayonnaise in the Irish market, with 85% value share
  • Hellmann’s is also the number one brand in the salad dressings market with a value market share of 34%
  • Don Carlos is Ireland’s number one olive oil with a 35.1% share of the market, and outsells the second brand by a ratio of three to one
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup is the number one selling tomato ketchup brand in Ireland with a 60.6% volume share of the Republic’s overall tomato ketchup category (Nielsen: April 2010)
  • HJ Heinz, the market leader in BBQ sauce, holds a combined market share of 37.1% across its two BBQ brands, Heinz and HP (Nielsen: April 2010)
  • Chef is the second biggest brand in the table sauces market and brand leader in many of the segments of this market  
  • The soft rolls category has delivered 4% volume growth this year (Nielsen, MAT 21 February 2010) 
  • The Irish Pride brand is the number one brand in the soft rolls category and has built its market share to 23% (Nielsen, MAT 21 February 2010)
  • Zip is the leading ignition brand

Hellmann’s is the number one brand in the salad dressings market with a value market share of 34%

The barbecue foods market has shown strong growth over the last five years, according to market analyst Mintel. “Consumer interest in outdoor living and alfresco dining is stimulating the consumption of a wider range of foods and the extension of barbecues out of the traditional summer/weekends occasion. A trend to premiumisation and more exotic food tastes has also contributed to growth.”

The National Barbeque Association likewise reported the BBQ category was worth over €335 million last year  with 10% year-on-year growth and some 1.75 million barbeque occasions held throughout Ireland in 2008. Credit-crunched Irish consumers who have postponed foreign holidays meanwhile, will want to make the most of good weather at home. Mintel also finds consumers are increasingly seeing burgers as a positive meal choice rather than junk food, helped by the growth of gastro-pubs and upmarket burger restaurants. Sauces and salads are also important segments; in sauces, the analyst finds “naturalness is the keystone of success, with most products now additive-free.”

Making barbeques complete

Hellmann’s has a vast range of products for all tastes and for those great BBQ day outs, with a portfolio range spanning across mayonnaise, salad dressings and BBQ sauce and ketchup. So if it’s a burger, a salad, a hot dog, anything you fancy, Hellmann’s has it all.

Hellmann’s mayonnaise is the number one selling mayonnaise in the Irish market and continues to dominate the market with 85% value share. The popular mayonnaise comes in glass and squeezy formats for consumers’ convenience. Consumers also have the choice between real, light, extra light and garlic mayo for their BBQs.

Hellmann’s is also the number one brand in the salad dressings market with a value market share of 34%. The Hellmann’s dressings range includes seven varieties which are firm Irish favourites, including Caesar, Italian and Balsamic. Hellmann’s Salad Dressings will be supported in-store with strong promotions throughout the summer season.

Hellmann’s believes no barbeque would be complete without the addition of the Hellmann’s BBQ Sauce. As such, this sauce’s tangy taste is a welcome accompaniment to any eating occasion.

Don Carlos is Ireland’s number one olive oil with a 35.1% share of the market

Don Carlos is Ireland’s number one olive oil with a 35.1% share of the market

The latest edition to the Hellmann’s range is Hellmann’s Tomato Ketchup. Full of tomatoey goodness, the brand claims Hellmann’s ketchup is a must have on consumers’ BBQ table this summer.

Hellmann’s will be supported with strong above the line support throughout the summer season including press, TV and radio. Hellmann’s will also be supported in-store this summer with consumer competitions and strong consumer promotions.

Viva Don Carlos!

With countless Irish people taking holidays in Spain each year there is an increasing familiarity with the quality, range and great taste of Spanish cuisine. This coupled with consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, has created a genuine interest in buying Spanish food products and ingredients for home use.

The Don Carlos brand which launched into the Irish market in 1990 has long been synonymous with providing the authentic products and flavours of Spain including olive oils, olives, capers, wine vinegars, sea salt, vegetables, saffron and most recently, a selection of Spanish wines.

Don Carlos Olive Oil is the ideal ingredient for any BBQ enthusiast. It can be used to marinade meats, create delicious salad dressings and can be used in a bowl on its own as a dip for breads.

Don Carlos remains Ireland’s number one olive oil with a 35.1% share of the market. Don Carlos outsells the second brand by a ratio of three to one.Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oils and is long associated with quality olive oil production. The Don Carlos olive oils come from the finest olive groves in the heart of Andalucia in the south of Spain.
Don Carlos will be supported in 2010 with a heavyweight TV campaign, and consumer and in-store promotions.

Lakeshore marinades can make barbeque meats sizzle with flavour

Lakeshore marinades can make barbeque meats sizzle with flavour

Made with love and Lakeshore

Consumers can savour the flavour of Lakeshore marinades, salad dressings, relishes and mustards this BBQ Season. Using only the best ingredients and made to traditional recipes, Lakeshore claims its accompaniments bring food to life.

Barbeque meats sizzle with flavour when smothered in Lakeshore marinades. Consumers can choose from Sticky Hickory Barbeque, Sweet Chilli & Garlic, Hot & Spicy Marinade or the new Red Meat Marinade with Guinness. These convenient products give a unique flavour to barbequed meats, in one easy step.

