100 master brands at home

Kantar Worldpanel commercial director David Berry
Kantar Worldpanel commercial director David Berry

Following Kantar Worldpanel publishing its first barometer of Ireland's successful FMCG brands, Gillian Hamill spoke to commercial director David Berry to decipher what the results reveal for the fortunes of the country's FMCG operators


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26 June 2013

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Mastering the take-home market 

What exactly is a master brand?

A master brand is a specific overarching brand name that serves as the main anchoring point on which all underlying products are based. So to use an example from the IT sector, Intel is one master brand with several subsequent product offerings or ‘daughter brands’ such as Pentium, Centrino and Core Duo. 

In this particular research, where brands have either a ‘master’ brand, or feature the ‘manufacturer’s endorsement’ in the packaging, Kantar Worldpanel has considered the ‘daughter’ brands separately as this is most prominent in the packaging – so Danone, Nestlé, Yoplait, Cadbury and Kellogg´s brands are reported individually (i.e. Activia, Nesquik, Yop, Dairy Milk, Special K).

What this research IS:

  • Data is sourced from 3,000 demographically representative Irish households recording their take home groceries
  • Comprises over 200 FMCG categories which are recorded by Kantar Worldpanel on a continuous basis – including those in the beverages, food, health and beauty and home and care sectors 
  • The list is based on a measure of how many households purchased a brand at least once in 2012 (penetration), and the average number of times households bought the brand (frequency)
  • These two numbers are multiplied to calculate each brand’s ‘Consumer Reach Points’ (CRP) score
  • The report covers the period of 52 w/e October 2011 vs 52 w/e October 2012
  • Kantar Worldpanel contacted respondents on average at least twice a week
  • Kantar Worldpanel provided households with barcode scanners in order to scan the goods that they had purchased for at home consumption

What this research IS NOT:

  • It is not based on sales or EPOS data, measuring either value or volume sales
  • The data does not reflect food purchased and eaten out of the home 
  • Impulse pack products have been excluded from the dataset
  • The following categories are not included in the Brand Footprint ranking: batteries, pet food, tobacco, nappies or alcoholic drinks
Kantar Worldpanel commercial director David Berry

Kantar Worldpanel commercial director David Berry

The ‘Master brands at home’ research, compiled by Kantar Worldpanel, provides a valuable insight into the brands Irish shoppers are choosing to fill their trolleys with. The research, conducted across 3,000 Irish households, uses a new metric called ‘Consumer Reach Points’. This has measured how many households purchased a brand at least once in 2012 (penetration) and the average number of times households bought the brand (frequency). These two numbers are multiplied to calculate each brand’s Consumer Reach Points score. Kantar Worldpanel has also weighted the measurement by actual population to calculate the global reach for each brand.

It is important to clarify that the Kantar Worldpanel data is not calculated according to sales figures in either value or volume terms. The data reflects Irish households’ buying habits and provides a view into what is trending in the Irish retail sector – especially within the multiple sector where a large proportion of overall household shopping takes place. The focus of the research therefore centres around household shopping decisions, rather than concentrating on convenience and impulse sales. All the reported figures are in-home consumption figures only, and do not reflect food purchased and eaten out of the home with impulse pack products excluded from the dataset. The report covers the period of 52 w/e October 2011 vs 52 w/e October 2012.The ranking comprises over 200 FMCG categories tracked around the world by Kantar Worldpanel, including those in the beverages, food, health and beauty and home care sectors. The following categories have not been considered in the Brand Footprint ranking: batteries, pet food, tobacco, nappies or alcoholic drinks.

Irish brands a hit with consumers

The results revealed highly positive news for Irish brands, with the top three spots being claimed by Irish companies – namely, Avonmore, Brennans and Denny. Avonmore led the ranking as Ireland’s most chosen brand, picked an average of 29 times a year by 83% of the population. For an indigenous Irish brand to achieve this result is a phenomenal achievement, given the consumer awareness and reach demonstrated by the brands of multinational FMCG giants.

According to David Berry, commercial director at Kantar Worldpanel: "Irish brands have performed remarkably well in the ranking with the top three brands all well known, local names. Times are tough and consumers are increasingly turning to the brands and foods they know and trust. Avonmore’s clear local strategy has made it a popular choice with consumers."

ShelfLife wanted to know if the results demonstrate that the ‘buy Irish and support Irish jobs’ message, promoted by groups such as Love Irish Foods (LIF), is yielding success. "Whenever we speak to consumers and ask them about this, they always say that it’s a really important factor for them," says Berry. "There is obviously a challenge sometimes when people get to the shelf [in that] there are other factors that come into play, such as price, but I think the number of Irish brands which are on the top list shows that it’s definitely something that’s important to consumers."

Innovation driving sales 

The brands that have performed well, have not only done "a really good job of focusing" on their local credentials, he adds, but they have also constantly striven to deliver in terms of innovation. "The brands that have increased their ranking are the ones that have been able to bring something new to the market so innovation has played a big part. If you look at the top brands, they’ve all introduced new products and a strong new offering out into the market."

An enduring emphasis on innovation is particularly important given the increasing competition that brands are facing from private-label alternatives. "If we look at the shelves year-on-year, if we group everything [all categories] together, private-label is the only area that is seeing growth, so branded sales are struggling. The continued growth of private-label shows the pressure that brands as a whole are under. But, obviously within that, there are some brands which are growing and I think our ranking shows that there are strong brands that are managing to withstand that pressure."

Whereas private-label products were once the stronghold of the supermarkets moreover, in recent years they have also become increasingly prominent within the convenience sector. "We’re seeing new ranges being launched within the supermarket sector and then we’ve also seen that expand out to the convenience sector as well, across a number of multiple and symbol retailers," Berry notes.

From a brand’s perspective therefore, "the challenge is really to try and differentiate themselves from private-label to make sure that consumers see the brand as offering something different and better than the own-label alternative. Historically, when we look back, [new product development] NPD has been one of the really strong ways of doing that. We’ve seen brands bring out strong, successful NPD that moves the category forwards.

"You can see from the top 10, that a lot of the brands have brought out new products, whether that be packaging innovation like Avonmore bringing out a jug format 2L, through to really strong brand new products, such as the Knorr Stockpot Gravy Pot which was brought out earlier this year." 

Examining everyday purchases

When looking at what were the most popular categories to emerge from the research, Berry notes that as the list is based on the brands that are chosen most often by 3,000 households, the goods that came out on top are "very much everyday purchases for people. If you look in categories such as bread and milk, they occupy the top two spots…The results are very much about what people engage with, consume and purchase on a daily and weekly basis."

Since 2008, when the recession first struck, dining and entertaining at home has proved a major consumer trend. ShelfLife asks if this is a factor that the country’s successful FMCG brands have capitalised on. Berry replies that while the dining-in phenomenon has certainly been important in recent years, he believes, "that has almost plateaued out at the moment. But definitely if we look back over the past two or three years, that has been a big factor. You can see that in some of the innovation that’s been out there, such as Kenco Milicano and Nescafé Azera. [The coffee sector] is probably the most real, live example of how there’s been a move to capture that trend. Brands are taking something that would have been an out of home experience and trying to recreate that in-home. We can also see the trend occurring, not necessarily from a brand perspective, but from the perspective of retail promotions such as meal deals. People are trying to recreate almost a degree of excitement of what you get from eating out of home in-home."

