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Magnum Infinity Chocolate & Caramel is made from a rare source of Tanzanian cocoa and contains chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl covered in chocolate coated with cocoa nibs
Magnum Infinity Chocolate & Caramel is made from a rare source of Tanzanian cocoa and contains chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl covered in chocolate coated with cocoa nibs

Rain or shine, Irish consumers remain dedicated ice cream fans. So much so, that per capita we are the third largest consumer of the frozen dessert in Europe


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12 April 2012

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At a glance: ICE CREAM

  • Dale Farm has added several new products to its ice cream range this year; including New Dale Farm Strawberry Royale, Dale Farm Mini Treats, Cadbury’s Nuts about Caramel, Mars 4 +2 free multipack and the Rolo Cone
  • Donegal based company, Irish Cone and Wafer, was founded in 1944 and is the oldest and largest manufacturer of cone and wafer products in Ireland
  • In terms of value sales, Häagen-Dazs has achieved +12.1% growth in the latest 52 weeks (Source: AC Nielsen, Mults excl. Dunnes, 52 weeks to Jan 2012)
  • Now in its 21st year, Dairyglen is a long established Irish supplier and claims to have the expertise to make a Smooch installation run smooothly for retailers, from the initial site survey right through to staff training
  • Angelito claims its Ice Cream Mix produces the highest number of cones per pack, offering retailers yield profit margins in excess of 75+%
  • Magnum has maintained its number one position with 56% market share in the adult premium ice cream brand sector (Source: AC Nielson Value Sales MAT TY 27 March 2012)
  • Ben & Jerry’s leads the super premium ice cream sector with a 65.1% market share (Source: AC Nielsen)
Ireland ranks third in Europe as the biggest consumer of ice cream, and despite the recession, consumers continue to spend on frozen indulgences. In fact, Kantar statistics show that in 2010, ice cream had a retail market value worth €75.8 million. Eimear O’Donnell of Bord Bia’s Small Business Team, wrote that in 2010, the ice cream sector had been adversely affected by the recession with average prices almost 10% lower as a result of heavy promotional activity in the market. However, the positive news stemming from this was that promotions did manage to successfully boost volumes by 8%. This illustrates that while consumers are increasingly demanding value-for-money, they are still keen not to forego their favourite ice cream treats. 

Multipacks (for adults and children) and standard line segments both grew in value and volume in 2009 while premium and super premium segments declined. Premium and super premium segments had a combined value of €14 million, with sales of premium 3% lower in 2009 while the value of super premium sales was 10% lower, according to O’Donnell.
Despite the increasingly competitive market, strong market opportunities for Irish ice cream manufacturers remain. Overall, the ice cream category has a high market penetration at 89.2%. What’s more, it is regarded as an ‘affordable indulgence’ and fits with the increasing levels of home entertainment taking place. 

Pride of place in premium sector

Magnum is the number one adult premium ice cream brand in the impulse sector and the brand is known for its chocolate credentials and bringing pleasure to millions of consumers since 1989. It is a strong market leader maintaining its number one position year after year with 56% market share* in the adult premium ice cream brand sector. After years of successful innovation Magnum is now launching its new innovative range for 2012; Magnum Infinity.
Magnum Infinity

Magnum Infinity

Magnum Infinity forms a premium variant within the iconic Magnum range. It will provide a high quality offering and presents such an intoxicating and intense chocolate experience that the sensation stays with you even after you have finished it, giving Magnum’s longest lasting pleasure yet.
Magnum Infinity Chocolate & Caramel is available for both in home and out of home (RRP €3.65). It is made from a rare source of Tanzanian cocoa** and contains chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl covered in chocolate coated with cocoa nibs. 
The packaging of Magnum Infinity is true to the Magnum style and will demonstrate the new captivating Infinity logo, as well as the indulgent ice cream inside. 
The launch of Magnum Infinity will be supported by Magnum’s biggest ever marketing communication plan, whi
ch includes a TV campaign airing from April complimented by outdoor, cinema and Magnum’s most innovative in-store activity yet.
*(Source: AC Nielson Value Sales MAT TY 27 March 2012)
**(80% of the cocoa mass comes from Tanzania)
Ben & Jerry’s has launched a brand new premium tier; Ben & Jerry’s Core with a RRP of E5.99

