Players return to buying Lottery tickets in-store in greater numbers

Returns to good causes totalled €259.5m last year, compared to €251.6m three years ago



7 September 2023

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Online National Lottery sales last year did not grow overall relative to retail sales for the first time ever, according to the regulator’s annual report published earlier this week.

This was due to players resuming buying tickets in retail outlets in larger numbers than they did during the pandemic, when movement was restricted and online channels were instead used.

The regulator’s report also highlighted the introduction of further controls to the National Lottery’s online channel last year through new mandatory age and identity verification checks of all online players. These controls reportedly led to added friction during the account set-up process, contributing to lost sales.

RTE News reported National Lottery sales and returns to good causes also fell during the year, for the first time since the licence was awarded in 2014.

Nevertheless, returns to good causes still exceeded 2019 pre-pandemic levels, amounting to €259.5m last year, compared to €251.6m three years ago.

A 16% decrease in sales of National Lottery Products was recorded in 2022 compared to the previous year, with sales falling to €884.1m. In 2019, sales stood at €884.5m.

According to the regulator, a decrease had been expected following the unprecedented Lotto jackpot rollovers which drove sales high than normal in 2021. Inflation last year is also believed to have impacted sales.




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