SuperValu honours excellence in food microbiology research in UCC

Ray Bowe, head of Food Safety & Quality at SuperValu presenting the 2016 SuperValu Award for Excellence in Food Microbiology  to Jayne Mullally at University College Cork

Award winner Jayne Mullally will be given €2,000 to continue her research



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5 July 2016

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The SuperValu Award for Excellence in Food Microbiology has been presented to Jayne Mullally at a ceremony in University College Cork (UCC).

The award, which is now in its third year, is an acknowledgement by SuperValu of the vital contribution UCC makes to primary food research.

Jayne Mullally finished top of her class in the Masters of Food Microbiology course. As part of her award, Mullally will be given €2,000, which will allow her to continue her research into bacteriophage isolation from food pathogens, including Campylobacter, which is currently the primary cause of food poisoning in Ireland.

Presenting the award, Ray Bowe, head of Food Safety & Quality at SuperValu, said the “importance of food microbiology in product safety is a cornerstone in the provision of safe food to all of our customers”.

Professor Gerald Fitzgerald, head of the School of Microbiology and director of the Food Microbiology Programme, pointed out its international credentials, noting,  “50% of those taking the class are students from foreign countries including China, India, Saudi Arabia and various EU countries”.

Fitzgerald was delighted with the SuperValu collaboration, stating: “Industry-academic collaborations are so important and add to the high quality training our graduates receive.”

In total, 90 PhD and MSc students are engaged in research at the School of Microbiology at UCC.



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