Richmond takes on Campari range

Richmond Marketing will distribute a range of premium spirits and liqueurs in new deal with Campari Group



15 January 2015

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Richmond Marketing has announced the extension of its spirit and liqueur offering to include the Campari range.

The acquisition of Campari’s range sees Richmond Marketing become the distributor of a range of premium spirits and liqueurs including Campari itself, the unique bitter-sweet Aperol, Tipperary-made Carolan’s Irish Cream, Offaly’s Irish Mist whisky liqueur and the Tennessee heritage bourbon Wild Turkey.

The Campari Group is world-renowned for its namesake aperitif Campari which is the famous deep-red used in many cocktails. Reviewed many times by the industry-standard Wine Enthusiast, Campari has consistently received high marks, most recently being given a 96-100.

Aperol is the Campari Group’s other famous aperitif, most famously used in the traditional prosecco spritz cocktail. Since 1919 it has been a staple of drinks cabinets and bars.

Carolan’s Irish Cream is a Tipperary-made liqueur which makes the most of Ireland’s fine tradition in both dairy and distilling. The Clonmel cream is popular for its smooth toffee notes with dairy scent and honey sweetness.

Another Irish brand, Irish Mist whisky liqueur originated in the Tullamore distillery in Co. Offaly as the distillery’s owner searched for a similarly taste-profiled alternative to whiskey. Although seen by many as a modern drink, the original recipe is based on heather wine and the blend of Irish whiskey, honey and natural aromatic spices was the first modern liqueur produced in the country.

Similarly rich in whiskey-making history, Kentucky’s Wild Turkey has been officially recognised as America’s ‘native spirit’ since 1964 when the US Congress noted its special place in the country’s history. The Whiskey Rebellion of the late 1790s drove many distillers of Irish and Scottish extraction from the Northeast to re-settle in Kentucky after losing their struggle against the hated whiskey tax. Uncompromising since 1855, Wild Turkey is the Real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Using only natural processes, Wild Turkey products are aged in new white oak barrels which give them a deep russet colour while carrying full flavours of vanilla and smooth caramel.



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