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With 40% of ice-cream sales taking place in forecourts, the retail trade is ripe for exploiting this category with all manner of soft serve and take home options available. Take home ice-cream accounts for 70% of the total market so it’s important to have the latest products in stock and innovations on site before the summer rush


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25 April 2023

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The Irish ice-cream market is worth more than €150 million, according to Nielsen. Now 30% of ice-cream sales are impulse buys so opportunities abound for retailers as we prepare for warmer weather ahead.  Nielsen has also found that take-home ice-cream currently accounts for 70% of the total ice-cream market in Ireland, while symbol groups and forecourts account for 40% of total ice-cream sales across the country.

Many of the ice-cream suppliers will provide staff training, in-store marketing activations and machine maintenance as part of their contracts. Bluetooth technology allows them to access, monitor and control all their machines remotely so you can be sure that you won’t have to disappoint customers with an ‘out-of order’ machine during a busy summer weekend.

Here we look at some of  the latest products and developments in the ice-cream category.

Award-winning, zero-hassle option!

Dairyglen manages everything from fit-out and install, to maintaining, servicing and cleaning your machine

It’s been a successful few months for Dairyglen, after being shortlisted as finalists in not one but two categories and its exclusive ice-cream parlour concept Smooch has been named the official winner of the Food & Drink category 2023.

“We’re thrilled to win the best Food & Drink Award this year and want to say a big thank you to all the fantastic retailers who have partnered with us over the last 30 years,” says director Philip Delaney.

Smooch is a zero-hassle ice-cream concept designed to help retailers make money without any cleaning, maintenance or marketing concerns. Rooted in smart Bluetooth technology that allows the brand to access, monitor and control all their machines remotely – this system has established the brand as the number one choice for retailers and consumers alike who travel specifically for a treat they can trust.

Dairyglen manages everything from fit-out and install, to maintaining, servicing and cleaning your machine. An intensive training programme is provided bespoke to your store and the needs of your staff, alongside continual marketing supports all year round with seasonal flavours, in-store marketing activations and influencer sponsorships. Working closely with some of Ireland’s most prestigious retailers, Smooch is recognised as the leading solutions-driven ice-cream and milkshake concept in the market. Each parlour is implemented with portion-specific operational training and top-class technology that ensure your store is exceeding expectation.

Now the longest standing Irish ice-cream concession brand in the market, Smooch has hefty expansion plans in place for 2023 with continued focus on product and machine innovation to enhance its offerings to consumers.

To install a Smooch ice-cream concept in your store or for more information on current price plans, contact

Satisfying golden treat

Cadbury Caramilk ice-cream is available in two formats as a stick and in a tub

Following the successful launch of the Cadbury Caramilk chocolate bar back in 2021, Cadbury has announced the launch of the Cadbury Caramilk ice-cream, available in two formats as a stick and in a tub.

Available in supermarkets and convenience stores since March, the Cadbury Caramilk ice- cream range marks the latest launch from Cadbury ice-cream, which already includes household favourites such as Cadbury Dairy Milk sticks and the most recent launch of Cadbury Darkmilk.

The Cadbury Caramilk ice-cream stick includes a velvety smooth centre, coated in a golden blend of flavoured white chocolate made from real Cadbury Caramilk. Whilst the Cadbury Caramilk ice-cream tub contains a creamy vanilla ice-cream with a golden caramel chocolate centre and chunks of Caramilk chocolate swirled through.

The satisfying golden treat launches ahead of Easter and is sure to become a favourite flavour for the whole family.

Cadbury Caramilk will be sold as part of the sticks and tubs range, available in all major retailers in Ireland. RRP Caramilk ice-cream sticks €5.25 (pack of 4) RRP Caramilk Tub €5.25

Innovative luxury

Ben & Jerry’s is Ireland’s number one luxury ice-cream brand

Ben & Jerry’s, Ireland’s number on luxury ice-cream brand, is bringing even more to its hugely successful sundaes range with three exciting new flavours. First up is Dulce De-lish a caramel delight in every bite. Think salted caramel ice-cream with chunks of caramel bar and caramel swirls topped with chocolate whipped ice-cream, caramel swirls, and chocolatey chunks. This sundae-in-a-tub has it all, just BYO cherry.

The second new flavour is Choco-lotta Cheesecake, if chocolate cheesecake is the name of your game, this all-in-one sundae in a tub is about to be your next favourite! Think chocolatey chunks and chocolatey cookie swirls topped with chocolate whipped ice-cream and even more swirls and chunks.

The third addition to the range is for all the dairy free ice-cream lovers out there, non-dairy Caramel Café. The perfect ice-cream to quench and coffee cravings this flavour has delicious caramel coffee non-dairy ice-cream with caramel cookies, marshmallow swirls topped with soft whipped ice-cream.

All three new flavours are available in 427ml tubs across grocery, wholesale and convenience.

