Yakult wants to help young people find their purpose

The Japanese tradition of Ikigai is the inspiration for Yakult's new campaign

Brand PR survey results are nothing new; sponsored research in a specific area intended to generate press, but this survey from Yakult is a little different.


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13 August 2019 | 0

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A new survey carried out by Yakult in the UK and Ireland has revealed the extent to which the younger generation of Irish people feel disillusioned. A majority of 16-29 year olds (87%) said that the feel their life “lacks any purpose or meaning”. The number falls to 83% across all ages and 65% in over-60s.

Meanwhile, 32% of respondents said they feel they are “stuck in a rut”, while a massive 93% state they are “failing to live their best life”.

And, according to the study, the biggest barrier for young people seeking purpose and achieving greater happiness is a lack of finances (49%).

While results like these point to a greater malaise than may be solved by a simple yogurt drink, Yakult does have some advice for finding purpose in life: the Japanese self-help tradition of Ikigai.

Daisy Whitfield-Davis, Yakult PR Manager, said the research proves how many people are searching for their true objectives in life. “As a Japanese Company,” said Davis, “we want to introduce the nation to Ikigai, a Japanese self-development concept and framework for bringing satisfaction, happiness and meaning to life.”

Ikigai is built around weighing up aspects of one’s life across passions, a mission in life, a profession and your vocation. The research suggests that this is in fact something everybody needs in life, with 60% suggestingn they have no “balance” in their existence.

On a more positive note, 53% of respondents said they believe we should work to make those around us happy, while 44% believe the purpose of life is to do as much good as possible.

On the topic of Ikigai, author Erin Niimi Longhurst said that the reason Japanese culture and traditions like this one are uniquely special is because they have the potential to lead to great enlightenment. “Ikigai is that element in our lives that provides a delicious richness,” said Longhurst, “and those who discover their Ikigai have everything they need for a happy journey through life.”

Longhurst is working with Yakult to encourage the nation to discover “what they love, what they are good at and what the world needs from them.” The aim is to help strike the right balance and live a long, healthy and happy life.




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