The Jelly Bean Factory to produce 2.5 billion jelly beans in Dublin this year

The Jelly Bean Factory. Image via Fennell Photography 2022

Factory has experienced major growth following its acquisition by the Cloetta confectionery group


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14 March 2023

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Irish gourmet jelly bean brand, the Jelly Bean Factory, is set to meet a major milestone this year, producing a record-breaking 2.5 billion jelly beans in its Dublin factory.

The Jelly Bean Factory has experienced major growth following its acquisition by the Cloetta confectionery group, which has seen the brand expand its footprint in international markets. This year will see The Jelly Bean Factory mark its 25th year in business and create a record-breaking number of jelly beans in response to the increased demand for its product.

Established in 1998 by father and son Richard and Peter Cullen, The Jelly Bean Factory was acquired by the Cloetta confectionery group in 2014. Following the success of the brand in recent years, the Cloetta group placed a focus on refreshing the branding and introducing new flavours to its portfolio. These increased efforts have paid dividends in increasing the brand’s international presence which has seen The Jelly Bean Factory significantly strengthen its position in over 60 markets across the globe.

“With the changing diets and lifestyles of consumers, confectioners have seen an increased demand for brands that are natural and free from ‘nasties’, such as gluten, lactose, and gelatine,” said senior market manager for Cloetta, Berend-Jan van Egmond.

“Another major trend in food and confectionery post-Covid, is that consumers are increasingly looking for adventurous flavours and multi-sensory eating experiences. The Jelly Bean Factory ticks all the boxes, without compromising on flavour, when it comes to meeting this demand. The Jelly Bean Factory specialises in offering a gourmet flavour experience, and this has played a key role in the expansion of the brand into new markets.

“We have always taken the taste and naturalness of our jelly beans seriously. With 36 gourmet flavours in the range, jelly beans from the Jelly Bean Factory are, crafted with natural flavours and plant-based colours, positioning them as a premium gourmet confectionery product that is all about the flavour.”



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