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With bright colours and joyful, novelty designs, sugar confectionery is naturally one of the most eye-catching categories in-store, and producers are capitalising on this with enticing RRPs and impactful display units. Don’t miss out on potential sales during the current times when many shoppers are looking for a little treat to brighten their own and their little ones’ day, by checking out the latest brand developments


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27 April 2021 | 0

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When it comes to products that consumers impulse buy, sugar confectionary is particularly tempting, especially amongst children. Even as we become more health conscious as a nation, the odd bit of confectionary remains an important part of the Irish diet. Euromonitor put the total value of sugar confectionery sales in Ireland at circa €180 million in 2020. It also highlighted more natural confections as a prevailing trend, as consumers look to reduce their sugar intake while still wanting to enjoy a treat. Price-marked packs reassure shoppers that they’re getting value-for-money and can also be a deciding factor in driving those all-important impulse purchases. Likewise, eye-catching point of sale stands create fantastic in-store theatre and can help a shop to stand out from nearby competitors.

Smiles all round!

Sonas Sweets 230g mix-up bags are great for sharing and on-the-go convenience

The word Sonas comes from the Irish word meaning happiness, and this confectionery range is sure to create smiles! Sonas Sweets have been developed and distributed by Ampersand which has been working within the confectionery area for the last few years. After seeing the demand in Ireland, Ampersand decided to create its own brand of sweets and launched Sonas Sweets, a quality range that is fully compliant, with vibrant packaging and gives a nod to its Irish heritage.

The Sonas Sweets range includes a €2 mix-up bag and €1 hanging bags which has now been extended to 23 different varieties since its launch. The range has all the favourites including jellies, sour sweets, bonbons, and liquorice pencils. The 100g hanging bags are a perfect treat-sized portion priced at €1. The 230g mix-up bags are great for sharing and on-the-go convenience, ideal for school bags or car journeys and as the bags can be resealed it means they don’t have to be eaten in one sitting.

Sonas Sweets 100g hanging bags are an ideal treat-sized portion priced at €1

Retailers and consumers can also be assured in these challenging times where hygiene, health and food safety are at the fore of people’s minds that Sonas Sweets are a premium quality offering and the highest standards of food safety and compliance with legislation have been ensured for the wellbeing of consumers. Sonas Sweets mix-ups are all hand-packed in a factory in double laminate bags with a re-sealable tab which are fully compliant with trace-ability and best-before-date along with strict controls and conditions carried out by staff throughout the production and packing processes.

Each sweet in the Sonas Sweets mix-ups has also been carefully selected in a tasting panel to ensure quality and to provide the consumer with the best selection of sweets in the offering and a bag of treats that will have something for everyone!

If you are interested in stocking Sonas Sweets, get in touch with Ampersand on 01 4130150 or email info@ampersandsales.ie or you can make contact via the website at www.ampersandsales.ie.

Number one hanging bag brand

Price-marked packs account for 90% of Squashies that are sold in symbols and independents

Squashies continues to be a huge success story for the business and is now the number one sugar confectionery hanging bag brand in the UK.

Drumstick Squashies original flavour has the highest rate of sale out of all £1 price-marked sugar confectionery packs, which according to the brand, makes it a must-stock hanging bag. The price-marked packs represent a key opportunity for convenience retailers as consumers look for price reassurance to ensure they are getting value for money. Price-marked packs account for 90% of Squashies that are sold in symbols and independents**.

For those customers seeking a single portion sweet treat for on-the-go consumption, the range is also available in 45g bags of the Original Raspberry & Milk, Sour Apple & Cherry and Bubblegum flavours.

Plenty of shopper enticemint!

Ferrero’s Tic Tac core range includes Lime & Orange, Cherry Cola Mixers, Fruit Adventure, Intense Mint and Fresh Mint flavours, catering for a host of different shopper tastes. With consumers increasingly looking for mint, fruit and extra-strong mint flavours, the Tic Tac range is a great way for retailers to unlock impulse purchases, especially as part of a wider shop.

The Fresh Mint flavour is arguably what Tic Tac is most recognised for, and the ever-present product is available alongside Intense Mint as part of the core range. Both of these products meet the growing demand for mint flavours and are available in T1 and T100 packs, with Fresh Mint also available in T200 format.