Adapting through pricing and promotions

While factors such as reinforcing a brand’s local credentials and remaining innovative are undoubtedly important, consumers are ever more frequently basing their purchasing decisions around the bottom line – price. Berry says the country’s grocery brands have all had to confront this new reality. "Definitely we’ve seen that the market is more competitive than it ever has been and brands have had to respond to that in different ways. Different brands are taking different approaches; for some of them they’ve had to try and promote more heavily and for others it has been more about the product itself. It has impacted all the brands in one way or another."

A significantly altered landscape

A 360 degree approach to marketing has also become ever more crucial for the successful brands that appear in Kantar Worldpanel’s results, with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook proving an effective means of attracting consumers’ attention. "Brands are trying to engage and find a new cost-effective way of reaching consumers. I think the use of social media is a really good example of how brands are trying to adapt, especially as traditional media has maybe become trickier to reach certain types of people through."

It is clear that marketing strategies have changed significantly in just a few short years in order to adequately serve Irish consumers’ love affair with social media. But what of our historically high levels of brand loyalty? Do the Irish still have a higher than average attachment to our favourite brands? "At a general level, we are seeing more own-label enter the equation and that definitely has had an impact on brand loyalty," says Berry. "But that’s at an overall level and the situation will be different from brand to brand, from category to category. You can find examples of brands that are struggling, but equally you can find examples of brands that have done a really good job of increasing loyalty. Since the recession, the impact of private-label has definitely kicked in a little bit but that was an ongoing trend even before that. If you look back over the past 10 years, that was a trend that has been developing; it’s not just something that’s happened since the recession." It appears therefore that while the overall landscape for brands has undoubtedly become harsher, the best performers are still managing to hit the peaks and remain on an upward sales trajectory.


1. Avonmore 

Avonmore is Ireland’s favourite grocery brand, chosen on average 29 times a year by 83% of the population. The brand holds strong positions across a range of categories, from milk, cream, cheese, yellow fats, and fresh soups.

Avonmore has been a family favourite in Ireland from the early 1980s. The brand is proud of its Irish roots and maintains a continued passion for delivering quality Irish products. Avonmore has become known for its innovative solutions, such as the ‘Easy Pour Jug’, and its range of functional value added milks, such as Super Milk, Slimline Milk, Heart Active and Lactose Free Milk. The brand is continuously innovating with Slimline Milk relaunching earlier this year as the first milk in Ireland to be fortified with extra iron, for added ‘get up and go.’

Avonmore’s range of value added creams, from Whipped Cream, to Cooking Cream and the new addition, Fresh Dessert Cream, continue to delight consumers; serving a multitude of needs, whilst driving growth in the cream category. The brand’s cheese range has also recently been re-launched with new pack designs, and re-sealable packs to ensure convenience and freshness.

Avonmore continues to be one of the most visible brands on Irish TV, due to its many brand campaigns, as well as its year round sponsorship of the RTÉ TV Weather. The brand has built a strong digital presence over the past few years, which continues to engage consumers directly.

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan

Q&A with…Robert Jordan, marketing manager, Glanbia Consumer Foods

What are the key factors that have led to your brand being listed in Kantar Worldpanel’s Irish Master Brands at Home?

Firstly, there’s great trust in the brand. Avonmore has been at the heart of most Irish fridges for over three decades now, so consumers have a really strong bond with it. And consumers have come to expect high standards from Avonmore, from quality, to innovative solutions, as well as great tasting products.

Part of the Avonmore success story is due to the fact that shoppers engage with the brand across so many different platforms. The brand has strong positions in milk, cream, soup, butter and cheese. These categories are shopped by a high percentage of consumers, at a high frequency rate. So making sure we always meet this demand, being available, being in strong distribution, have been critical to the brand’s success.

And then there’s the breath of sub-brands in the Avonmore portfolio. From functional milks such as Super Milk and Slimline Milk, to dessert solutions like Fresh Custard, Fresh Creamed Rice and a broad range of Fresh Cream solutions, there’s literally something for everyone.

How has your brand innovated in order to meet consumer trends and regenerate interest within your category/categories?

Glanbia places a major emphasis on innovation. Most new products are developed in collaboration with the Group Innovation Centre, which is based in Kilkenny. And involving the consumers in the innovation process has been critical to the success too.

Avonmore has a long history of being first to market with new concepts. The brand effectively invented the chilled soup sector, all of 21 years ago, with its ‘taste of homemade’ offering. Avonmore Soup celebrated its 21st anniversary this year with a new pack design, and even better tasting new recipes.

The ‘Easy Pour Jug’ was a major packaging breakthrough for the milk category. It helped cement Avonmore’s position as the number one national milk brand. In recent years, innovation in milk has focused on emerging ‘health and wellness’ needs. We’ve launched Lactose Free milk, as well as Avonmore Heart Active; a plant sterol milk that helps lower cholesterol. Both were firsts for the Irish market and were key to supporting our value added milk agenda.

How significant is the threat posed by private-label variants within your category/categories and how are you counteracting this threat?

Retailer brands continue to play a significant role in all categories that Avonmore is active in and Glanbia collaborates closely with retailers on their category strategies. The focus is always about bringing something different to each category. This has been particularly successful with regard to value added milk and creams.

For example, as a result of this collaboration, Ireland has one of the highest penetration rates for fortified milk in the world. The introduction of the Avonmore Super Milk ‘family pack’, along with the re-positioning of the brand, with messaging around vitamin D deficiencies and ‘letting in the sunshine’, have helped mainstream Super Milk and the wider fortified sector. Super Milk, a premium brand, still continues to outperform the milk market, despite the ongoing difficult economic backdrop.

The food team has driven value growth in cream through a variety of initiatives. They’ve re-launched the Avonmore cream range with improved packaging, as well as broadening the portfolio of creams across new platforms. With the growth in baking and home cooking, there’s now a dedicated Avonmore Cooking Cream product, as well as a ready to pour Fresh Dessert Cream range.

Why do you believe your brand’s marketing has struck a chord with Irish consumers’ psyche?

One of Avonmore’s best known programmes is its long standing sponsorship of RTÉ TV Weather. It’s a great fit for the brand. Irish people are obsessed with weather, so most households tune in daily, and weather plays a key role in making Irish dairy the best in the world. It certainly helps keep the brand top of mind with consumers all year round.

Glanbia CFI has also invested heavily in digital over the past few years. This has really changed how we think about the consumer, and also how we present the brand. We produced a three minute animation video, ‘The Story of Peak Fresh’, which tells of the great lengths Avonmore goes to, to ensure our milk reaches the ‘peak of perfection’. The video supported the wider Avonmore ‘Peak Fresh’ campaign, however on its own it clocked up close to 100,000 views on YouTube, far ahead of our expectations.

Other brand digital initiatives, such as our Facebook presence, and the ‘Cook with Avonmore’ digital channel, with educates and excites consumers on all things food, have built a loyal consumer following.

How do you plan to build and grow on your brand reputation in the future?