Alternatively, customers can tingle the taste buds with Tantalising Tomato Ketchup or a dollop of Marvellous Mayonnaise
The brand also provides a range of Lakeshore Salad Dressings – the ever popular Honey & Mustard dressing, a premium Caesar dressing, Italian dressing, French style Vinaigrette, Thousand Island and for the weight conscious there are two low fat dressings – Low Fat Caesar Dressing and Low Fat Balsamic & Red Pepper Dressing.

All Lakeshore products are made with the finest ingredients and come in an eclectic range of flavours. Lakeshore claims that its products will help to make a lasting impression in an instant, for that perfect barbeque.

Heinz means sales

Heinz Ketchup is synonymous with taste and what better accompaniment for summertime barbecues than the extensive Heinz Tomato Ketchup range. Boasting a large variety of sizes, Heinz Tomato Ketchup is available in glass, squeezy and top down formats. Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup, available in 460g, 700g and 910KG sizes, offers the benefits of an innovative no mess, no waste, stay-clean cap and all the taste of Ireland’s favourite tomato ketchup. Heinz Tomato Ketchup is the number one selling tomato ketchup brand in Ireland with a 60.6% volume share of the tomato ketchup category in the Republic of Ireland. (Nielsen: April 2010). Heinz new website, has been specially developed for Irish consumers and has lots to offer including facts about Heinz Tomato Ketchup, recipes, tips and a kidz zone.

BBQ sauce is popular indoors all year round but is also the ideal accompaniment to barbecued foods making it a household essential in summer months. HJ Heinz, the market leader in BBQ sauce holds a combined market share of 37.1% (Nielsen: April 2010), across its two BBQ brands, Heinz and HP. There are two BBQ varieties under the Heinz brand, Original and Hot ‘n’ Sizzling, both in the handy Heinz Top Down format.

The HP range of sauces, from H.J. Heinz, includes HP Classic BBQ in 250g glass along with Classic Woodsmoke and Spicy Woodsmoke varieties in a 430g squeezy pack.

Lea & Perrins, the original Worcestershire Sauce provides the ideal base for home-made marinades.

ChefHeinz Salad Cream has been popular with generations of Irish consumers. Heinz Salad Cream offers consumers lots of choice with  both regular, light and extra light varieties in range of pack formats including glass, squeezy and top down. The Heinz salad cream range also includes the highly successful Weight Watchers from Heinz Salad dressing.

Compliments of Chef

The Chef brand has been a staple favourite in Irish households since 1921, and is currently the second biggest brand in the table sauces market and brand leader in many of the segments of this market.

What makes Chef unique is the distinct taste that consumers have grown to love. The unique blend of spices used in Chef Ketchup and Brown Sauce gives Chef a distinct flavour. Today, it’s this well loved taste that remains key for consumers, so much so that the brand claims its the ultimate symbol of quality and tradition.

With BBQ season fast approaching there is no better time to stock up with Chef. The Chef range of sauces are a must have for outdoor dining and the summer BBQ season with a range of sizzling sauces and accompaniments. Chef BBQ sauce is ideal for barbecued food, perfect for steaks, burgers, chicken wings or sausages; guaranteeing the ultimate barbeque taste every time.

DemiChef have also recently launched Chunky Relish. This chunky tomato relish is the perfect match for burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

The Chef range now includes ketchup, brown sauce, salad cream, BBQ sauce, relish, beetroot, pickles and vinegar.

Something for everyone

This May, Cuisine de France is focusing on its Demi Baguette. Made with French flour from the Paris basin, the Cuisine de France Demi Baguette remains the most versatile French Bread.

Supported by a strong consumer campaign across television, radio and online, the brand claims the Cuisine de France Demi Baguette is a must stock item for all stores. The campaign will be supported with a consumer promotion in May, ensuring that consumers get great value from Ireland’s favourite French bread brand. As the leading French bread supplier in Ireland, Cuisine de France has been supplying Irish Families for over 20 years.

Cuisine de France has also provided retailers with top tips for its Cuisine de France Demi Baguette.

A matter of pride

The soft rolls category is one of the key categories in the bread market delivering 4% volume growth this year. The sector appeals to the consumer as it offers variety and convenience.

The Irish Pride brand is the number one brand in the soft rolls category and following a focused approach to sales development it has built its market share to 23% (Nielsen, MAT 21 February 2010). This success has been achieved through the superior quality of the soft rolls range that is produced by Irish Pride in the state of the art bakery in Taghmon, Co. Wexford.

The Irish Pride range offers consumers both versatility and choice. The Bunsters burger bun and hot dog roll range is perfect for any barbeque, while the Irish Pride Bap range can be enjoyed as a healthy snack throughout the day. The Irish Pride Bap range includes the Floury Bap and Healthy Grain Bap, allowing consumers to enjoy either the soft texture of the Floury Bap or a healthier high fibre option with the Healthy Grain Bap.

Irish Pride Bakeries has said it will continue to focus on growing its sales and brand presence in the Soft Rolls market to help customers to get the best possible performance from the category during 2010.

