Positive reaction to developments in BSE case

Minister Simon Coveney said he needed to be blunt in his warnings to London that suspension of the protocol would not be viewed as a minor issue by the EU

The detection of BSE in Co. Louth has been confirmed by the Department of Agriculture has been confirmed as an isolated case following comprehensive testing



26 June 2015

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As expected, there has been a roundly positive reaction to the news, released yesterday evening, that the detection of BSE on a farm in Co. Louth was an isolated case with no further ca ses reported.

In an epidemiological report published yesterday by the Department of Agriculture, the case was confirmed to be limited to a single animal, following testing of 63 cohort animals and 4 progeny. The report also confirmed that the parent and grand parent of the infected animal had previously been tested for BSE and given the all clear.

The report goes on to outline the rigorous testing that takes place of all livestock in the beef industry as standard, before predicting that Ireland’s status with the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) will be adjusted to “controlled risk”, but that this status still recognises Ireland as a safe industry in which to import and export cattle.

Reacting to the results, IFA President Eddie Downey said the export and home markets had responded to the news just as he expected they would – in a calm and balanced manner.

“These results show that consumers can be re-assured about the robustness of the food safety controls in place in Ireland,” Downey said in a statement. “This and the high quality of Irish food has rightly reassured export markets from all over the world.”

Downey added that he expects the Minister to set up a Beef Forum meeting shortly to review the results and progress on the Forum’s work agenda, which includes plans open new markets and seek further export opportunities for Ireland’s growing food sector.



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