There’s still a lot of untapped potential in the Avonmore brand. While we have focused on many of the sub-brands over the last few years, we see a lot more opportunity in telling the wider Avonmore brand story in the future.

There are a variety of key platforms that we are focused on, ‘health and wellness’, ‘convenience’, as well as ‘indulgence’. We have developed a framework for identifying new opportunities in value added milk. Milk could be a credible carrier of a whole range of health needs, and this framework will help us identify the biggest opportunities.

And finally, I think like most FMCG brands, digital and social media has allowed us to develop our own brand channels, and to build our own direct relationships with consumers. We’ve made a lot of progress over the past few years in this area, and will continue to increase our focus in the years ahead.

2. Brennans

Brennans. Today’s Bread Today.

The distinctive bright yellow vans that can be seen travelling the length and breadth of Ireland delivering fresh tasty bread are part of a tradition that goes back nearly half a century. That’s when Joseph Brennan Bakeries first began baking the now legendary Brennans Family Pan. Operating out of a small bakery in Dublin’s Fumbally Lane, the company’s success was built on three key pillars. The product, the brand and strong distribution. Today, Brennans Bread is located in a state-of-the-art bakery in Walkinstown, Dublin and is one of the largest food manufacturers in the country.

Wrapped in a wax paper for optimum freshness, Brennans is the most popular bread in Ireland and is also the third biggest grocery brand in the country. This position in the marketplace can be attributed, in no small measure, to Brennans’ commitment to continual, ongoing investment in both product quality and the choice that it offers customers.

 Brennans was recently awarded the national title for Quality Management Systems at the 2012 Q Mark Awards

Brennans was recently awarded the national title for Quality Management Systems at the 2012 Q Mark Awards

Product innovation

With a comprehensive range which includes white and brown sliced pans, half pans, batch and burger buns. Brennans also supplies bread aimed specifically at today’s more health conscious consumer. These healthy options include Brennans Weight Watchers and Natural Recipes Crunchy and soda ranges.

To gain a deeper understanding of the behaviour and attitude of Irish consumers, Brennans conducts ongoing market research. This has led to many new product launches, including Chia Wholegrain. More than just a delicious brown bread, Chia Wholegrain complements the great taste and goodness of wholegrain with Chia seeds (the highest known plant-based source of Omega 3 and also high in fibre) to give consumers a daily boost to their body, heart and mind.

Another important insight that research has given Brennans, is that food wastage is now an important consideration prompting the introduction of the re-sealable packaging for the Brennans Natural Recipes Wholewheat brown bread.

Marketing and promotion

Old Mr. Brennan is probably one of the greatest and most loved advertising properties in Ireland. For many years he has expressed all that is good about Brennans in a way that is always humourous, good natured and designed to bring a smile to the face of Irish consumers.

Last year Brennans launched a new campaign, including TV, radio, outdoor and video on demand highlighting the benefits of Family Pan. The advertising campaign highlights the benefits that customers may not have been aware of and addresses some of the myths consumers have about white bread. For example, Brennans Family Pan is free from artificial preservatives, naturally low-fat and contains no added sugar.


Brennans constantly strives to innovate and provide complete customer satisfaction through the consistant quality and freshness of its bread. This abiding commitment to quality has seen Brennans win the national title for Quality Management Systems at the 2012 Q Mark Awards.

Brennans was also awarded third in the Nielson compiled Top 100 FMCG brands for 2012, a position which Brennans has held for the last number of years.

3. Denny

Denny is the number one branded player within the rasher, sausage and pre-packed sliced cooked meats categories. The company’s origins can be traced back to 1820, meaning consumers know Denny is a brand they can trust.

The Denny Breakfast Census 2013 is a quest to discover exactly what makes a breakfast "great" in kitchens right across Ireland. From sizzling sausages to crispy rashers, Denny has been at the heart of Irish kitchens and families for decades and now Denny is on a mission to make breakfast even better. To do this Denny has opened a Breakfast Headquarters on Grafton Street to invite the public in to participate in the Breakfast Census 2013 in return for a traditional Irish Denny breakfast.

As part of the continued investment and focus on driving growth in the cooked meats category, Denny Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients Ham, the only ham with no artificial additives or preservatives, was launched in 2012. Through Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients, Denny is offering a significant consumer benefit at the same price for families in Ireland who consume the product on a regular basis.

A recent extension to the Denny Deli Style range is the new White Meat Range which consists of Denny Deli Style Roast Chicken Slices, Denny Deli Style Roast Turkey Slices along with Denny Deli Style Roast Chicken Pieces and Denny Deli Style Chicken Tikka Pieces. They are 100% no artificial preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours.

You can find the new Denny Deli Style Slices and Pieces in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide and they will be supported with in-store media, demonstrations and digital. www.homeis.ie www.facebook.com/Dennyest1820

Nicola Weldon

Nicola Weldon

Q&A with…Nicola Weldon, IOI meats marketing controller, Kerry Foods

What are the key factors that have led to your brand being listed in Kantar Worldpanel’s Top 100 most chosen FMCG brands in Ireland?

Consumers have always been at the very heart of everything we do here at Denny – and that is one of the main reasons why Denny continues to remain one of Ireland’s best loved brands. Denny has always been a favourite with Irish families, largely due to our continued commitment to delivering great quality products and great taste at affordable prices. All of this means that our consumers can be confident they are providing their families with the very best.

How has your brand innovated in order to meet consumer trends and regenerate interest within your category/categories?

With Denny Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients Ham, Denny has become the first brand to launch a ham which is free from artificial additives and preservatives in the Irish market which is a very significant development. It is this commitment to innovation and to delivering the very best to our consumers which makes Denny the market leader and ensures our continued success.

At Denny we have worked hard to develop a lasting relationship with our core consumer – Irish mums, and last year we created the Denny Mums Panel as part of our continued efforts to listen to what Irish mums have to say and get a better understanding of the lives and demands of the modern Irish family.

In 2013, Denny has continued to open dialogue with our consumers by setting ourselves the new challenge of understanding the habits of the Irish public’s traditional breakfast with the launch of The Denny Breakfast Census 2013 in a quest to discover what makes a great breakfast, great.

Why do you believe your brand’s marketing has struck a chord with Irish consumers’ psyche?

Denny has always been a favourite with Irish families, largely due to our continued commitment to delivering great quality products and great taste at the right price. Denny continues to innovate and develop its product range, while maintaining competitive, affordable pricing, providing Irish families with the variety and options they demand.

Denny’s marketing is based on a long developed relationship with our consumers and as a result we work at producing products families want and need, making us a relevant brand in their weekly shop.

How do you plan to build and grow on your brand reputation in the future?

Denny Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients Ham offers great potential for growth and the message that Denny now has the only ham you can buy in the Irish market with no artificial additives or preservatives is a compelling one. Similarly, with our full Denny portfolio we have an unwavering commitment to delivering only the best to our consumers and we will continue to talk to and listen to our valued consumers. We will ensure that we are not only meeting their needs, but that we are also anticipating their specific requirements. Our goal is to continue to invest in supporting our range and to constantly remind Irish families that Denny will always do it better.


