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The UPA-PC700 kiosk maximises retailer profits and customer convenience for high volume, superior quality printing
The UPA-PC700 kiosk maximises retailer profits and customer convenience for high volume, superior quality printing

Innovative ideas can drive greater footfall into stores and result in increased sales and profit margin.


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13 October 2008

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 The UPA-PC700 kiosk maximises retailer profits and customer convenience for high volume, superior quality printing

The UPA-PC700 kiosk maximises retailer profits and customer convenience for high volume, superior quality printing

At a glance: retail add-ons

  • Rehab Lotteries has sold E170m worth of lottery games since its establishment in 1988
  • Rehab Lotteries scratch cards are sold in more than 1,400 outlets across the country,
  • The Home Entertainment Market enjoys an uplift in sales from October through to December with over 45% of DVD sales achieved in this period
  • Retailers can now cancel Vodafone top up vouchers by calling 1800 234 235 and selecting option one

What makes a store a shopping destination? And if there are two convenience stores located in close proximity, what will make potential customers decide to go to one over another? Increasingly many stores now have an expanded deli and features such as a smoothie bar – so facilities such as these are creating less differentiation between one store and another. However, if consumers can find something in their local convenience store that they would otherwise have to go to a specialist shop to find, this will deliver greater footfall. For example the Home Entertainment Market, including DVDs, CDs and console games enjoys an uplift of sales from October to December with over 45% of DVD sales achieved in this period. Furthermore, retailers have said they are able to capitalise on these sales, by merchandising them alongside ‘adult snack’ ranges, confectionery and their wine category. 

An increasing number of consumers now also use digital cameras and cameras on mobile phones to take pictures. A 2006 Mintel report states that “the period since the beginning of this decade has seen the rapid development of digital technology with the camera sector being one of the main growth areas. The quality of cameras has improved year-on-year which, along with a steady decline in prices, has allowed the digital sector to become first a serious rival to the traditional film sector and now dominate the photography market.” So a facility to print out photos is another footfall driver, rather than just viewing them on a computer screen, yet photographic-quality printers and paper is relatively expensive. As another 2006 Mintel report on PC printers and photo printers states, “Retail ink kiosks, third-party cartridge providers, and online/retail photo printing options can reduce the demand for supplier branded ink and paper.” If consumers can print out photos at their local convenience shop therefore, rather than having to go to a traditional pharmacist outlet, this will also drive footfall into stores. 

Greetings cards are another consistent ‘performer’ for grocery and convenience outlets. A Mintel report on greetings cards states, “Increased availability through specialist card retailers and grocery multiples has played an important role in making card purchases more accessible to the consumer, and manufacturers have endeavoured to add value through new card designs and embellishments.”                    

Choices.ieA proven driver of footfall

The Home Entertainment Market enjoys a huge uplift in sales from October through to December with over 45% of DVD sales achieved in this period, offers a fantastic range of movies to buy that will deliver the incremental revenue that is a must for the retail sector this Christmas, add to that the amazing growth in console games from Nintendo wii and DS to PS3 and X-box360 along with a great range of music CDs. The Home Entertainment Category will help deliver spin-off sales for a great night in or stand alone as a gift purchase in what is a growth market. Christmas stockings can be filled with the latest movies, music CDs or console games.

Retailers are continuing to look for new and innovative ideas to build foot-fall and increase sales, and Choices believes its Home Entertainment package will deliver both.

With recession taking a grip, DVD rental is a very cost-effective way of having a “Big Night In” with the family or just relaxing without the stress of booking the cinema and a meal out along with the huge costs associated with “going out” again. offers a complete DVD rental library, with all the latest movies and delivers a clear message, if you rent a DVD, take home some drinks, crisps, snacks and if you want to make a night of it, “Food to Go”.

DVD rental is a proven driver of foot-fall and delivers incremental revenue, if the location is right. Choices believes that by locating a DVD rental library near the snacking area, consumers will graze the shelves for a complete night in. For further information please contact Kevin O’Sea on 087 0519123

Lottery delivers sales and social benefit

Recalling the achievement of Rehab Lotteries since its establishment in 1988, John McGuire, Director of Fundraising & Marketing with the Rehab Group, said “€170m worth of lottery games is a fantastic amount of product to have sold!” He added, “This has only been possible because of the tremendous support for Rehab’s lottery games received from retailers, customers and staff.”