Ben & Jerry’s has launched a brand new premium tier; Ben & Jerry’s Core with a RRP of E5.99

A core following

Ben & Jerry’s, the leader of the luxury ice cream herd with 65.1% market share (Source: AC Nielsen) of the super premium ice cream sector, is launching a brand new premium tier; Ben & Jerry’s Core. 
The new range comprises three flavour combinations; Karamel Sutra, Dough-ble Whammy and Berry White, with a recommended retail price of €5.99.
A unique innovation in the Irish ice cream market, Ben and Jerry’s Core enables consumers to tailor their ice cream experience. Each of the three Ben and Jerry’s Core variants has a soft core of sauce; chocolate truffle, chocolate fudge, or rich caramel, which is surrounded with a pairing of two Fairtrade ice creams for an intense combination that lets consumers
 customise each spoonful.
The brand states that research results when Karamel Sutra was tested against top performing luxury ice creams were unprecedented – it outperformed them in overall opinion, taste and quality.
The launch is being supported with Ben & Jerry’s biggest media spend ever – €900,000, which includes TV, cinema, digital and experiential advertising.

Putting the ooh! in soft serve ice cream

“People just love it, especially kids, they really seem to relate to it.” That was the verdict of one retailer on Smooch ice cream, when surveyed by Islandbridge Brand Development for Dairyglen. 
“My customers love the choice and the creamy taste” was another comment. Smooch believes this is indeed exactly what Smooch is about; choice and its creamy real dairy ice cream. Retailers no longer have to be restricted to the ever popular ‘99’ but instead can now use their whipped ice cream machine to make ‘smooches’ (ice cream blended with a choice of ingredients from smarties to ferrero rocher) ‘sundaes’ and ‘milkshakes’. 
Chocolate bar milkshakes (‘shakebar’) have proved to be a real favourite; introduced to the menu in 2011 they are in constant demand in every Smooch installation. They offer customers the choice of blending their favourite chocolate bar, ‘Kinder Bueno, Oreo etc. with real dairy ice cream and fresh milk. 
Lola loves a smooch

Lola loves a smooch

Smooch states that shakes are unaffected by summer seasonality and can extend the ice cream season right through the winter.
Now in its 21st year, Dairyglen is a long established Irish supplier with all the expertise to make your Smooch installation run smoothly from the initial site survey right through to your staff training. This of course is only the start: Smooch’s customer care team (located in the Dublin and Cork offices) pledge to keep retailers fully supported and supplied with weekly deliverables of consumables from its high visibility branded cups to the signature real dairy ice cream that’s at the heart of its offering.
For more information, call 01 286 5000 or visit

A one stop shop for ice cream

Dale Farm believes retailers looking for an ice cream solution which will drive incremental sales should look no further than its offering. With an unrivalled range of brands and products, Dale Farm is now supplying Mars (Mars, Snickers, Twix), Cadbury’s (Dairy Milk, Crunchie Blast, Flake Cone), Nestlé (Fruit screamers & Smarties) as well as its own Dale Farm ice creams (Ice Break, Vanilla Cup, Choc Ice).
Dale Farm’s ice cream offering gives retailers the opportunity to choose from a range that will suit every customer’s tastes. Understanding the importance of giving retailers solutions that suit their store size and customer profile, as well as a large range of take home and impulse products to choose from, Dale Farm has a wide selection of freezers which are available free on loan.