4. Knorr

Knorr is proud to be Ireland’s fourth largest brand and is bought by over eight in 10 households across Ireland. Knorr has a strong heritage in Irish households with product ranges like Knorr Packet Soups and Knorr Pour-Over Sauces playing a part in family meal-times for decades.

Knorr’s long-standing favourites like Knorr Oxtail Packet Soup and Knorr Pepper Cream Sauce continue to be adored by consumers. At the same time, Knorr continues to bring new product innovations to the market, such as Knorr Stock Pots and Knorr Gravy Pots. which have proved hugely popular with Irish shoppers. Knorr holds the number one position across many categories in which it operates.

Knorr is the number one brand in dry recipe sauces with 50% market share*. With a portfolio that comprises traditional family favourites in ‘pour over’, as well as the much loved mealmaker range, you can trust Knorr to provide the perfect accompaniment to any dish. To add to its success, Knorr has brought the great tasting Knorr Season & Shake range to market, and helped to drive strong growth in the baking bag sector.

Knorr Soup leads the soup market with a 58.5% share of ambient soup*, more than double that of any other ambient soup brand. Knorr benefits from a wide reach within the soup market, where it operates as market leader within the packet, instant and pouch soup sectors. From one-minute wonders to gourmet moments, Knorr’s enticing range of soup caters for all tastes and occasions.

Knorr also remains the number one brand by far in the stocks category, holding over 70% market share*. Knorr Stocks are the secret seasoning ingredient that Michelin starred chef Marco Pierre White uses in the kitchen! Knorr Stock Cubes remain a firm favourite and over one in four Irish households have tried Knorr Stock Pots – a rich and tasty stock that enhances the flavour of fresh ingredients.

The successful uptake of Knorr Stock Pots proved that consumers have a keen interest in alternative formats with great taste credentials – which led to the launch of Knorr Gravy Pots in Oct 2012. Knorr Gravy Pot uses the best ingredients and slowly simmered meat juices and is a quick way to create rich gravy that tastes homemade. Knorr is now the clear number two in the Irish gravy market with 18.7% market share* and is bringing growth to the gravy market.

Knorr is committed to delivering great tasting, convenient products – with dedication to flavour at the heart of everything – to help inspire meal-times in busy Irish households.

*(Source: AC Nielsen YTD April 2013)


5. Jacob’s

Jacob’s is Ireland’s number one biscuit brand with a volume share of 23% MAT and a value share of 25% MAT*. Jacob’s has an impressive array of family favourites including Fig Rolls, Mikado, Kimberley, Coconut Creams, Elite, Cream Crackers, Club Milk and Jaffa Cakes.

The Jacob’s Elite brand continues to go from strength to strength with two new launches in the last year – Elite Chocolate Mousse and Elite Chocolate Coconut Cream. This completes Jacob’s full chocolate coating offering of the famous Mallow trio Kimberley, Mikado & Coconut Cream under the Elite brand.

Jacob’s Fig Rolls are Ireland’s favourite fig roll which was achieved through strong promotional packs and new pack graphics.

In the savoury segment, Jacob’s Cream Crackers continue to be Ireland’s number one cracker. Jacob’s also distributes Tuc which has recently introduced more convenient family pack sizes. The brand will also be introducing an exciting new variant shortly – watch this space!

2013 is proving to be an exciting time for the Jacob’s brand with a number of new launches planned as well as extensive above the line campaigns to support them. All this activity will continue to strengthen demand for Jacob’s products and drive retail sales in-store.

(*Source: Nielsen Extended Scantrack, MAT January 2013)

6. Batchelors
Birds Eye7. Birds Eye

Birds Eye is the number one frozen food brand in Ireland*. This market leadership has been driven primarily by its fish, poultry, vegetables, and waffles categories with Birds Eye offering some of the fastest selling lines in each sector. Birds Eye leads the way as one of the most innovative brands in frozen food, launching successful NPD product ranges such as the award winning Bake to Perfection Natural Fish Range, Rice Fusions, Fish Burgers, Fish Fusions, Takeaway range and re-sealable Peas.

Birds Eye2

Birds Eye is continually renovating its core range creating news to re-enforce with the consumer reasons to believe in the quality and value the brand offers. In May 2013 Birds Eye re-launched its iconic Fish Fingers with a fresh contemporary new look. This modern new packaging is guaranteed to brighten the frozen fixture and also offers stand-out brand blocking. In addition, colour coding of different species will enable shoppers to more easily navigate the fixture and make fish finger shopping an enjoyable and simple task.

Birds Eye is the leading advertiser within its categories, investing heavily to persuade consumers to shop the frozen food aisle, and grow the number of shoppers buying frozen food on a regular basis. Birds Eye’s advertising featuring "Clarence the Polar Bear" has proved to be a huge hit with these adverts frequently appearing amongst the top most recalled favourite food and drink adverts seen by Irish consumers .

*(Source: A/C Nielsen MAT w/e 21 April 13)

8. McVitie’s


Enjoyed by Irish families for generations, McVitie’s has a large biscuit portfolio of much-loved iconic brands including McVitie’s Digestives, Jaffa Cakes, Rich Tea, Hob Nobs and Penguin. McVitie’s has now officially been ranked eighth in the ‘Master Brands at Home’ report conducted by Kantar Worldpanel.


McVitie’s Digestives is a firm favourite with Irish consumers and is currently worth eur*7.9m*. Digestives have all the goodness of wheat with its crumbly texture, original flavour and satisfying nature. Not only do they make the ideal partner with a cup of tea but they are often used as a tasty ingredient in home baking.

McVitie’s strives to delight with every biscuit the company bakes and continues to invest in product quality and new product development in order to remain a popular family choice.

Now Digestive lovers have the chance to treat themselves to a satisfying range of New Cheesecake Creams; a cheesecake flavour cream filling sandwiched between two McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits. Available in two flavours, vanilla and lemon; these cheesecake inspired biscuits will not disappoint. Or if you are a chocolate lover be sure to indulge on McVitie’s new Double Chocolate Digestives; a mix of chocolate flavoured digestive Biscuits with choc chips, half coated in milk chocolate for a true choc hit.

There is something for everyone with McVitie’s, so be sure to stock up on the nation’s favourite biscuit brand.

(*Source: AC Nielsen MAT to 14 April 2013)


9. Heinz

Generations of Irish families have grown up with Heinz. Market leaders such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Heinz Spaghetti and Heinz Salad Cream along with household staple, Heinz Beanz, continue to be key category growth drivers.

Familiar tasting recipes and Heinz’s on-going commitment to innovation and packaging technology, as illustrated by successful and pioneering launches into ‘top down’ in sauces and Snap Pots and Fridge Pack formats in Beanz and Spaghetti, ensures that these favourites will continue to remain relevant for new generations of Irish consumers.

The extensive Heinz portfolio also includes baby food, table sauces, soup and mayonnaise. Recent launches into new categories such as gluten free pasta and pasta sauces, illustrate Heinz’ versatility and consumer and customer trust in the brand.

For over three years, the bespoke Irish execution of the Heinz master brand, It has to be Heinz, has amplified Heinz’s consistent investment in integrated marketing communications led by TV, radio, digital and in-store activation. Through linking individual Heinz brand campaigns together, ‘It has to be Heinz’ has emerged as a strong and unique master brand, recognised by Irish consumers.