Zipping up 100% naturally

Zip, the leading ignition brand, has ambitions to shake up the barbecue fuel market with the launch of a range of high performance products.

Zip’s Lumpwood Charcoal (3kg) and Hardwood Briquettes (4kg) head up the Standard Brands’ 2010 barbecue range, designed to plug a gap in the market for affordable, high quality barbecue fuel. Zip’s fuel is 100% natural with no additives or impurities that could taint food. It also burns hotter for longer, gets to cooking temperature quicker, and produces less ash and less smoke compared to any other charcoal tested; altogether giving a better grilling experience.

According to Simon Bullen, business development and marketing director at Standard Brands:
“Research shows that consumers are willing to trade up to better fuels that light more easily and offer a better cooking experience. This is what Zip delivers.

“Zip’s new barbecue range, which also includes odourless firelighters and firelogs, gives retailers increased profitability through increased repeat purchase as a result of consumer satisfaction.”

Zip has also improved the quality of its packaging and introduced strong box-bottomed bags, which prevent dust and mess in-store and gives improved on-shelf presence.

Barbecue advice for consumers will also be available on Zip’s website,

Fuelling the barbeque season

The instant BBQ range from Bord na Móna Fuels Ltd has reportedly been a big success for retailers, as it provides an ultra-convenient summer product. This range of BBQ fuels, including Instant Lighting Tray and Instant Lighting Charcoal, was developed with Bord na Móna Fuel’s philosophy of quality, convenience and ease of use in mind.

The Instant Lighting Charcoal contains two ready to use bags, lights with one match, requires no firelighters to be used and involves no fuss. The tray also contains an oil dressed grill. Both products are ‘FSC’ approved and meet the BSEN 1860 (British and European) standards, which is kinder to the environment and provides a safe efficient solution for barbecuing. With the unpredictability of the Irish weather, Bord na Móna Fuels BBQ Range is always ready whenever the sun starts to shine.


Q&A with… 

Cuisine de France

What new innovations has Cuisine de France introduced with al fresco dining in mind?

Cuisine de France has taken an old favourite and told consumers how they can use it in exciting new ways.
We know from research that consumers see the Cuisine de France French bread range as the ultimate summer food accompaniment and accessory. Starting in May, our new summer campaign will focus on the versatility of such favourites such as the Cuisine de France Demi Baguette, Petit Pain and Parisien and remind consumers that there is “something for everyone, everyday”.

According to your research, are customers looking for healthier options? If so, how have you fulfilled this demand?

Even within the current environment, consumers are continuing to look for healthier options throughout their day. However consumers are becoming even more selective when making choices and are really seeking products that can offer them a combination of quality, value, taste and health attributes. It is vital to consumers that these products really deliver in terms of taste and enjoyment too. 

Cuisine de France has always focused heavily on ensuring our range of products has matched changing consumers needs. Whether it is being to the forefront of the industry in terms of salt reduction in French bread, the use of fresh buttermilk in our wheaten loaves or the ever expanding range of wholemeal, wholegrain or seeded bread carriers, this is a key area of focus for Cuisine de France.

The launch of our Wholemeal Parisien in 2009 has proven to be one of our most successful launches in the last few years and has delivered against this growing consumer need for healthier options. The Wholemeal Parisien has very quickly established itself as a must stock product, beside our traditional Parisien.

Are consumers now looking for more varied options to impress guests; perhaps influenced by holidays abroad?

Over the last two years, we have all seen a shift in consumers’ dining habits and a subsequent increase in dining in. More and more, the afternoon luncheon or dinner party has re-emerged as the new social event at the weekends. 

With influences such as the economy and the growth of the television celebrity chief, consumers are looking to create culinary experiences at home for their families and friends, and the Cuisine de France range is ideally positioned to help meet these needs.

This is one of the key drivers in the success of our La Brea Bakery bread range. The range contains premium specialty loaves that are wholesome and full of flavour that help embellish any dining experience. La Brea Bakery breads such as Roasted Garlic Loaf, Olive Oval, Country White Sourdough and Pecan Raisin oval have proven to be particularly popular for consumers wanting to impress.

In addition, The Cuisine de France “Bake at Home” range has also grown as consumers look for a really simple way to serve up warm, fresh French or Italian bread straight from the oven.

Has Cuisine de France invested significantly in marketing for summer 2010?

This summer Cuisine de France will be particularly high profile with consumers through the launch of new products, new advertising campaigns and strong promotional campaigns in-store.

Summer is a time when we know our consumers really emotionally connect with Cuisine de France French bread – nothing evokes the thought of summer than picnics or lunch out in the garden with fresh French bread. Our new campaign themed “Something for Everyone,” will focus on these usage occasions and the versatility of our French bread for all the family. A heavyweight support plan of advertising, in store theatre, promotions and PR will kick start this year’s summer.

The re-launch of the Cuisine de France wrapped muffin has been the biggest success in confectionery in 2010, offering consumers a fantastic muffin at a really smart price point and we will continue to support this programme throughout the summer of 2010.



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