Tesco Ireland Community Fund donates €120,000 to local causes 

Kari Daniels, CEO, Tesco Ireland, said she was “really pleased” with the performance of the business during the Christmas season

Over 450 community-based projects providing supports for mental health, victims of domestic abuse, homelessness, food poverty, family resource centres and children’s outreach groups in the community to benefit


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29 May 2020

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Tesco Ireland has announced it will dedicate the fourth round of its Community Fund in 2020 to support those most in need due to Covid-19.

The company is donating €120,000 to hundreds of local causes based in communities throughout Ireland. In total, 453 community-based projects which provide mental health support services, supports for victims of domestic abuse, the homeless, and people experiencing food poverty, are among those who will benefit.

Launching the donations, Kari Daniels, CEO, Tesco Ireland said the retailer wanted to continue to support those most impacted “as the impact of Covid-19 runs deep into our communities”.

“At a time when charitable revenues are experiencing a downturn,” Daniels said, “we hope that dedicating a second round of our €120,000 Community Fund will help these good causes to continue to provide their invaluable services to those who need it most in our communities”.

Tomás Sercovich, CEO, Business in the Community Ireland, welcomed the fund, stating it was delivering help when its needed most.

“Whilst we are aware of the short-term impact Covid-19 is having on society at present, the longer-term effect on those most at risk such as people with mental health concerns, suffering from domestic violence, experiencing food poverty or homelessness is likely to be acute,” Sercovich said.

“Community groups nationwide representing those most impacted by Covid-19 are currently experiencing an increasing demand for their services alongside a decline in their fundraising income, so strategic support from initiatives like the Tesco Community Fund provides much needed help now when its needed most,” he added.

The Community Fund donations are one of a series of measures that Tesco reports it has implemented to help those in need. In late March, the company provided over €270,000 in Community Fund donations; including three special donations of €50,000 each to national charities Alone, Age Action and Family Carers Ireland.

Launched in July 2014, the Tesco Community Fund supports local causes in the communities around its 151 stores throughout Ireland. Every eight weeks, each Tesco store donates up to €1,000 (€500 in smaller stores) between three local causes and charities in its community. To date, the Community Fund has helped over 16,750 local projects by donating over €4.7 million in total.




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