In support of the new season’s launch, trial of the products and ultimately sales for retail partners, Dale Farm will be supporting the new ice cream products this year with a heavyweight marketing campaign incorporating TV advertising, PR support and eye-catching point of sale communications.
New to the range this year are Dale Farm Strawberry Royale, a take home one litre strawberry and vanilla ice cream family share cake; Dale Farm Mini Treats, individual dessert cups with vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel sauce and topped with honeycomb and toffee pieces; Cadbury’s Nuts about Caramel, Mars 4 +2 free multipack and the Rolo Cone.
Retailers interested in finding out more about Dale Farm’s ice cream offering should visit or contact Sean Conacur on 0862554594.
Irish Cone and Wafers provides the Superb Cones brand

Irish Cone and Wafers provides the Superb Cones brand

Ice cream’s perfect partners

Ireland’s love of ice cream is renowned the world over and even in spite of our temperate climate and some of the worst summers on record in recent years we remain one of the largest consumers of the product in the world. And the Irish consumer loves nothing better than to eat their ice cream from cones or sandwiched between wafers. With the warmer weather and brighter evenings upon us, it is the ideal time to stock up on your cone and wafer products to capitalise on this sales opportunity.


For its part, Donegal based company, Irish Cone and Wafer, has had a long affiliation with Ireland’s ice cream consumers, dating back to 1944 when the company was founded. Located at Gweedore in North Donegal, the company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of cone and wafer products in Ireland. It employs 22 people at its manufacturing facility where it produces a wide range of products under the Cool Wafers, Cups and Cones branding in addition to its Mega Chunky and Wrapped Wafers brands. The company also offers bulk catering cones under the Superb Cones brand to retailers and ice cream vendors who operate ice cream machines. In addition to very eye-catching pack designs the company has a wide range of point of sale units and stands on which to display their products.
The company uses Largo Foods to handle its sales and distribution activities. Irish Cone and Wafer products are available by contacting Largo Foods on 01 8350611. 
Angelito Ice Cream Mix offers retailers yield profit margins in excess of 75+%

Angelito Ice Cream Mix offers retailers yield profit margins in excess of 75+%

A favourite big softy

To celebrate 40 years of treasured consumer heritage, Angelito Ice Cream Mix is launching brand new packaging. Still the same great dairy product, with its creamy taste, Angelito advises retailers that now is the time to stock up on Ireland’s favourite soft ice cream.
Angelito Ice Cream Mix produces the highest number of cones per pack, offering retailers yield profit margins in excess of 75+%.
As its sole distributor in Ireland, Martin Food Equipment offers strong customer support and is offering free POS for Angelito ice cream users. The mix is also recommended by Carpigiani, the leading manufacturer of soft ice cream machines, a further testament to the high quality of Angelito Ice Cream Mix.
The soft ice cream profit picture paints an attractive offer, with one case of Angelito Ice Cream Mix (12 x 1 litre), producing 140 cones of ice cream, amounting to a profit of €137. For an operator using 10 cases of Angelito Ice Cream Mix over a 25 week period, this amounts to profit opportunities of over €34,250.*
To increase your ice cream profits, call Martin Food Equipment for your Angelito Ice Cream Mix and free POS.
*Figures shown are based on regular cones selling at €1.50 x 140 per 12 litre, is net of 23% VAT and takes out approximate costs of wafer, cone and electricity.

Luxurious choice with premium appeal

Since 1961, Häagen-Dazs believes its ice cream has been synonymous with the finest, hand-selected ingredients and superior quality. 
Häagen-Dazs is available in a wide range of flavours and has achieved strong growth in the Irish market, with value sales rising by +12.1% growth in the latest 52 weeks, within the luxury ice cream segment. (Source: AC Nielsen, Mults excl. Dunnes, 52 weeks to Jan 2012)
Häagen-Dazs has recently updated its packaging, giving it a fresh and modern look. The brand has also introduced a number of recent launches. These include Häagen-Dazs Secret Sensations. This is an indulgent ice cream dessert with a soft heart of sauce in the centre. It is available in two flavours. Namely, Chocolate Fondant; a chocolate ice cream with small and soft brownie pieces and a rich chocolate sauce centre. The second flavour is Crème Brulee; an indulgent crème brulee ice cream with small and crunchy caramel pieces with a smooth caramel sauce centre. Secret Sensations is a special treat for consumers’ most indulgent moments. An integrated marketing campaign and sampling programme will support the launch.
Another new product launch is Mint Leaves & Chocolate, which is the newest addition to the Häagen-Dazs 500ml range. This is a mint ice cream infused with real mint leaves and indulgent chocolate fudge pieces. 