Rehab Lotteries scratch cards are sold in more than 1,400 outlets across the country, including convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol stations. Retailers benefit from 12.5% commission, can obtain up to two months’ credit and the tickets are on a sale or return basis. The games are all exclusive of VAT and come in €1, €2 and €3 plays, affording players the chance to win holidays, cars and cash.

In November 2006, was launched and has become hugely popular, with the online games contributing significantly to Rehab Lotteries’ activity.

Funds raised by Rehab Lotteries provide assistance to Rehab in developing services nationally for people with disabilities and those who are marginalised throughout Ireland. The organisation now provides health and social care, training and education, and rehabilitation, employment and commercial services to 60,000 people at 208 locations across Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands and Poland.

John McGuire said, “Rehab Lotteries is the biggest charitable lottery provider in Ireland and we wish to thank you, the retailers, for your continued support over the last 20 years. We look forward to working with you over the next 20 years as we continue to build better futures and bring real change to the lives of those who access Rehab’s services.”

A fine finish

Sony has welcomed an expansion to its line up of instant photofinishing kiosk systems with the worldwide launch of the UPA-PC700. The newest addition to the “Print by Sony” family, the new photo kiosk will enable retailers to enhance their photofinishing offering with a system featuring easy-to-use software and an intuitive workflow.

Developed to accommodate a range of retailers from traditional photo shops, electronic outlets and supermarkets through to health and beauty chemists, the UPA-PC700 maximises retailer profits and customer convenience for high volume, superior quality printing. Scalable to become multi-kiosk or multi-printer networks, the newest kiosk delivers a flexible solution according to the operator’s needs and requirements.

“The UPA-PC700 is the direct result of extensive conversations with our customers. Designed in Europe, the newest kiosk offers a complete photofinishing solution for retailers looking to capitalise on the instant print service market for high volume printing,” said Mark Buelow, Marketing Manager Digital Photography, Sony Europe. “Easy to use, the UPA-PC700 will enable retailers to expand their in-store offering, generate new revenue streams and encourage customer retention.”

Created in coordination with the European Design Centre, the UPA-PC700 delivers industry leading design with the assurance of Sony quality. Easy-to-use and operate, the system features a larger than usual 17-inch (43 cm) touch screen LCD and software with graphical user interfaces to help customers select and print images quickly. In addition, the kiosk is compatible with all media cards and input devices such as DVDs and Bluetooth™ to make printing photos as seamless as possible.

The Sony kiosks utilise state-of-the-art printing technology to deliver popular photo formats, including 10 x 15 cm (4” x 6”), 13 x 18 cm (5” x 7”) and 15 x 20 cm (6” x 8”) at market leading speed. The ultra-fast dye-sublimation printing delivers photos at up to four seconds per image.

Sony also recently announced at Photokina 2008, a welcome extension to the popular SnapLab range of all-in-one photofinishing solutions. In response to the increasing demand for instant digital photo prints, the efficiency and compactness of the UP-CR20L is ideally designed for use in small to medium retail environments with a high turnover of digital photo prints.
This latest addition to the “Print by Sony” product family provides consumers with high quality instant digital prints at every shop counter, at a price both shopper and retailer can afford. With its enhanced speed and increased input media compatibility, the UP-CR20L offers maximum profitability while taking up minimal space. By utilizing print media the new SnapLab product takes advantage of the inexpensive and rapid print processes of a kiosk, without the larger initial investment and by using only minimal floor space.

As Mark Buelow, Marketing Manager Digital Photography, Sony Europe, explains, “The UP-CR20L is crucial to Sony’s ability to provide a fully comprehensive digital photofinishing product offering to our customers. This update to the SnapLab range allows retailers to make most profit from their print facility. For those retailers who value the compactness of the SnapLab but are experiencing a rise in demand and higher turnover, this new high-speed product offers great margin potential. With this product Sony can offer digital photofinishing solutions across the retail landscape, and we expect global success for the UP-CR20L following the launch here at Photokina.”

The UP-CR20L combines Sony’s leading design with its ultra-fast dye sublimation print technology, for delivery of laboratory-quality images at a rate of up to four seconds per image. The software is user-friendly to encourage customer retention, whilst the service concept behind the product has been designed with the convenience of the operator-retailer in mind. For more information on Sony and its digital photography services, contact Declan O’Callaghan, 01-4131726/ 087-1334440.