Driven by existing and new categories, in a ranking based on brands driving value growth in 2012, Heinz emerged fourth from the top 20 branded manufacturers operating in Ireland* – clearly illustrating that Irish consumers really do believe that whatever the category, it really does have to be Heinz!

(*Source: Kantar Shopper Pulse February 2013)

10. Muller
11. Irish Pride
12. Walkers
13. Cadbury Dairy Milk
14. Tayto
15. Coca-Cola
Galtee16. Galtee

The Galtee range has a tasty variety of products that satisfies an array of hungry taste buds. Made to the highest quality food standards, Galtee provides a range which includes rasher, sausage, pudding, cheese and sliced cooked meats delivered at great value.

This Galtee range has a clear proposition for the consumer – branded quality at a very competitive price. The launch of a ‘Galtee Value’ range is a testimony to the continuing power of the brand which has seen an increase in both volume and revenue sales for the brand.

As a result, Galtee remains a firm favourite in Irish fridges. Galtee…Surprising Value.



17. Flora

Unilever’s Flora brand has over 40 years’ heritage within the heart health arena in Ireland. The much loved brand includes the Flora Original and Flora Light spreads, as well as Flora Cuisine, a healthy cooking oil which was introduced to the market in 2011. Flora Cuisine provides consumers with a healthy alternative when frying, roasting and baking and has been extremely well received by Irish consumers.

Flora pro.activ is the number one cholesterol lowering brand in the market. The range consists of the Flora pro.activ spread in Original, Light and Olive variants and the Flora pro.activ Mini Drinks, available in four flavours. The brand has a legacy of excellent marketing support, perhaps most notably its sponsorship of the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, a partnership which has been in place for 10 years. The event which attracts 40,000 women each year and raises approximately €12 million for charity annually is an ideal vehicle for Flora to demonstrate its commitment to heart health.

Flora pro.activ has played a vital role in raising awareness of cholesterol and its implications for heart health amongst Irish consumers. The brand has been responsible for numerous nationwide cholesterol screening campaigns over the years which provide free cholesterol tests to concerned consumers. This year’s Flora pro.activ Cholesterol Club, led by GAA legend Pat Spillane, is already proving a huge success in terms of raising cholesterol awareness.

Looking to the future, consumers can look forward to further developments and innovations on the Flora brand, cemented in the brand’s on-going commitment to the improved heart health of Irish consumers.

18. Pat The Baker
Green Isle19. Green Isle

Long seen as a family favourite in Ireland, the Green Isle brand is leading the way in growing the frozen food category. Viewed by Irish consumers as delivering trusted food values, and developing consistently high quality products, the Green Isle brand has got the range and variety to cover all dinnertime dilemmas.

Green Isle is the number one frozen vegetables brand with 46% market share*. Green Isle is also the number one frozen potato brand with 37% market share* and growing share within the frozen chips category + 31% YOY*. Green Isle is a clear favourite in Irish households and has a must-stock range for every freezer.

Irish consumers are more than ever seeking value and the ongoing ‘Buy any two for eur*2.50′ promotion that Green Isle offers across the core vegetables range delivers on this need. A new livery just launched across the chips range will ensure the products will have even greater impact in the freezer with the same great taste.

It all adds up to a great new package from an Irish family favourite.

(*Source: AC Nielsen – 12 wks April 2013)APR

Connacht Gold

20. Connacht Gold

Connacht Gold is the leading producer of fresh milk, cream and butter products in the West of Ireland and has become established as an innovative and popular brand in the yellow fats category.

The company’s range features a number of award winning products, including Connacht Gold Softer Butter- winner of the ultimate Great Taste Awards accolade- three Gold Stars; multi-award winning Connacht Gold Garlic and Herb butter- a Blas na hEireann and Great Taste winning product; Connacht Gold Creamery butter, yet another Blas na hEireann winner; Spreadable and Spreadable Light options and a newly launched Unsalted Butter.

The brand’s most prolific product – Connacht Gold Low Fat butter is also an award winning butter, and it’s now winning more places at the table every day as shoppers realise they can enjoy real butter but with just half the fat.

Connacht Gold recently invested in a national TV advertising campaign, which has helped increase market share and category penetration, in addition to reinforcing the brand’s key message – Connacht Gold Low Fat butter is real butter, meaning no vegetable oils or chemically treated fats.


21. Glenisk
Dairygold22. Dairygold

Dairygold was the first Irish dairy spread, launched in 1985 and since then the brand has been bringing Dairygold butter spreads to generations of Irish butter lovers.

Dairygold is traditionally made with churned cream and natural ingredients, combining to spread straight from the fridge and deliver a great tasting spread that makes food taste better. Dairygold is available in 227g, 454g and 908g tub sizes. The range also includes Dairygold Lighter, delivering on the great Dairygold taste but with less fat.

Last September Dairygold introduced a new product to the family, Dairygold Baking Block. With all the taste consumers know and love from Dairygold, it’s made with churned cream to make the fluffiest cakes, most golden scones and perfect pastry.

At Kerry Foods, the group is proud that Dairygold products are family favourites and can be found in 40% of Irish households.

Scoop it. Dollop it. Melt it. Butter it with Dairygold.

23. 7 Up
24. Erin
Premier25. Premier Dairies

Premier Milk is an iconic Irish brand, closely associated with Dublin. Today Premier is still the preferred milk of choice across the county, a position it has held since its launch in 1966. It is this loyalty that continues to make Premier Milk the number two milk brand in Ireland.

The brand’s packaging reflects its historical roots, featuring one of Dublin’s most iconic landmarks, the Ha’Penny Bridge. Premier Milk is also synonymous with the traditional elements of milk delivery, from milk floats, to milkmen, and the iconic milk bottle. Today there is evident nostalgia towards the brand.

Many consumers have grown up with Premier, and continue to receive Premier Milk delivered direct to their doorstep every morning. For over 40 years Premier Milk has been supplying the best quality milk across Dublin and the surrounding areas. Much has changed in Dublin since then, but one thing remains constant, Premier Milk’s dedication to tradition, quality and local supply of milk. Premier still sources milk from farmers in its Dublin heartland, such as Swords based farmer Padraig O’Scanaill, who is the third generation of his family to supply fresh and nutritious milk.


26. Goodfella’s

The Goodfella’s brand was launched in the Irish market in 1993. Now in 2013, Goodfella’s is Ireland’s number one pizza brand with 48.3% market share (Nielsen, April 2013) with the widest selection of pizza ranges available in the market.

Goodfella’s has always been Ireland’s favourite frozen pizza and prides itself on bringing great-tasting authentic pizzas to customers. Having recently developed some interesting new variants in its kitchens, Goodfella’s is eager to give Irish consumers a chance to try them. From the award-winning Takeaway pizzas to the new range of ultra-thin Flatbreads, there is something for all pizza lovers.

Goodfella’s has a pizza range to suit everyone’s needs, under several sub-brands: Goodfella’s Thin, Goodfella’s Deep, Goodfella’s Snacking, and the latest ranges Goodfella’s Flatbread, Goodfellas Delizia, Goodfella’s Takeaway and most recently the Goodfellas Chilled and Extra Thin range.