“Now more than ever, shoppers have a functional approach to their visits, and have a clear idea of the products they need before entering the store” says Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero UK and Ireland. “The mints category in general is impulsive, so product availability and popular brands are key in helping to capture shopper attention. By stocking our much-loved Tic Tac core range, retailers can enable shoppers to pick up something extra that can give them a little treat to enjoy later.”

In-store impact

Anthon Berg is the leading global manufacturer of chocolate liqueurs

With travel bans in place for many months now, we have been denied the pleasure of browsing in Duty-Free outlets. Most of the world’s leading brands share this space, and we all delight in spoiling ourselves or our loved ones with a special gift-purchase. Anthon Berg is the leading global manufacturer of chocolate liqueurs, and its products can be found in almost all Duty-Free locations. Shelton will launch these extra-special liqueurs in 2021, with several flavours, sizes and pack formats available for those indulgent moments.

Anthon Berg is the leading global manufacturer of chocolate liqueurs

With space at a premium in most stores, it is essential to derive the maximum return from expensive retail areas. While planograms can deliver an effective result, the modern consumer expects and now demands better quality, greater variety and choice selections, with a fast purchasing experience. Bespoke point-of-sale and easily merchandised solutions are highly effective in maximising space, provide physical and visual breaks in-store, and deliver higher margin sales. Shelton distributes several brands which offer retailers fantastic point-of-sale solutions, with high-margin potential.

“Tastefully Intense Mints” is how Barkleys describe its range of premium designed tins of breath-mints. Cinnamon, Ginger, Liquorice, Peppermint and Spearmint flavours comprise the range currently available in Ireland. Retailing at €2, and with counter-stands and floor-stands on call, Barkleys can fill a hole in your mint sales, while the tins are fully recyclable and re-sealable.

Cavendish & Harvey is the global brand-leader in its sector. The brand produces real fruit flavour hard candies in recyclable, re-sealable ‘Travel Tins’. The Irish range of 11 flavours includes Mixed Fruit Drops, Wild Berries, Multivitamin, and Tropical Mix, with the bestsellers now also available in sugar-free tins, for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. Distributor Shelton hopes to see soft-centred drops arrive later in 2021. With several types of POS available, and priced from €2.50, the Cavendish & Harvey range also includes Gift-Jars for everyday and seasonal gifting.

Pez dispensers are now collected by many famous people, with extremely rare dispensers changing hands for tens of thousands of dollars! 2021 will see a new collection from the movies, including Disney, Marvel Heroes, L.O.L Surprise, Masha & the Bear, and many more. Pez has several stands and point-of-sale aids available free-of charge, and the basic packs have a recommended retail price of €2. Pez Maxi-bags and gift packs are also now available, priced from €4.95.

Look-O-Look creates high quality and very special innovative novelties for the young and young at heart. Gifting and sharing packs were in great demand during 2020, and Look-O-Look’s Flower Candy Bouquet sold in increasingly large volumes, and especially through on-line sales. Watch out for the new Look-O-Look Trio-Packs, Candy Take-Away Pizzas and Candy Burgers. Look-O-Look hanging bags retail at €2, with 21 varieties and dedicated floor stands available free-of-charge.

Trolli’s Gummi Burger display can be merchandised in seconds, and offers 50grm of delicious Gummi Jelly Burger bites for great impulse purchases. The RRPs of €1or £1 are ideally priced for a one coin purchase. Trolli is developing a new range of 100g bags of Gourmet Jellies, which will launch a complete new re-brand of the company later this year – watch this space!

Walker’s Nonsuch Toffees are made with only the finest ingredients, using whole milk and butter. Walker’s launched its unique Double-Choc Toffees in 2020, and it has already become its bestseller in 2021. The creamy butter toffees are enrobed twice in a high quality milk chocolate to give an intense and full-flavour taste, and each piece is individually flow-wrapped to seal in that fabulous flavour. Recommended to retail at €2, and with dedicated floor stands. Traditional slabs of toffee, bulk and gift packs are also available from Shelton.

Contact the Shelton team at so@shelton.ie, and online at www.shelton.ie.




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