IFA: Progress made in beef row talks

Falling prices paid to beef farmers is what has led to the current dispute

The bitter dispute between beef farmers and the meat industry has cooled somewhat, following talks between all parties that were concluded last night with tentative progress made in certain areas.



13 August 2019 | 0

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Talks in the beef dispute that has seen disgtruntled farmers blockading meat processing plants demanding fairer prices be paid were adjourned late last night, with the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed, T.D. noting that tenatative progress had been made.

After 12 hours of talks at Backweston in Dublin, talks concluded, having made progress on topics such as market transparency and the introduction of a price index.

There was also a commitment made to look at the market specifications that impact on price. The IFA said that talks would be expected to re-convene on Thursday or early next week.

In a statement, Creed thanked all of the talks’ participants, and also Mr. Michael Dowling for independently chairing the discussions, and urged continued constructive dialogue in the coming days.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming August issue of ShelfLife for Dan White’s analysis of the causes and implications of the dispute.



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