So whatever the mood, Goodfella’s pizza helps everyone to relax and join in – no rules, no knives and forks, just tuck in and enjoy.

27. Lyons
28. Odlums
Flahavans29. Flahavan’s

As an independent Irish family business, Flahavan’s has been milling quality oats at the family mill beside the River Mahon in Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford for over 200 years. Flahavan’s is Ireland’s favourite porridge oat brand and has been delivering continuous growth to the oats category in line with consumers’ increasing interest in porridge as a healthy breakfast cereal choice.

Grown, milled and produced in Ireland, Flahavan’s product portfolio includes Progress Oatlets, Organic and Quick Oats ranges which provide a wholesome breakfast that’s packed with taste, ready in minutes and keeps you going right up to lunch.

Flahavan’s recently launched a new Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon sachet, the newest member of the Quick Oats range, which also includes natural, multiseed and organic sachets, drum and portable porridge pots in natural, multiseed, strawberry and organic varieties. The new Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon sachet combines red apple pieces, juicy raisins, and a hint of cinnamon with all the wholegrain goodness of Flahavan’s porridge oats.

Flahavan’s Quick Oats appeals to on-the-go consumers because they require zero effort. Flahavan’s has also introduced a new individual sachet format where consumers can use the free reusable liquid measure provided or simply pour milk or water directly into the sachet and fill to the splash line, making it the ideal portable healthy start to any day either at home or in the office.

A bowl of Flahavan’s every morning provides a nutrient-rich, low-fat and low calorie breakfast that tastes simply delicious and contains all the healthy ingredients needed to kick start your day.

Flahavan’s is proud to support Love Irish Food – an initiative led by Irish manufacturing brands seeking to promote Irish food and drink brands in Ireland.Visit the website www.flahavans.ie or become a fan on www.facebook.com/flahavans.

30. Colgate
CdF31. Cuisine de France

Over the last 20 years Cuisine de France, the number one in-store bakery brand in Ireland, has been responsible for bringing freshly baked breads, pastries and confectionery to local communities throughout Ireland.

For more than two decades Cuisine de France has been making tasty, freshly-baked breads, pastries and confectionary for in store-bakeries throughout Ireland. Its master bakers combine time-honoured, traditional baking methods with only superior quality ingredients, including wheat from the Champagne region of France.

From the unique Cuisine de France mother dough used in its French, Speciality and La Brea Bakery breads to the gentle rolling of every Viennoiserie product, everything the group makes is lavished with care and attention to achieve a mouth-watering result. It’s the only way to realise the Cuisine de France vision – to bring moments of pleasure to millions of people every day through great tasting, freshly baked goods of the highest quality.

32. Danone Activia
33. Fairy
LowLow34. Kerry LowLow

The LowLow brand is very familiar in Irish households having first launched its Original Spread in 1989 and followed with its cheese range in 2005. LowLow understands that modern women want to live life to the full but still make a conscious effort to eat healthier. The brand’s versatile range of cheese and spreads provides a no-compromise solution by offering products that each have at least 1/3 less fat.

The recent launch of LowLow’s range of Cheddar Spreads in Original Mature & Cracked Black Pepper variants also demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation. The Cheddar Spreads can simply be spread onto bread or crackers for a quick bite to eat or heated in their handy microwavable tub for a great snack with nachos or for use as a tasty creamy sauce.

Watch out for exciting innovation from LowLow later this year as the brand continues to deliver consumer driven solutions!


35. Charleville

Charleville remains Ireland’s favourite cheese with number one brand status within the cheese category. As the original Irish innovator in convenient formats, Charleville continues to offer consumers the best block, sliced and grated cheese for all the family. Ziplock packaging is available across the block and grated ranges to ensure freshness is locked in for longer. The slices are also re-sealable to ensure they deliver quality in every sandwich.

New and improved Charleville Cheddar Spreads have received superb consumer feedback this year. The potential to pop the microwavable pot in for 60 seconds to give a wonderful hot dip or pasta mix has really excited and delighted consumers. Charleville’s broad range of formats means it really does offer a solution for all of the family’s cheesy occasions. In addition the Family Value Packs offer mums the best value when they’re feeding the hoards!

36. Keelings
McCain37. McCain
38. Nescafé
39. Hellmann’s
Dolmio40. Dolmio

Dolmio is Ireland’s leading pasta-sauce brand, with 64% market share of Italian sauces*. The brand’s success is due to the strength of its innovative portfolio which provides consumers with a wide range of nutritious, tasty and easy-to-prepare meals to suit consumer lifestyles and occasions. The range includes Bolognese, Lasagne, Pasta Vita, Stir-ins and Meatballs.

Consumers know that the best Bolognese begins with Dolmio. That’s because 100% natural ingredients are used in Dolmio’s famous Italian sauce.

Dolmio has continued to innovate and recently launched Dolmio sauces for meatballs, a new range of garden-fresh, tomato-based sauces to pour over this popular dish. This new sauce is formulated to provide a thicker coating to meatballs. The range is the first of its kind in the sector and includes a variety of great tastes including basil, chilli or garden vegetables.

With healthier eating and lifestyles increasingly driving meal-planning and purchasing decisions, Dolmio Pasta Vita, provide consumers with convenient and great tasting, healthy, high quality products ready in minutes – ideal for the convenience store retailer.

Dolmio continues to demonstrate strong brand support through its continued commitment to category growth and driving consumer penetration through significant investment in TV, PR, in-store and digital advertising spend.

Innovation remains key to the brand’s success. Dolmio currently dominates the lasagne market with over 80% share* and is heavily investing in the launch of a new Dolmio Lasagne range this summer to recruit new consumers and drive growth. Driving awareness and highlighting the new product offering in-store will be key to driving sales for retailers. Dolmio has a full range of tailored POS featuring mama, papa and all the Dolmio family.

*(Source: AC Nielsen Total Scan MAT Value Sales to 21 April) 

41. McCambridge
42. Benecol
43. Foxs
44. Johnston Mooney & O’Brien
45. Danone Actimel
46. Barry’s

47. Schwartz
UncleUncle48. Uncle Ben’s

Uncle Ben’s, from Mars Incorporated, is Ireland’s leading rice and non-Italian sauce brand, with 53% and 19.5% market share, respectively*.

Rice is at the heart of the Uncle Ben’s brand, and much of its success has been driven by the breath of its range and strength of innovation offering consumers convenient, nutritious, and tasty rice solutions, that have driven category and brand growth. Both the boil-in-the-bag and express-rice segments now make up 54%* of the total value sales of the rice category, and Uncle Ben’s is the market leader in both, holding 71% and 78% market share, respectively*.


Highlighting its continued commitment to rice category growth, Uncle Ben’s will be re-invigorating the Express Rice sector in July with the launch of its new packaging, new express rice formats (single portion multi-packs) and new flavours (brown basmati, spicy egg fried, spicy mexican, and Indian biryani). This will be supported with a full marketing campaign including TV, in-store, and customer focused activation, to help drive awareness of the NPD and drive growth in this highly valuable part of the rice category.

