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Cuisine de France's Hi-Fibre range is the biggest product launch of the company's 2013 calendar
Cuisine de France's Hi-Fibre range is the biggest product launch of the company's 2013 calendar

Irish retail bakery sales have experienced solid growth in recent years, with a modest upward trajectory projected for the future. Fiona Donnellan reports.


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21 June 2013

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  • 43% of people say that they are more inclined towards freshly baked bread
  • Both the Irish and the UK retail markets are both set to expand in three to five years’ time, with Irish food retail growing at an average of 1% a year and UK food retail growing at an average 2.8% per year through 2014. The grocery retail industry in Ireland is expected to return to previous growth levels as the Irish economy recovers (Source: Bord Bia)
  • Retail value sales of bread and baked goods in the UK have jumped 33% to £3,513 million between 2006 and 2011.
  • Although it dominates the bakery sector, pre-packed bread recorded fairly flat (+0.2%) sales over 2010-11, partly reflecting consumers switching to alternative bakery goods. Within the sector, though, health-positioned loaves such as dietary and half and half breads enjoyed strong growth. (Source: Mintel)
  • The market for bakery and cereals in Ireland increased at a compound annual growth rate of 1.9% between 2004 and 2009. (Source: Datamonitor)
  • The bread and rolls category led the bakery and cereals market in Ireland, accounting for a share of 47.2%. (Source: Datamonitor)
  • More men than women eat bread, according to a new survey from Cuisine de France, which found that almost as many consumers would prefer the French baguette over the sliced pan.
  • The sliced pan is closely followed by the baguette, with 42% of adults saying it is their favourite type of bread.
  • Nine out of 10 people aged between 35 and 54 eat bread, and most bread is consumed in Munster, according to the survey.
  • Marginally more adults eat bread in urban than in rural areas, with an average of 16 slices of bread eaten each week.
  • The survey found that 85% of men and 77% of women eat bread and the white sliced pan is still most popular, with almost half of adults saying they buy it.
  • The survey found that single men eat 18.5 slices of bread each week compared with 11 slices for women. 
  • Retired adults eat 16.5 slices each week, according to the survey.
Cuisine de France's Hi-Fibre range is the biggest product launch of the company's 2013 calendar

Cuisine de France’s Hi-Fibre range is the biggest product launch of the company’s 2013 calendar

Healthy alternatives

In operation for over 20 years, Cuisine de France is Ireland’s leading traditional in-store bakery. This summer, the company has introduced a Hi-Fibre range to its product choices. The introduction of the Hi-Fibre Petit Pan and Demi Baguette marks the biggest launch of Cuisine de France’s 2013 calendar. Following a positive reception in Dunnes Stores since early April, the new products are being introduced elsewhere throughout June with in-store sampling and in-store marketing materials such as trolley handles and purchase points in many participating retailers. So far, figures indicate that sales from the Hi-Fibre range are up 25% on traditional brown alternatives, indicating a real consumer demand for these products.

The Irish bakery company has introduced the range following research on bread consumption behaviour, conducted by Behaviour and Attitudes. The research indicated that the typical Irish bread consumer is moving away from buying white slice pans and towards fresh bakery products. 43% of people said that they are more inclined towards freshly baked bread as a result of there being healthier options in this category in the market. The new Cuisine de France range contains wheat brand fibre which aids the digestive system. It’s free from artificial additives and all preservatives and it is naturally low in fat and saturated fat.


The company has also launched a social media campaign which is to run for four weeks. The campaign aims to engage customers by asking questions on the public’s fibre intake, and competition winners will enjoy a well-deserved spa break compliments of Cuisine de France.

Elsewhere, in conjunction with Cuisine de France, Spar on Grafton Street has launched a completely new Tim Hortons coffee and ‘baked goods’ offer, including a seating area, new product stands and new look self-service kiosk. The seated area café was officially launched on 24 May and has been well received by weary shoppers who now have an alternative coffee, confectionery and food-to-go option in the Grafton Street area. The range includes a selection of donuts and muffins which is managed by Cuisine de France. Speaking about the store transformation, Gwen Dempsey, Cuisine de France says: "This is a busy Spar, in the line of tourists and shoppers in Dublin’s city centre. We are delighted that the visibility of the Tim Hortons and Cuisine de France ranges, including the new ‘Tasty’ deli concept, has been enhanced while providing a more comfortable, café-esqe experience for customers."

