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Caoimhe O’Brien

In our monthly column outlining members’ favourite tipples, NOffLA members share their expertise on the brands that excite their palates. This month, Caoimhe O’Brien of Carry Out, Church Road, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, highlights her favourite picks



16 July 2018 | 0

I couldn’t choose one favourite beer – I have far too many – so I have chosen my favourite beer style, pale ales. To be more specific, the on-trend “juicy” or “hazy” style pale ales. Some great Irish examples of these include Trouble Brewing’s (Kildare) Ambush, Yellowbelly’s (Wexford) Citra Pale Ale and Larkin’s (Wicklow) Pale Ale. This style is full of fruity flavour but without the bitterness (not to be confused with sourness, like a lemon) of India pale ales (IPAs) where these flavours are most commonly found.

This style is typically around a 5% ABV, and would remind you of boozy orange juice! The three examples above are all available in 440ml cans. I highly recommend trying the cans as the beautiful floral aroma that hits you on opening them is something not to be missed!

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