*(Source: AC Nielsen Total Scantrack ROI 19 May 2013)

49. John West
50. HB Hazelbrook Farm
Pedigree51. Pedigree

Pedigree is Ireland’s number one selling dog care brand and the largest branded player in the dog complete market with a 30% share and leading brands such as Jumbone, Markies, Vital and DentaStix within the category. Pedigree’s success is due to its quality range that caters for every dog, from puppy through to old age. The extensive Pedigree Complete range drives growth in the dry dog food market, and Pedigree is also driving growth within the premium pouch and snacks and treats segments.

The dog care and treats market is worth €14.355m* and growing at 1.3% MAT*, heavily supported by a six month sampling campaign, targeted directly at consumers within their local retail environment. Mars has a 74%* share of the dog care category, the fastest growing sector in care and treats at +5.6%* MAT, 60%* share of the dog reward category and a 35%* share of the dog biscuit category with the largest SKU among which Markies is number one.

At Pedigree, we’re for dogs. That means making great dog food that’s good for them and really tasty too. We carefully choose every ingredient in our range of dry food to deliver superior nutrition through ingredients delivering four key health benefits to enhance oral care, digestion, skin and coat and immunity for dog.

In addition to strong promotional plans, Pedigree supports the brand with significant investment to provide comprehensive communications and marketing campaigns set to drive the brand even further. Pedigree Dental Care Month tackles the serious issue of gum disease in dogs and highlights the importance of oral health care while in turn driving sales of Pedigree Dentastix in-store through increased consumer demand.

Most recently, the Pedigree Adoption Drive, supported by consumer and trade advertising, press, sampling, digital activation and PR represented a significant opportunity for retailers to capitalise on this high margin segment to grow incremental sales.

*(All Nielsen data is MAT 21 April 2013)

52. Roma
53. Clonakilty
54. Donegal Catch

Established since 1992, Donegal Catch is Ireland’s number one frozen fish brand, with 51.5%* market share and with over seven tasty ranges to choose from, we are a recognised family favourite across Ireland.

From fish to fork, Donegal Catch aims to please using only 100% natural prime fish fillets offering a superb range of freshly frozen fish to Irish families. The perfect choice for any family meal and with over 56%** of Irish households purchasing Donegal Catch, it’s a real must have for any family freezer.

*(Source: Nielsen 12 w/e April 2013)
**(Source: BordBia Brand Health Tracker 2012)


55. Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers from Heinz has led the way as a lifestyle brand for Irish consumers for many years with its extensive range of frozen ready meals, frozen desserts, oven chips, baked beans, tinned pasta and tinned soups. The range has everything to offer consumers who seek to lead a healthy lifestyle but who expect not to compromise on taste and choice.

Weight Watchers from Heinz is the undisputed leading brand in the frozen ready meal sector with 30.1% value share of the total frozen ready meal market which is valued at eur*14.5 million*. Manufactured in Dundalk, County Louth, the Weight Watchers from Heinz range of frozen ready meals continues to drive the category with convenient meal solutions in both traditional and ethnic varieties.

Continuing to bring innovation to the frozen ready meals category, in 2012 the Weight Watchers from Heinz Steam & Serve range, offering a selection of steam cooked meals with innovative cooking-bag technology was launched.

The Weight Watchers from Heinz range of frozen desserts includes recipes such as Belgian Eclairs and Double Chocolate Brownies.

All products within the Weight Watchers from Heinz range exclusively feature the Weight Watchers Pro-Points value per serving on pack.

*(Source: Kantar Worldpanel February 2013)


56. Nivea

Nivea is one of the world’s most recognised and trusted skin and beauty care brands. Since the creation of Nivea cream in 1911, the company has offered a wide range of products for the whole family to meet all skincare needs. Nivea provides only the most scientifically advanced natural products to ensure that skin always looks and feels its healthiest and most beautiful.

Nivea is delighted to launch the innovative In-Shower Body Moisturiser – a body moisturiser that is applied in the shower and then rinsed off, just as you would a hair conditioner. A real-time saver for those busy mornings and last-minute party plans.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser makes body moisturising so easy and convenient, leaving a nourishing layer of moisture on the skin and a soft skin-feeling that lasts all day.
Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser makes every day a body lotion day!

57. Innocent
58. Yoplait Petit Filous
Weetabix59. Weetabix

Fuel your sales with the new breakfast biscuits from Weetabix. Weetabix has launched new "Weetabix On The Go" Breakfast Biscuits. Designed to be a tasty breakfast solution, the biscuits boast the famous Weetabix wholegrain fuel credentials for those mornings when there isn’t time for a bowl of breakfast cereal. The product launched in singles and multipacks and will be rolled out across both major multiples and convenience outlets.

The crunchy breakfast biscuits, baked in the distinctive Weetabix lozenge shape, are available in two flavours; Milk & Cereal and Apple with a hint of Cinnamon to appeal to a wide range of consumers who are looking for a tasty on-the-go breakfast solution and know and trust Weetabix to deliver the fuel they need.


This exciting new range comes in case sizes of 16x50g packs, with each pack
containing four biscuits. Multipacks are also available with the additional flavour of
Fruit and Fibre in 5x50g packs. Containing real wholegrain Weetabix, the tasty breakfast biscuits are crammed with goodness to fuel those extra busy days.

60. Dr. Oetker
61. Kit Kat

The iconic Kit Kat brand is the leading product in Nestlé Ireland’s confectionery portfolio. Combining crisp wafer and smooth chocolate, Kit Kat is available in a two finger, four finger and chunky format, across an ever increasing variety of flavours.

Kit Kat’s two recent ‘Choose a Chunky Champion’ promotions, saw consumers selecting, first Peanut Butter and then more recently, Mint Chocolate to join the Kit Kat Chunky portfolio.

Different flavours have also proved popular with Kit Kat two-finger fans and the range now includes Kit Kat two-finger in Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and more recently Cookies and Cream flavour variants.

Kit Kat has one of the most recognised advertising strap lines – ‘Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat’ 

62. Comfort
63. Florette
64. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
65. Yoplait
66. Kerrygold
67. Shamrock
68. Tropicana
69. Bisto
70. Carroll Cuisine
71. Johnson’s
72. Kellogg’s Special K
73. Moy Park

Moy Park, Ireland’s number one poultry brand and largest food processor under the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme, continues to feed a growing consumer demand for locally sourced Irish chicken, with 50% of Irish households buying the Moy Park brand.

Moy Park continues to invest in new product development and has developed both fresh and convenience products under the Moy Park brand, for example the new ‘Ready-to-cook’ range, made with 100% Irish chicken – full of flavour and perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.

The five top selling products in the Moy Park range include three Irish Chicken Kiev products – garlic, creamy garlic and bacon and cheese, breaded chicken nuggets and breaded chicken goujons. Best-sellers in the primary poultry category are Moy Park fresh whole chickens and 450g chicken fillet packs. The Moy Park brand is supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign.

For more information on products and distribution please contact Aidan Fisher at Moy Park on T: 0044 2838 352233. For news and updates visit www.moypark.com

74. Hovis

75. Pringles
76. Stafford’s
77. Club Orange
Shaws78. Shaws

When William J Shaw opened his first shop in 1831, he realised the importance of excellence. That’s why he sourced only the finest ingredients and crafted them with the utmost pride.

