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Avonmore Cheese is ideal for helping consumers to quickly prepare nutritious family meals and snacks
Avonmore Cheese is ideal for helping consumers to quickly prepare nutritious family meals and snacks

Gillian Hamill reports on the latest lunch essentials sure to be a hit during the hectic back-to-school period when nutrition and convenience are parents’ top priorities


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11 July 2012

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  • Tipperary Kidz has won seven International Gold Medals for taste, quality and excellence
  • The number one brand in fresh dairy products (FDP) is Danone Actimel (Source: AC Nielsen volume share 12.7%  YTD w/e  20 May  2012)
  • All SKUs in the Avonmore Cheese range are re-sealable for convenience and freshness
  • Denny Deli Style ham is the only ham available in stores made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Flahavan’s flapjacks are made with over 40% wholegrain oats, and each one provides an individual with 7% of their daily fibre intake
  • The Robinsons Fruit Shoot range contains ‘no added sugar’ and is free from artificial colours and flavours
  • The Heinz Snap Pot range is available in four individual 200g portions that are ready from the microwave in just one minute
  • Goodness of Both is Johnston Mooney & O’Brien’s second most popular bread
  • McVities Medley Digestives was voted product of the year in the snack category as surveyed by TNS in its Consumer Survey of Product Innovation 2012
  • McVitie’s Penguin has been enjoyed as a family favourite for 79 years


The back to school period represents a very expensive time of the year for families, with research showing the average cost for a child entering secondary school now stands at €815. Parents are subsequently keen to find value-for-money lunchbox options in a bid to try and keep costs down. That said, the importance of healthy, nutritious options is nevertheless of paramount importance for parents. Particularly considering the rising awareness of health problems such as child obesity. Parents want products that are natural with no artificial colours or additives; good food that will help their child concentrate and get the most out of their hectic day. On-the-go options and convenience are also crucial for mums and dads with busy schedules. 

Burst your thirst


Tipperary Kidz water is the ideal water for packed lunches and for quick re-hydration throughout the day. Designed 


especially for kids, Tipperary Kidz water comes in an easy to hold bottle with a fun flip-cap for instant refreshment. Not only is it fun for kids but parents can be happy too in the knowledge that water is the healthiest option. Tipperary Kidz continues to lead the way in the kids water category and is a pure, natural mineral water; winning seven International Gold Medals for taste, quality and excellence. Parents can therefore rest assured that their little ones are only getting the very best as Tipperary Kidz represents the healthy option for kids on the go. This year Tipperary Kidz is available in two new flavours; Fruit Blast and Tiger Juice. The standard Tipperary Kidz is also available in an innovative and handy six-pack. Look out for promotional activity during the back to school period, including a 15 for 10 pack and a €2.99 price flashed 10 pack. These will be fully supported with in-store displays and point of sale material. 


Cheese makes meals with ease


Avonmore Cheese is a long-standing family favourite among Irish consumers and is convenient for everyday usage occasions for all the family. Consumers can choose from sliced and grated in a wide range of variants. Avonmore Cheese Slices taste great in sandwiches for school lunch boxes, on ciabattas at work, or melted in tasty toasties in the evening. Avonmore Grated packs are perfect for pasta dishes, baked potatoes, salads or sandwiches. All packs include recipe ideas so rustling up a healthy nutritious meal for all the family is easy with Avonmore cheese. 


All SKUs in the Avonmore range are re-sealable for convenience and freshness.


A little bottle…that’s full of life


Danone Actimel is launching a new campaign driving growth at the key back to school period. 


The number one brand in FDP*, Danone Actimel is delighted to announce its new back to school campaign “A little bottle.. that’s full of life”. The new through-the-line campaign is led by a new TV advert which has enjoyed strong results around Europe resulting in increased demand for the Actimel brand.


The campaign focuses on reminding mum of the key ingredients that go into every bottle of Danone Actimel that make it so full of life. Ingredients such as tasty yogurt with over ten billion l.casei live cultures, fruit puree, vitamin B6, and even vitamin D, essential vitamins that help support the immune system** which as mum knows is very important at this time of year.


Danone’s new TV advert has enjoyed strong results around Europe

Danone’s new TV advert has enjoyed strong results around Europe

To coincide with the new campaign, Danone Actimel will also be launching new Actimel Strawberry & Apricot Mixed pack. Each pack has six bottles of strawberry and six bottles of apricot – both flavours are a firm favourite with kids. Mixed packs are new to the yogurt drinks category and aim to provide something unique for Mum. All the kids have to do now is choose which flavour to have with breakfast.


