Off-licence opportunities: Irish Wine Show Awards and staff training grants

The coming months feature the Irish Wine Show Star awards selected through blind-tasting, as well as NOffLA's generous grant-aided Responsible Trading Certification (RTC) training



16 July 2018 | 0

Blind-tasting to commence shortly for Irish Wine Show Star Awards 2018-2019

The blind-tasting to select the winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Star Award-winning wines for 2018-2019 takes place next month.

Selected by NOffLA’s members and their staff who hold the WSET Diploma or Higher Certificate, or Champagne Academy membership, the tasting panel will be chaired by leading Irish wine writers. The winners will be announced at SIP 2018 – The Irish Wine Show 2018, NOffLA’s official Christmas Drinks Show on Monday, 8 October 2018.

The winning wines will be included in the association’s Star Award booklet and neck-collars will make them easily identifiable in NOffLA member stores.

Grants available to train staff in RTC Online programme

NOffLA is currently running a grant-aided scheme for its members to cover Responsible Trading Certificate (RTC) training. Each shop involved will receive a grant worth €95, to train one staff member over the summer months.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage members to train staff using the Responsible Retailing Online programme. This is particularly important during the summer months when off-licences can be left exposed if new/temporary staff do not receive adequate training in this area. Not only will it ensure an outlet avoids severe penalties and fines as a result of serving underage consumers, but it will also protect your licence. Confident, trained staff will know when and how to refuse a sale.

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