Tenderstem and top chef Malte Half join forces to inspire with vegetarian delights

New collaboration with renowned chef and Glas is part of the "Tenderstem: Broccoli but Better" campaign, which is backed by Global Fresh Exotic (GFE), the Meath-based company that holds the license for Tenderstem in Ireland


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25 January 2024

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For those cutomers looking to raise their veggie game in 2024, Tenderstem, broccoli’s tastier cousin, is here to help!

In an exciting collaboration, Tenderstem, the versatile and vibrant vegetable, is teaming up with Michelin-recommended Glas restaurant, the innovative vegetarian and vegan dining haven in Dublin 2.

The partnership capitalises on the culinary expertise of Glas’s head chef, Malte Half, whose passion for experimenting with flavours and textures has inspired these wonderful new vegetarian dishes which celebrate the unique flavour and versatility of Tenderstem, the leggy brassica that stands head and shoulders above the rest. “It’s broccoli but better!”

Malte’s mouth-watering Tenderstem recipes include a stunning vegetarian Rillette, infused with cognac and herbs to pack a real flavour punch; a Tenderstem Fritter with notes of Nori seaweed and soy delivering an oriental twist, and a Polenta & Tenderstem Cake which Malte pairs with Tenderstem Ice-cream – a stunning combination, which simply must be tried to be believed!

Devoted plant-based chef Malte Half is originally from Germany, and has previously worked at prestigious establishments such as The Shelbourne, the Four Seasons, and The Marker Hotel.

Speaking at a recent event in Glas to launch his new recipes, Half said: “I’ve always enjoyed the sweet, slightly nutty flavour and crunchy texture of Tenderstem.  It’s been a staple in my cooking for many years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed experimenting and being a little more adventurous with this versatile veg whilst creating these new dishes. I’d encourage everyone to try these plant-based dishes, they’re packed with flavour and won’t disappoint!”

This collaboration with Malte and Glas is part of the “Tenderstem: Broccoli but Better” campaign, to increase awareness of Tenderstem in Ireland, backed by Global Fresh Exotic (GFE), the Meath-based company that holds the license for Tenderstem in Ireland, who are responsible for managing the supply chain and ensuring availability of Tenderstem across the retail and foodservice sector.

Explaining more about Tenderstem’s benefits, Richard Moore, managing director, Global Fresh Exotics, said: “Unlike regular broccoli, it’s incredibly versatile, offering delicious results when boiled, steamed, grilled, roasted, air-fried, or even eaten raw. With a quick cooking time, it retains more nutrients, making it a convenient and healthy addition to any meal.

“With licensed growers both here in Ireland and internationally, we can deliver a consistent high-quality product year-round, which we know is so important to our customers,” he added. “We are in the process of bringing even more local growers onboard to meet this increased demand.  If you haven’t tried Tenderstem as yet, you’re missing out! If you’re already a fan, check out the website for fantastic recipes, like Malte’s wonderful dishes and you’ll definitely be inspired!”

Tenderstem is now available from all major retailers throughout Ireland. 

Follow @tenderstemIreland on Instagram for a visual feast of Tenderstem creations and get ready to elevate your plate at home with Tenderstem – Broccoli but Better.



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