*(Source: AC Nielsen volume share 12.7%  YTD w/e  20 May  2012)

**(Vitamins B6 & D help support the normal function of the immune system)


Making back to school 100% natural


Denny Deli Style ham is the only ham consumers can buy which is made with 100% natural ingredients


Good news for mums and good news for kids’ lunchboxes as there is now a ham free from all artificial additives and preservatives – Denny Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients Ham. 


Kids love Denny Deli Style ham and now that it is the only ham you can buy which is made with 100% natural ingredients, they can enjoy their favourite Denny ham sandwiches at school even more and look forward to opening their lunch boxes. And mums can enjoy the added comfort and reassurance that comes with the knowledge that you are feeding them ham free from all artificial additives and preservatives.


Lunch is an important meal for kids and should provide at least one third of a child’s daily nutrients to help them grow, learn and play. Denny Deli Style ham is a ‘must’ for kids’ lunchboxes and is the only ham that can offer you and your kids only natural ingredients. 


Mums can also keep an eye out for great Denny Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients Back To School offers in stores across the country.


For more on 100% Natural Ingredients Denny Deli Style ham, visit www.homeis.ie


Oaty goodness delivers healthy treat


Flahavan’s oaty flapjack range available in original, choc chip and cranberry varieties are light and golden snacks with a crumbly texture. These oaty snacks with melt in the mouth Belgian choc chips, juicy cranberry fruit or original are made with the distinctive natural goodness and taste of Flahavan’s oat flakes. Made with over 40% wholegrain oats, each flapjack provides you with 7% of your daily fibre intake that can help fill the energy gap between meals. 


Each variety box contains six individually wrapped flapjacks for freshness and makes a great addition to a lunchbox for school kids, for coffee or teatime or on the move either at home, in the office before or after sport. The convenient handy box format together with an energetic and fun packaging design for increased shelf visibility is equally appealing to mums, young adults and kids. Flahavan’s brand and quality ingredient association are easily recognisable with dual branding on the front and back of each variety for easier shelf stacking. 


Flahavan’s flapjacks are baked to tasty perfection and are simply square in size as one would expect from a handmade flapjack. Flahavan’s new flapjack range is perfect for all the family to enjoy. Snack a Flahavan’s Flapjack to satisfy your taste buds anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

New design sees sales shoot up

Robinsons Fruit Shoot is the original kids on-the-go drink specially designed for kids. The brand has just been re-launched with contemporary, fresh packaging and improved recipe.  The new design focuses on what consumers – both mum and kids – say is important about the brand.  The new bottle is much cooler for kids six to nine years of age whilst the translucency of the bottle offers greater reassurance to mum.  The improved recipe delivers an even tastier Robinsons Fruit Shoot for Kids but by replacing the aspartame with sucrolose, it gives mum increased reassurance too. 

The core Robinsons Fruit Shoot range is all ‘no added sugar’ and is free from artificial colours and flavours; offering mum a great way to keep kids hydrated.  Robinsons Fruit Shoot is a key brand for back to school as it is ideal for the lunch box as well as after school activities when kids need a product that can keep up with their busy lives.  Robinsons Fruit Shoots are handily packaged in an easy-squeezy sports bottle so they’re ideal for active kids.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot is available in 275ml single serve packs and also four x 200ml and eight x 200ml multi-packs; perfect for a summer stock up.  With four flavours, Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant, Summer Fruits and Apple, there is something for everyone.

Look out for seasonal packs and innovation that Fruit Shoot will be bringing to market in the very near future. 

Snap, heat and eat with Heinz 


Heinz Snap Pots are ideal for lunchboxes or as a tasty, speedy after school snack. 

Family favourites, Heinz Baked Beanz, Heinz Spaghetti Hoops and most recently Heinz Reduced Sugar and Salt Beanz are all available the truly innovative Snap Pot format. Each Snap Pot pack offers four individual 200g portions that are ready from the microwave in just one minute making them ideal for busy families and lunch and snack occasions both in and out of home. In addition, because Heinz Snap Pots can be popped directly into the microwave, there is no the need to hover by the hob or add to the washing-up.


Best of both worlds


School’s back and that means one thing; sandwiches.  Sandwiches 

remain the number one choice for Irish Mums when packing lunchboxes, and with such a diverse range of freshly baked bread, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien has the solution to meet any taste. 


As many of us know, encouraging kids to eat brown bread can be a difficult task.  Johnston Mooney & O’Brien believes its healthy high in fibre Goodness of Both is the answer.  Soft, smooth white with all the goodness of wholemeal means a sandwich made with Goodness of Both will taste fantastic and will have the added benefit of being a great source of fibre at lunch time.  Testament to the great taste and unique benefit, Goodness of Both has quickly become Johnston Mooney & O’Brien’s second most popular bread – a must for any retailer, states the brand. 