It is from these origins that the Shaws range of sliced and deli meats is produced, with the same care, craft and attention to quality.

Over 180 years later, Shaws remains a name of substance and of uncompromising quality, the purveyors of full flavoured food, created and selected through expert craft and care. Shaws continue to strive for excellence by differentiation; this will be achieved through significant innovation which will be coming to the market over the summer. months. Shaw’s inspired by tradition.

79. Sqeez
80. Mi Wadi
Wrigley81. Wrigley’s

Wrigley has been delighting consumers with fun, innovative, high quality products for over 100 years and people continue to regularly chew gum for the enjoyment and the variety of benefits it brings.

Wrigley was the first to introduce sugar free gum and these products now make up over 95%* of Wrigley gum sales. Wrigley sugar-free chewing gum brands include Extra, Airwaves, Orbit Complete and Five.

Wrigley continues to drive category growth most notably through its top selling brand Extra, which is accredited by the Irish Dental Association for its oral care benefits.

Chewing sugar free gum, in addition to the routine of twice-a-day brushing and especially after eating and drinking during the day, is a simple and enjoyable step to improving your oral healthcare. It’s a convenient way to look after your teeth whether you are in the car, in the office or on-the-go.

*(Source: Nielsen MAT w/e 19.05.13)

82. Big Al’s
83. Kellogg’s Cornflakes
84. Butterkrust
85. Lucozade
Maryland86. Burton’s

2013 is set to be an exciting year for Maryland with fantastic growth across the portfolio and some exciting news due to be announced in the coming months. The iconic Maryland brand offers a great variety of products to meet consumers’ sweet treat needs, from in home occasions to food on-the-go and lunchbox.

The range includes the classic choc chip cookie, double choc and hazelnut cookies (available in PMP and non-PMP), Monster bags (available in choc chip and double choc) and portion snack packs. New packaging, which highlights the brand’s position as the ‘Nation’s favourite cookie’ is available now. Retailers are urged to stock up and maximise the opportunity.

Burton’s Biscuit Company, one of Kantar’s Master brands at home*, will continue to invest in Maryland, one of its power brands, and bring innovation to the biscuit category with some NPD later this year. Look out for more information!

*(Source: Burtons Biscuits Range- Ranked 86th by Kantar Worldpanel 2013) 


87. Nicky

The household paper brand Nicky, has continued to go from strength to strength over the last 12 months, a statement not only supported by the latest market figures, but by the fact that the brand now features in Kantar’s Master brands at Home. In a toilet tissue market in decline of -7.5%, Nicky has grown by 2.5%, and likewise in kitchen towel, where the overall market is in decline by -3.5%, Nicky has grown by 1.2% (Source: AC Nielsen Scantrack 52 week data to 24/03/13).

The combination of these figures are a real feather in the cap for this relatively young brand, which has shot up the Kantar list by 20 positions in just 12 months to proudly sit at number 87.

This is quite a remarkable achievement for Nicky, considering that soon, it will be celebrating only its 10th anniversary in Ireland. Not only that, it is the only household paper brand to feature in this elite list of the Master brands at home in Ireland (Source: Kantar Worldpanel)

Starting from scratch almost 10 years ago, the Nicky brand has developed a reputation for offering innovative and unique products to the Irish market, at competitive and affordable prices for the consumers. This philosophy, combined with a strong and competitive product portfolio has seen the brand grow into Ireland’s favourite choices for both toilet tissue and kitchen towel.

88. Strathroy Dairy
89. O’Haras
90. Always
Kelkin91. Kelkin

Kelkin Ltd is delighted to be listed in the ‘Master brands at home’. This result is testament to the group’s long standing drive to provide healthier food options for consumers. Kelkin has worked tirelessly for almost 40 years to help educate consumers about the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Kelkin is passionate about innovation across its range of cereals, snacks, beverages and free from products, paying attention to taste, nutrition and also packaging. Most recently Kelkin re-launched its Original and Honeycrunch Mueslis in re-sealable pouches, listening to consumers’ need for convenience and freshness. Kelkin prides itself on quality, natural foods and produce its range of mueslis, granolas and seeds in our production facility in Dublin.

For a long time the company has recognised the need for an improvement within the Health Food category and as a result has worked closely with major retailers to reinvigorate this category in store. Kelkin’s new ‘free from’ plans have recently been implemented across a number of retailers, providing both existing and new consumers in this category with a positive shopping experience.

Over the last few years, it has been imperative to the brand’s success that the company actively engage with consumers and this led to The Kelkin Roadshow. Kelkin attend numerous events across the country with the Kelkin nutritionist educating consumers and creating awareness of the brand across the key categories. For 2013, Kelkin is endeavouring to grow its Irish brand through its work with retailers as health experts across each category, supported by a national radio and social media campaign to fulfil its commitment to provide healthier food options that enable consumers to lead fuller lives…because it feels good!

If you would like more information on any of Kelkin’s product ranges please contact info@kelkin.ie or telephone 01-4600400.

92. King
93. Philadelphia
Dreamies94. Whiskas 

Whiskas from Mars Petcare is the market leader in cat food in Ireland, driving continuous growth in the category through constant innovation, strong advertising, PR, sampling and in-store promotions. The total cat food market is worth eur*37.2m* and is growing at 2%* in value. Mars currently has 50%* share of the overall market value, with Whiskas holding 42%* of that share. The Whiskas range includes SKUs for every occasion, carefully prepared and made with quality ingredients that taste delicious and are full of the natural goodness cats need.

Cat Single Serve pouch has experienced strong growth in recent years supported by Whiskas’ innovations such as Whiskas Oh So and Whiskas Simply sub-ranges. Whiskas Simply is a tasty range of nutritious meals available in Grilled Meat, Steamed Fish and Grilled Poultry. Each pack is complete and balanced, with no artificial flavourings and preservatives, full of great succulent taste and all the protein, vitamins and minerals cats need to stay happy and healthy every day.

Variety is critically important and Whiskas has something to satisfy all cats and their owners. The Whiskas Simply collection answers pet owners’ desire for more choice, value and quality for their feline friend as well as driving category growth and boosting profits for retailers.

Cat Treats including Dreamies and Temptations are an incremental purchase for cat owners, representing a significant opportunity for retailers to grow their petcare business. The cat care and treats market is worth eur*2.275m* and is experiencing growth of 20.4%* MAT. Dreamies Cat Treats are currently supported by a six month sampling campaign, targeted directly at consumers within their local retail environment.

Whiskas is currently investing heavily in a full year of TV advertising to support the Whiskas Pouches range and strong in-store promotions. The brand is developing a campaign to announce a key partnership this summer. Due to launch in July, the campaign will be supported by a visually powerful TTL strategy that will create an increased focus on the brand and Irish retailers are advised to stock-up now to meet consumer demand.

*(Source: All Nielsen data is MAT 21 April 2013)

95. Wilson’s Country
96. Ryvita
97. Dove
98. Old El Paso
99. Irwin’s
100. Cadbury Crunchie





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