Tesco Ireland launches ‘52 Weeks of Little Helps’ to ease mealtime stress

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According to Tesco research, ‘What’s for dinner?’ is the most common food-related question parents hear from their kids



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12 June 2024

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New research* from Tesco Ireland has found ‘What’s for dinner? is the most frequent food related question parents get asked at mealtimes (40%), followed by ‘can I have a treat?’ (23%) and ‘can I have ketchup with mine?’ 

Tesco has launched 52 Weeks of Little Helps, a campaign that will see a new recipe launch each week for a whole year, to help home cooks expand their repertoire of dishes. Each recipe is created for families, friends or housemates who want to create convenient meals, using simple quality ingredients. 

Other questions that parents hear most frequently throughout the day include the classic ‘why…?’ (33%), ‘where’s my…?’ (29%) and ‘do I have to go to school?’(13%). 

Unlikely choices

That natural curiosity seems to extend to food choices too, as survey respondents revealed some of their children’s strangest food combinations. The majority (90%) said they encourage their kids to experiment with new foods, but many have taken ‘experiment’ to a whole new level. Some of the strange food combos parents have said their children love to eat include pasta with milk and sugar, Babybel and strawberry jam sandwiches, peas with strawberry yoghourt, watermelon with ketchup, doughnuts with ketchup and apple with, you guessed it, ketchup. 

Outside of these eclectic culinary combos, when asked what some of the funniest food quirks their kids have when it comes to food, parents said things like not wanting different foods to be touching, saying ‘I don’t like it’ then proceeding to eat everything on their plate, eating chips but not mash as they claim to be ‘allergic’ to potatoes, melting cheese onto a plate instead of directly on to a burger, and eating butter straight from the tub.  

Even though 9% of survey respondents said the most frequent question they hear is ‘can I eat dinner in front of the TV?’, 60% said their family eats at the table all together at dinner time. They may have the ‘where’ down, but it looks like kids and parents don’t always agree on ‘what’ to eat, with 29% of respondents saying they have to make separate meals for themselves and their partner versus their kids. 

With a new recipe launching every week including speedy breakfasts, healthy lunches, sumptuous dinners and even snacks, 52 Weeks of Little Helps will give you everything you need to please every member of the family in a jiffy. 

With only 30% of respondents saying their kids help with meal prep, 52 Weeks of Little Helps is the perfect way to get the family together and whip up a delicious dish with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and simple, quality ingredients. 

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