Brennans Bread is part of a tradition that goes back nearly half a century

Brennans Bread is part of a tradition that goes back nearly half a century

Today’s bread today

The distinctive bright yellow vans that can be seen travelling the length and breadth of Ireland delivering fresh tasty bread are part of a tradition that goes back nearly half a century. That’s when Joseph Brennan Bakeries first began baking his now legendary Brennans Family Pan. Operating out of a small bakery in Dublin’s Fumbally Lane, the company’s success was built on three key pillars. The product, the brand and strong distribution. Today, Brennans Bread is located in a state-of-the-art bakery in Walkinstown, Dublin and is one of the largest food manufacturers in the country.

Wrapped in a wax paper for optimum freshness, Brennans is the most popular bread in Ireland and is also the third biggest grocery brand in the country. This position in the marketplace can be attributed, in no small measure, to Brennans’ commitment to continual, ongoing investment in both product quality and the choice that it offers customers. With a comprehensive range which includes white and brown sliced pans, half pans, batch and burger buns. Brennans also supplies bread aimed specifically at today’s more health conscious consumer. These healthy options include Brennans Weight Watchers and Natural Recipes Crunchy and soda ranges.

To gain a deeper understanding of the behaviour and attitude of Irish consumers, Brennans conducts ongoing market research. This has led to many new product launches, including Chia Wholegrain. More than just a tasty brown bread, Chia Wholegrain complements the great taste and goodness of wholegrain with Chia seeds (the highest known plant-based source of Omega 3 and also high in fibre) to give consumers a daily boost to their body, heart and mind. Another important insight that research has given Brennans, is that food wastage is now an important consideration prompting the introduction of the re-sealable packaging for the Brennans Natural Recipes Wholewheat brown bread.

Johnston Mooney & O'Brien has increased the range of Goodness of Both since its introduction last September

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien has increased the range of Goodness of Both since its introduction last September

Old Mr. Brennan is probably one of the greatest and most loved advertising properties in Ireland. For many years he has expressed all that is good about Brennans in a way that is always humourous, good natured and designed to bring a smile to the face of Irish consumers. Last year Brennans launched a new campaign, including TV, radio, outdoor and video on demand highlighting the benefits of Family Pan. The advertising campaign highlights the benefits that customers may not have been aware of and addresses some of the myths consumers have about white bread. For example, Brennans Family Pan is free from artificial preservatives, naturally low-fat and contains no added sugar.

Brennans constantly strives to innovate and provide complete customer satisfaction through the consistant quality and freshness of its bread. This abiding commitment to quality has seen Brennans win the national title for Quality Management Systems at the 2012 Q Mark Awards.

The goodness of both

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien successfully launched Goodness of Both 800g in 2007 and it quickly became the company’s number two retail product. Primarily purchased by mums for their families, JMOB Goodness of Both offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy a soft, smooth white bread with all the goodness of wholemeal. September 2012 saw the launch of a second Goodness of Both product in the form of a 400g Extra Handy Pan for waste conscious consumers who prefer a smaller pack. Johnston Mooney & O’Brien is further increasing the Goodness of Both family with the launch of two products to the buns and rolls category segment in April 2013.


So fresh it’s famous

Founded in 1953, Pat The Baker has risen to become one of the most recognised brands in the grocery business today. This year is the 60th anniversary of the family owned business and with a workforce of almost 400 staff is well and truly acknowledged as one of the largest employers in the Longford area and a supplier of ‘Ireland’s Best Bread’.

Pat The Baker has a distribution network throughout the country, both north and south, which allows it to service daily both the retail trade; multiples, symbols, independent stores etc. and the catering industry including hospitals, factories, offices, hotels and restaurants. The consistency of quality over the years has been one of the principal reasons for the success of Pat The Baker.

 Pat The Baker's new range of Slimbos which are proving extremely popular with consumers

Pat The Baker’s new range of Slimbos which are proving extremely popular with consumers

From an original range of white/brown pans and morning goods, Pat The Baker has, in recent years, added considerably to the core range of products. The brown range has expanded to include our very successful wholegrain, wholemeal, breakfast bran and multigrain. The 400g range has also expanded due to popular demand and is performing exceptionally well. The morning goods range consisting of fresh buttermilk sodas, stoneground, scones, pancakes, and crumpets has really expanded the profile of the brand and has given the consumer an opportunity to select from a wider range of quality products suitable for all occasions.

The latest new product development for 2013 is the Pat The Baker Slimbos. They come in three variations; Pat The Baker Plain White Slimbo, Sesame and Linseed Slimbo and Mixed Seed Slimbo. These new innovative products have truly caught the imagination of the consumer and have become a regular purchase for all households. Pat the Baker continues to build on its established ranges of products by listening to its consumers and responding to their requests for new healthy and innovative ideas from ‘Ireland’s Best Bread’.







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