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No meal is complete without a sauce of one variety or another, and with constant innovation in the field it can be hard to keep up. So then, here goes with some of the most cutting-edge choices


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16 September 2019 | 0

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As the cool weather starts to set in, consumers’ attention turns to comfort food for those darker nights. In many cases, they need look no further than the myriad cooking sauces on the market for the beginnings of a hearty meal from any world cuisine you can think of. But with strong competition in the segment and constant innovation and soaring quality, it’s important for retailers to know where tastes and trends lie, so they’ll be ready with the selection those consumers are looking for.

With that in mind, we take a look at some of the most interesting offerings on the market right now.

From Italy to Cork

It has been 29 years since Yasmin Hyde first started making Ballymaloe Relish in her home in Co. Cork. Ballymaloe Foods has grown gradually over the years to become the producer of Ireland’s favourite relish but at its core there is still the same work ethic and attention to detail that has kept the quality of the food as the centre focus. The range now extends to over 13 products in Ireland, including the brand-new pasta sauce range.

The Ballymaloe Foods Pasta Sauce range is made with only the best ingredients and is gluten free. The range, which was recently voted Ireland’s mostrecommended pasta sauce* includes Bolognese, Italian Tomato, Spicy Tomato and Smoked Bacon and comes in both a 400g jar and a handy 180g stir-in pouch.

The bacon in the Smoked Bacon Pasta Sauce is from outdoor reared, rare breed Irish pigs which are then smoked by Darren Allen in Ballymaloe House. Ballymaloe Foods’ dedication to only using high quality natural ingredients really shines through with these pasta sauces and with the jam-packed flavour that the whole family will enjoy. They are also delicious on toast, a baked potato or even on homemade pizza!

The range is now stocked in good food shops and supermarkets nationwide.

*(Source: RedC Research & Marketing Ltd., 2019)

One magic announcement

Abrakebabra is an Irish fast-food institution with legions of loyal fans. Since 1982, Abrakebabra’s loaded fries have been something of a national treasure;
central to that adoration are the sauces – ‘Legendary Taco Sauce’ and ‘Famously Garlic Sauce’.

Now, Abrakebabra fans have gotten the news they have been waiting on for

a long time: Abrakebabra Magic Sauces have gone on sale in supermarkets so they can be enjoyed at home any time of the day or night. The Magic Sauce range, produced by Rich Sauces, is now listed in all SuperValu and Centra outlets nationwide, priced at just €2.50 each.

The release has been two years in the making, ever since Abrakebabra gifted limited-edition pots of its much-loved sauce to 2,000 fans. Now, after extensive product and packaging refinement and redesign, these two irresistible condiments are ready to be the star of the show at home too.

Meanwhile in stores, a whopping nine varieties of loaded fries are available, including new additions of Aussie Fries, Rodeo Fries, Katsu Fries and the new Ultimate Spice Box. Abrakebabra is now in 35 locations nationwide, across Dublin, Cork, Kildare and Waterford, and from Buncrana to Wexford to Antrim. To learn more, visit or the brand’s social pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jazz up meal times

For consumers on the lookout for cooking sauces a little bit different to the norm, Mama Nagi’s authentic and versatile sauces and pastes add a richness and a kick to the simplest of dishes. Whether it’s for marinating or stir-in, or as a simple salad dressing, the zesty flavours are satisfaction guaranteed.

Mama Nagi’s sauces are made with no artificial flavourings or additives, 100% vegetarian and vegan and made only with the finest fresh herbs and spices, ticking all the boxes for a healthier lifestyle when planning meals. An Irish homemade brand, Mama Nagi’s is the brand everyone is talking about.

Delicious with almost anything, Mama Nagi’s sauces combine flavour with varying degrees of heat. For a hot curry, there’s Hot Punjabi Chilli Paste, or for the milder palate there’s Keralan Coconut Chilli Paste. Finally, the most versatile of all three pastes and a must-have in every kitchen is the Bengali Sweet Chilli Paste, an irresistible aromatic eastern flavour that works perfectly with any dish and is so easy to use in pastas, pastes or even baguettes.

As for the stir-in sauces, the Exotic Coconut Cook-in Sauce is bursting with a combination of lime, ginger and chilli, while the Aromatic Fruity Tomato Cook-in Sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.

For something spicy in the stir-in segment, Hot Rich Tomato Cookin Sauce is the one. This spicy tomato sauce is great for curries and pasta dishes, or as a pizza topping for a simple and delicious meal. Finally, the delightful Spicy Sweet Mango Cook-in Sauce serves as a healthy alternative to usual sauces, containing fresh herbs, chilli and mango.

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