The ultimate in catering solutions

The JustOne Mini is the height of stylish napkin dispensers, says Stephen Wright, trade marketing manager for the Lotus Professional brand. Offering 360° access, customers can grab their napkins from any angle, thanks to its user friendly vertical presentation. Available in silver, grey or fuchsia, retailers can select theirs to colour co-ordinate the dispenser to your establishment. 
Not only is the JustOne Mini available in three colours, it can be branded to the retailer’s requirements. Whether you want to communicate at point of sale, or ensure you brand is consistently visible to your customers. The JustOne Mini allows you to communicate freely, making your napkin dispensers unique for that personal touch. 
What’s more, dispensing napkins from the top means that not only is each dispenser easy to access, it can be placed anywhere, saving space. The JustOne Mini has also been specially designed to ensure that users only take one napkin at once, allowing them to take as many as they need, without the frustration of napkins getting stuck in the dispenser. This reduces waste as traditionally unwanted napkins have found themselves by the side of the dispenser, or even on the floor. By using a JustOne Mini, the risk of littering is minimised during busy periods.
For more information about the JustOne napkin range or any other Lotus Professional products, call 0114 2856666, or visit

Q&A with… 


Ciara Moore, marketing manager, Ice Cream, Unilever

How has Unilever strived to drive sales and offer value for money within the overall ice cream category? 
We are continuing to offer the consumer greater choice and value for money; whether it’s impulse or take home ice cream. We are very conscious of the current economic climate and how consumers are looking for value more than ever. With this in mind, in the take home ice cream market, we have recently launched our HB soft scoop 1.8 litre (RRP €2.79) offering consumers branded value in a larger format tub within standard ice cream. 
We still offer great value for money in the impulse category and have just completed a €1 promotion on our new Cornetto Enigma Cookie which was very successful.
New product development continues to drive growth, is there anything new in your offering this year? 
HB are extremely proud of the fantastic range of ice creams that we bring to the market from classic favourites such as Brunch and Ice Berger to global brands like Magnum and Cornetto. 2012 is all about innovation at HB with the launch of some exciting new products to both the in home and out of home market.
We’ve something for everyone from Magnum Infinity – the ultimate indulgence for any chocolate lover in both impulse and multipack format – to the irresistible Cornetto Enigma Cookie, an extension to our premium Cornetto tier.
For kids and families we have Push up with Hairbo and in multipacks Twister 3D and Adventure mix. For the fruit ice fans there is a range extension in Solero to include the new Pineapple variety with juicy pieces of pineapple and with only 60 calories – sure to be a winner. 
We’re also landing the biggest innovation to Ben and Jerrys range to date – the Core – three new euphoric flavours which include Karamel Sutra, Dough-ble Whammy and Berry White. Not forgetting our classics range, we have two new flavour rotations Oh My Apple Pie and Vermonster (voted back by public demand through a Facebook forum). So once again HB looks forward to driving the ice cream category in 2012 .
What will your consumer marketing campaign involve throughout 2012?
Last year’s Random acts of Happiness was a roaring success however this year’s campaign is all about bringing it back to basics, heroing both our local jewels like Brunch and Ice Berger with global brands like Magnum and Cornetto to showcase the wide portfolio that HB can offer the consumer. 
We know that the expectation of summer can sometimes be more powerful than the reality. For this season we have created a campaign that will kick-start summer that is both clear and product focused which also plays on our cheeky Irish humour! We are really excited about this year’s campaign which is primarily marketed through outdoor via bus rears, Luas domination and also radio and press. So hopefully you will “Love the taste of Irish Summers” with HB! 


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