Medley made in heaven


Ireland’s favourite biscuit brand, McVitie’s, ‘mix it up’ with their exciting range of ‘on-the-go’ biscuit and cereal bars; McVitie’s Medley. McVities Medley Digestives was voted product of the year in the Snack Category as surveyed by TNS in their Consumer Survey of Product Innovation 2012. Combining the great taste of McVitie’s iconic biscuits, Digestives and Hob Nobs, with the goodness of cereals and other ingredients such as raisins, nuts, caramel and milk chocolate, McVitie’s Medley is a mouth-watering combination, a tasty on-the-go and lunch box snack. 


McVitie’s Medley, is now available nationwide in four variants: McVitie’s Hobnobs, Raisins & Milk Chocolate; McVitie’s Digestives, Hazelnuts & Milk Chocolate; McVitie’s Hobnobs, Double Chocolate and McVitie’s Digestives, Caramel & Milk Chocolate.

All Penguin products contain added calcium, no hydrogenated fat and no artificial colours or flavours

All Penguin products contain added calcium, no hydrogenated fat and no artificial colours or flavours

P….P….P….Pick up a family favourite

McVitie’s Penguin has been a family favourite for an amazing 79 years. This perfect lunch box treat offers parents the reassurance that they can give their children a balanced and convenient, value for money chocolate biscuit bar that will put a smile on everyone’s face. 


Over the years the Penguin range has grown considerably and now includes cakes and wafer varients as well as a variety of flavours including mint, orange and toffee.  All Penguin products contain added calcium, no hydrogenated fat and no artificial colours or flavours.

Checkout the range, update your Penguin knowledge and see what McVities are doing to protect Penguins on www.penguinbiscuits.com. You can also watch Dublin Zoo’s 14 Humboldt Penguins without them knowing you’re there on  McVities live Webcam. It’s a great way to get close to penguins and of course feeding time is always a real highlight. 


Quarter of pre-schoolers overweight or obese, survey discovers


Parents are increasingly concerned about purchasing healthy options for their children, and are influenced by the growing prominence of health messaging within the media.


It is not surprising that such messaging currently abounds, given that two-thirds of the Irish population is either overweight or obese. At least 370,000 children here, more than a quarter of all kids, are currently overweight or obese and the number is rising by at least 10,000 a year.


Earlier this year, The National Pre-school Nutrition Survey was published. It studied 500 children aged one to four years and found a higher incidence of overweight or obesity in children aged two (27%) and three (32%). Some 8% of four-year-olds were reported to be overweight or obese.

Rapid changes in BMI

“Such fluctuations reflect the rapid changes in BMI that occur during normal growth and development, and indicate that by four years of age, most Irish children were within the normal weight ranges,” the authors reported.

While children’s weight had largely stabilised by the age of four, Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn nevertheless said the fact almost one quarter of pre-schoolers were overweight or obese was “a real problem”. Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One he said: “Senator Eamonn Coghlan and myself have been talking about introducing a fitness exercise programme in schools, which can be done even in schools that don’t necessarily have playing fields.” He also said there should be a programme of education for parents.


That said, around 77% of two- to four-year-olds were within the normal weight range as classified using UK-World Health Organisation criteria. The research, funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, was carried out by the Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance, which includes UCC, UCD, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Ulster, Coleraine.

Consuming too much salt

The report also found that pre-schoolers exceeded the Food Safety Authority’s daily salt intake targets of two grams for one-to three-year-olds and three grams for four-year-olds. 

Meat was consumed mostly as processed meats among pre-schoolers. Cured and processed meats were the main contributor to salt intake, and the report found this increased with age.

Poultry was the most widely consumed fresh meat. Bread consumption increased with age, and at age four, children were eating more white bread than brown or wholemeal. Consumption of fruit, including fruit juice, and vegetables increased with age, as did consumption of water and soft drinks.

The proportion of energy from bread, meat, biscuits and cakes likewise increased with age. The contribution of confectionery to energy intake grew from 1% in one-year-olds to 4% in three- and four-year-olds.

Barriers to health

Significantly, approximately 60% of parents surveyed thought the foods their children ate could be healthier. They said the main barriers to providing a healthy diet were the child’s likes and dislikes, convenience and someone else minding the child during the day. This therefore shows the importance of appealing to young minds, as well as their parents, through fun and attractive packaging, which can help build brand loyalty for healthy foods.


















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