Picture perfect

The Digital Print Station (DPS) from FUJIFILM Ireland, the self-service digital kiosk, enables your customers to edit and perfect their digital camera images, burn to CD and download images from mobile phones. Images are printed within eight seconds with excellent photo quality. The FUJIFILM DPS has a very small footprint and requires minimal staff training and maintenance. Fujifilm Ireland states, “The DPS is a very affordable solution to guaranteeing extra revenue for your store plus repeat business.”

To celebrate the launch of their latest model (which has been available since July 1), FUJIFILM Ireland are offering E1000 off  normal trade price for orders placed before October 31, 2008. If you would like further information, please contact Gary Ryan, FUJIFILM Ireland Ltd @ 087-1251459.

vodafoneCancelling top ups not a downer

Following consultation with RGDATA, the CSNA and top up wholesalers, Vodafone Ireland have launched a new IVR service for cancelling top up codes.

Retailers can now cancel top up vouchers by calling 1800 234 235 and selecting option one.

This new service means retailers can save time dealing with customer queries. Following cancellation of a top up code the retailer simply follows the standard returns process with their intermediary e.g. Paypoint and Payzone.

A card for every taste

P&G Cards is a thriving Irish greeting card company that has been exceeding retail and consumer needs for over twenty years. Currently employing 141 staff, P&G Cards designs, manufactures, distributes and merchandises quality products with over 2000 designs in stock at any time. The company supplies Multiples, Symbol and Independent Specialist Retailers in Ireland and abroad.

In-house team create exciting range

With shipments of over eight million cards a year, 65% of designs are created by the in-house design team at P&G. Ranges include modern, trendy, humour and traditional, with appeal to Irish and international consumer tastes. A renowned reliable nationwide sales and merchandising service is structured to meet specific needs. Free distribution nationwide with a next-day delivery service.

P&G Cards provide distinctive point-of-sale for both everyday and seasons to deliver a strong point of difference in retail outlets. Retail staff are provided with free training to ensure store specific planograms are maintained on a day-to-day basis in order to maximise sales and profit. P&G’s detailed IT sales, performance analysis and ticketed planogram system provide  shelf-stock-only stockholding.

Quality products at value prices

P&G’s proactive quarterly reviews with retail managers/owners give sales analysis history and foresight to plan future business in everyday and occasion sales. Having chosen ‘The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation’ as their charity, P&G continue to donate a percentage of their Christmas Boxed Cards sales to this worthy cause.

P&G Cards supply quality products at value prices maintaining great margins. Product is available in small quantities and minimum orders are welcomed – repeating hot sellers quickly whilst fulfilling customers needs.

Excellent feedback for award-winners

P&G cards have received a great deal of positive feedKevin McCarthy, Managing Director of Garvey’s Supervalu Group, Kerry said, “P&G Cards have helped increase our sales through a complete approach to product, point of sale, technology and training while giving great retail support”. Kieran Price, Retailer, Eurospar, Kildare Town and Bunclody, Co. Wexford, commented that, “P&G’s Business Development Team were instrumental in transforming my card offering to be recognised as a   destination shop for top quality greeting cards and associated product”. While according to Marina and Gay McEniff of the Independent Retail Specialist Card Shop in Bundoran, Co. Donegal, “With their hands-on approach, value for money, excellent margins, product and service, P&G Cards can easily compete with international suppliers… they maintain our entire stock control”.

The company’s fast and efficient approach has also helped it earn numerous awards including a Bank of Ireland/Sunday Business Post National Enterprise Award for commitment to service.

Ivory league celebrations

In the Greeting Cards category, Ivory Tower Cards supplies three award winning ranges of greeting cards, Ivory Tower, Happy Days and Cardmix. These cards cover all family and social occasions in either fun and humorous or traditional styles. Ivory Tower Cards supply cards open or wrapped with a range of display units.

Gifts is a range of gift wrap available in two sheet packs or loose and the company also has a large selection of gift bags including wine and CD bags. The Party Corner range meanwhile will cater for all children and adult party banners, candles, badges, latex and foil balloons, cups, plates and other assorted accoutrements, on one metre or two ft stands.

Balloon Tree displays the company’s licenced helium filled balloons on a unique display system which prevents strings becoming entangled. A real hit with the juniors the helium balloons with popular cartoon characters, are something Ivory Tower Cards believes can set a store apart. It also supplies helium gas tanks and training. The company, with over seven years’ experience supplying greeting cards and products can call to show its products and display systems. Phone David Smyth on 087 6458016 or email



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