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With many pets considered beloved members of the family, their owners are determined to find nutritionally powerful recipes that they know won’t be sniffed at, while awareness around the importance of maintaining oral care is also growing, writes Gillian Hamill


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1 August 2023

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Most consider their dog or cat to be a member of the family, so this is no surprise that diligent pet owners are concerned about the health and wellness of their beloved companions. Between taking note of their intolerances, weight-gain, and allergies, consumers are spending heavily to provide high-quality nourishment for their pets. Pet humanisation remains one of the major influences on the demand for pet care in Ireland, according to a Euromonitor report on Pet Care in Ireland, published in April 2023. The same report anticipated that plant-based pet food, such as those products with a vegetal protein source like rice, will likely continue to grow in popularity, fuelled by growing consumer demand.

“As owners form ever closer bonds with their pets they are likely to become increasingly willing to do everything they can to keep them healthy and happy, with pet healthcare likely to remain at the core of this,” Euromonitor International reports. “As such, pet healthcare should continue to see steady growth with pet owners being focused on improving the physical and mental wellbeing of their pet companions, especially when it comes to cats and dogs.”

Euromonitor has also stated that the ‘other pet’ population will “likely continue to increase with people appreciating the fact that it is generally easier and more affordable to keep smaller pets. With regard to small mammals, owners are also increasingly treating them as family members and are thus willing to spend more on their food.” The analyst added that as a relatively small category, especially when compared to dog and cat food, “other pet food still has substantial potential for improvements and innovation. Manufacturers will likely borrow already successful ideas from dog and cat food such as the addition of insect-based protein, environmental-friendly packaging, vegan properties and a focus on health-related features”.

Euromonitor International has also published a specific report on ‘Dog Food in Ireland’, which was likewise published in April 2023. A key finding of this report was that tailored dog food solutions could present a competitive advantage. “Growing interest among dog owners and breeders in tailored feeding systems is expected to have an influence on new product development and demand over the forecast five-year period,” Euromonitor International stated. “Companies are expected to develop high-quality food supplements and highly tailored nutrition systems for dogs.”

In another specific report on ‘Cat Food in Ireland’, also published in April 2023, Euromonitor International reported that cat owners are “becoming increasingly educated and aware of the particular needs of their pet companions and as such many are now opting for more expensive specialist products. For example, for owners with overweight cats there is a growing demand for therapeutic weight loss cat food”.

Just irresistible!

In January this year, Purina, Europe’s leading pet care business announced that Robbie Williams has recorded a brand-new song, as the new voice of the most mischievous cat around, Felix. Felix the cat is, of course, the face of one of the best loved foods for Irish cats, with Felix being one of the recogniseable brands in Purina’s wide-ranging pet food portfolio.

Felix offers tasty meals that look like food you might have cooked yourself with sensational combinations of textures and flavours

The internationally acclaimed recording artist stars in a film premiere in which he unveiled a new exclusive track written and recorded specifically for this Europe-wide Felix advertising campaign, ‘It’s Great To Be a Cat’.

Taking inspiration from Robbie’s own adored cats, as well as the mischievous antics of Felix, the global superstar wrote and created an iconic track especially for Felix, celebrating the glorious life of cats. As the new voice of Felix, the musician takes a theatrical turn when he co-stars in a short film alongside (who some might say is the real start of the show) the infamous cat, Felix. The cheeky duo is captured getting up to mischief as they team up for the grand premiere of their new collaboration.  In the film, Robbie plays second fiddle to Felix as he tries to record the CATchy earworm, with an accompanying orchestra.  Available at, the new track shines a light on how cats really do live their best lives, just like the one and only Felix. Focusing on their independence, cheekiness and ability to always land on their feet.

Felix offers tasty meals that look like food you might have cooked yourself with sensational combinations of textures and flavours

Felix offers tasty meals that look like food you might have cooked yourself with sensational combinations of textures and flavours to delight every cat’s senses. From creamy soups, flavourful Sensations, Tasty Shreds, Doubly Delicious and even As Good as It Looks, it’s hardly surprising that clever cats get Felix. Felix Deliciously Sliced is the most recent innovation in the Felix range launched earlier this year.