Put the Zing into responsibility

New Twister Zingerrr is a combination of three flavours: sour lemon, sweet green apple, and blueberry all braided into a fun shape

Family favourite Twister has launched Twister Fruit Zingerrr, its first-ever sweet and sour ice lolly. New Twister Zingerrr is a combination of three flavours: sour lemon, sweet green apple, and blueberry all braided into a fun shape. Made with real fruit juice, it contains no artificial flavours or colourings so Twister Zingerrr is a fun treat without compromising on nutritional values. At 65 kcal per portion, Twister Zingerrr is designed in line with the company’s Responsibly Made for Kids promise.

Twister Fruit Zingerrr is part of HB’s non-HFSS line up for children. It bears the ‘Responsibly Made for Kids’ logo, signalling the brand’s commitment “to offer permissible treats and empower parents and caregivers to make better choices that also bring happiness, joy and excitement to kids”. This includes never actively targeting under-18s and never using licensed characters. It is available in a multipack of four and as a single across grocery, wholesale and convenience.

Shift to recyclable paper tubs

Carte D’or’s new packaging will see the brand use 93% less plastic per tub

Carte D’Or is to drop most of the plastic from its four-strong ice-cream range, shifting to recyclable paper tubs and lids.

Available this year, the new packaging will see the brand use 93% less plastic per tub. The switch will “appeal to the growing number of shoppers seeking more sustainable products,” says Carte D’Or owner Unilever.

The brand has also refreshed its pack design, adding a QR code that directs shoppers to a website where they can learn where Carte D’Or’s key ingredients come from, their flavour credentials and more about sustainable sourcing.

The range will consist of four flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry and Salted Caramel along with a light nHFSS Vanilla ice-cream with 30% less fat*. It is available in 900ml tubs across grocery, wholesale and convenience.

*(Than similar ice-cream products)

Ultimate summer treats

Magnum ice-cream, Ireland’s number one ice-cream brand, has introduced the ultimate summer treats – Magnum Double Sunlover and Magnum Double Starchaser.  Bite into the thick cracking chocolate with crunchy pieces of deliciousness, through to new luscious sauce and velvety ice-creams, for a multi-sensorial experience of pure indulgence. These exciting new flavour combinations bring alive two contrasting worlds inspired by unforgettable summer day and night moments to remind the world that world that Pleasure Is Always On.

Magnum Double Sunlover provides a refreshing treat for a hot summer day with coconut ice-cream, paired with a tangy mango and passionfruit ice-cream swirl. With a sumptuous layer of mango and passionfruit sauce, Magnum Double Sunlover is encased in white cracking chocolate combined with crispy coconut pieces.

Discover the ultimate late-night summer treat with Magnum Double Starchaser, featuring a double swirled indulgent popcorn flavour ice-cream and caramel ice-cream, encased in a gooey caramel sauce, and coated in cracking milk chocolate with crunchy caramelised corn pieces.

Expertly crafted over 34 years from a fine selection of indulgent, premium quality ingredients, they have created a signature cracking chocolate that envelops each Magnum Double, using carefully selected and sustainably sourced cocoa beans, certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Magnum believes a day without pleasure is a day lost, and that everyone should be able to pursue what brings them pleasure, whatever this may be.  This summer, Pleasure Is Always On, as Magnum invites pleasure seekers to stimulate their senses and indulge in the taste of iconic summer moments at any time; day or night.

Magnum Double Starchaser and Double Sunlover are available in a multipack of three and as a single across grocery, wholesale and convenience.

Coolest recipe for success

Martin Food Equipment offers the latest soft ice-cream innovations with a combination of Carpigiani ice-cream machines, the Angelito ice-cream mix and Blizz toppings and treats

Ice-cream experts, Martin Food Equipment have for over 30 years, offered the latest soft ice-cream innovations with a superb combination of world leading Carpigiani ice-cream machines, Ireland’s favourite ice-cream mix, Angelito and Blizz toppings and treats.  Truly a recipe for success!

Martin Food Equipment’s purpose-built Carpigiani Sundae School & Gelato University is fully equipped and along with their ice-cream and gelato team, present on trend ice-cream, gelato and treats category, showcasing what’s new and exciting in fresh new profit concepts.  Supported with custom design, on-site retailer staff training as well as nationwide backup service team, Martin Food Equipment’s total solution offer covers everything needed to implement ice-cream success.  Given current consumer demand and growing interest in this category, there’s never been a better time to offer a year-round soft ice-cream menu with tempting tubs, scrumptious sundaes, milkshakes, and hot and cold desserts in retail to go.

Angelito ice-cream mix yields the highest cones per litre

Compact in size, big in profit making capabilities, Carpigiani machines are available to buy new, used or on rental contract as Martin Food Equipment makes it simpler to create new competitive advantage and profit sources for your business.  Partnered with Angelito ice-cream mix, which yields the highest cones per litre and Blizz range of syrups, toppings, and inclusions, for an exciting menu to maximise soft ice-cream sales and keep customers coming back for more.

For insights into what’s new, creative menu ideas and taste, see, learn how to increase ice-cream sales for your unique business, contact Martin Food Equipment on 042 9330366.




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