Retail Ireland Skillnet launches apprenticeship programme

Ibec's retail apprenticeship programme aims to provide clear career paths and goals to its attendees

Retail Ireland, the Ibec group that delivers training and education for the retail sector, has launched its first national apprenticeship programme, in response to what it calls "tightening labour markets"



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26 November 2019 | 0

The Ibec group representing the retail sector has launched Ireland’s first national apprenticeship programme. The landmark programme is notable for its 52% female participation rate, compared to an average of just 5% across other apprenticeship schemes in Ireland.

Speaking at a launch event to mark the new programme, Thomas Burke, director of Retail Ireland, said that part of the reasoning behind the scheme is the growing challenge in acquisition and retention of talent. “It has become increasingly difficult across all sectors in Ireland,” he said, “as the economy experiences an increasingly tightening labour market.”

The Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision programme provides the opportunity to attract and retain talented individuals in the industry, while helping further define clear career paths for those in the sector, assisting them on a path towards management roles in the industry. The programme employs an “Earn as You Learn” model, inspired by similar German apprenticeship programmes.

“This much-needed programme also addresses contemporary issues facing the domestic retail industry,” Burke continued, “including increasingly demanding consumers, technological advances and globalised competition. To navigate the skill requirements of the future, this two-year programme develops the human, digital and retail specific skills knowledge, skills and competencies to excel in retail.”

SOLAS, the State Body with the responsibility for funding, planning and co-ordinating Further Education and Training, provides funding for the programme which ensures there is no registration fee for employers or apprentices.


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