Weather proving a major boost for retailers

The arrival of hot weather has spelled good news for retailers with increased sales
The arrival of hot weather has spelled good news for retailers with increased sales

Soaring temperatures improve consumer spending



12 July 2013

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The recent spell of good weather has provided a much-needed boost to retailers as customers flock to the shops to stock up. Retailers have been boosting their revenues by stocking up on salads, sun cream, barbecue essentials and summer drinks.

Retail Excellence Ireland chief executive David Fitzsimons said food stores, garden and DIY centres, shoe shops and clothes stores were the biggest winners by far, cashing in on bumper sales of summer goods. "Initially people don’t shop; they are too busy out enjoying the sun. But as the good weather continues, people start planning barbecues, buying summer clothes, stocking up on sun cream etc."

SuperValu has a 90% increase in ice cream sales since Sunday, with sales projected to increase by 150% in the coming days. It said barbecue meat orders were up 300% this week, while the sale of burger buns has more than doubled.

Woodies DIY also reported increased sales, with more than 8,000 bags of charcoal and 3,500 instant barbecues flying off the stores” shelves last week. The blue skies and hot sun also brought good news for Dingle-based artisan food company Murphy’s Ice Cream. Director Kieran Murphy said sales have soared along with temperatures. "I’d say our sales are 30% higher this week than they were the same time last year. June was also very good for us. Sales were probably 20% higher than last year."

Eamonn McKeon, chief executive of the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation, said the heat-wave would boost the economy by an additional €1 million every day the sun is out. "I’m not an economic forecaster and it’s very difficult to quantify the monetary boost to the economy for every day of sunshine, but I’d say it will bring an additional €1 million a day, at least." He said the weather would give tourists a very good view of Ireland which would hopefully have a beneficial result. "Visitors to Ireland will go back home with very good stories and experiences as a result of all the good weather. Hopefully they will tell all their friends and family who will then want to visit."

He added that, as well as boosting sales of cold drinks, sun cream and after-sun, the weather would also be good for businesses at seaside resorts. "The likes of Killarney will always be busy as a tourist hotspot. The sunny weather however brings money to the lesser known resorts such as Rosses Point and Strandhill in Sligo." "The good weather boosts consumer confidence and when people’s confidence is higher they spend more and get out more," he added.



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