Felix Deliciously Sliced are perfectly steam cooked slices which are high in protein and covered in a tasty jelly cats will love. They look, smell and taste delicious, just like food you might have cooked yourself!​ Each recipe is cooked using a steamed process which harnesses the full potential of the ingredients and unlocks their savoury flavours. The unique delicately tender slices are served in an irresistibly tasty jelly.​ These slices are also a source of essential omega-6 fatty acids with the right combination of vitamins to help keep cats full of vitality and ready for mischief!​ They’re packed with healthy goodness and satisfy 100% of a cat’s daily needs when served according to the feeding guidelines.​ Felix Deliciously Sliced meals are available in a range of delicious recipes, to satisfy cats’ love of variety every day.​

Oral care leader

When fed to dogs daily, Pedigree Daily DentaStix is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%

Pedigree Daily DentaStix is the number one oral care brand for dogs in Europe*.

Oral care plays an important role in a dog’s wellbeing. Dogs use their mouth and teeth to eat, fetch, carry and play. Research shows 80% of dogs over the age of three have periodontal disease (gum disease)** Left untreated, this can lead to tooth loss, extreme discomfort and pain and the systemic infection of other organs (e.g. heart and kidneys).

Although the dog/owner relationship is getting closer, with the role of the pet having evolved from an animal, to a pet, to a family member, nevertheless dogs’ oral health is being neglected. 90% of dog owners think their dog’s oral health is perfect. Yet canine periodontal disease accounts for 40% of modern vet practice’s workload.

The oral care segment represents 24% of the ‘dog care & treats’ category in the EU. And as the leader, Pedigree has a role to reignite the category.

Plaque and tartar build up on teeth can be reduced by an effective dental care routine. Pedigree Daily DentaStix has a unique X shape and, when fed daily, the combination of its gently abrasive texture and active ingredients, is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%. What’s more, they are low in fat and sugar free.

Using Pedigree Daily DentaStix every day will help keep our dog’s teeth and gums healthy and strong.

The range is available in all major retailers and independent stores nationwide.

For more information, visit

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack total audited channels | Dog oral care complementary feed, MAT retail volume sales June-July 2020| TOTAL EUROPE (GB, DE, FR, IT, BEL, AT, ESP, NOR, SWE, DEN, GR, PT, NL, PL)

**(Source: Kortegaard et al., JSAP 2008)

Made in Ireland with love

Connolly’s Red Mills is well known for producing premium animal feeds in County Kilkenny since 1908. The company’s ultra-premium dog food offering, Go Native, launched to the Irish market in 2018 and has been growing a cult following ever since.

Hailed for the provenance of the ingredients, which are sourced from local Irish farmers and growers, and completely grain and gluten free, Go Native has an impressive line-up of five feed varieties – a puppy food made with Organic Irish Salmon, and four adult diets – Free Run Irish Duck, Organic Irish Salmon, Free Run Irish Chicken, and Wild Atlantic Herring.

Also available in the range are delicious plant based dental sticks to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, and four varieties of meaty treats – which make the most delicious rewards for training or general treating. Go Native is available from leading pet stores nationwide including Petstop, Petmania, Petworld, Maxizoo and more, where shoppers can find the range in the ‘Made in Ireland’ aisles.”

100% Irish: 100% family

Dingo’s has a strong local heritage dating back to 1987. Made using only 100% Irish ingredients, Dingo’s has held its own in the dog food market for 36 years.

In fact, Dingo’s has been the market leader in the manufacture of muesli petfood with its own unique blend of Muesli. The company has invested significant resources in research and development to ensure Dingo’s range of products achieves only the highest standards.

As such, Dingo’s products have an unequalled reputation for delivering high quality nutrition in a range of products that all dogs desire.

From 1987 to 2020, Dingo’s was owned and run by Gragara Feeds, Co. Kilkenny, In 2020, the Dingo’s brand was purchased by the new owner Tom Jacob, who had previously worked with Gragara Feeds and knew the quality of the product so well that it was his passion to purchase the business and take it to a new level.

In the past three years, Tom has brought Dingo’s to new markets while servicing existing customers all over Ireland.

Dingo’s objective is simple: to fully satisfy consumer demand through the provision of an effective supply of quality Muesli and Nuggets products.

The company’s vision involves expanding the range to include smaller bags of dog food and a range of pet treats and expanding its existing range of bird seed and bird nut.

Dingo’s is presently in the process of building a website which will include an extended range of pet products for every pet’s needs. The brand is also showcased on Facebook @dingospetfood, Instagram @dingospetfood.

Tom’s vision and enthusiasm is infectious and can only bring the Dingo’s brand to greater heights. His question is therefore simple: Why not be part of the Dingo’s journey and contact Tom to have Dingo’s Dog Food supplied to your shop?

Tom would like to express his sincere thanks to all of Dingo’s existing customers for their loyal support since he acquired the business, noting: “Your business is truly appreciated.”






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