Nobó’s decadent nutty spreads now available nationwide

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Nobó’s collection of spreads comprises four delicious flavours


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20 July 2023

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Irish food brand Nobó, renowned for its plant-based chocolate and ice cream, is delighted to bring its collection of feel-good nut butter and decadent spreads nationwide.

The team at Nobó believes that simplicity and the best ingredients lie at the heart of good food, and they didn’t mess around with it when it came to their delicious spreads.

Launched late last year in small batches at Nobó’s flagship store in Ranelagh, customers couldn’t get enough of the silky nut-based spreads doused on their Nobó açai bowls, ice cream, porridge bowls, and more, leading founders Brian and Rachel Nolan to quickly increase their production and get it out to stockists across the country.

The brand’s tagline is Treat Yourself Better, which is their approach when creating new products.

Nobó’s collection of spreads comprises four delicious flavours:

Roasted Pistachio Caramelly Spread from €7.95 – The best-selling Roasted Pistachio Caramelly Spread contains just four ingredients and has been a firm favourite with customers since its launch. It is sweetened with a little unrefined coconut sugar and some extra virgin olive oil to give it a luxuriously luscious, silky texture. It has a deep nuttiness and just-sweet-enough flavour, perfect for adding a little luxury to simple recipes.

Piedmont Hazelnut Chocolate Spread from €7.50 – The Piedmont Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is made with 69% Piedmont hazelnuts which are considered the best in the world. They are more flavourful than your average hazelnut, Nocciola Piemonte has a rich, complex flavour, and a light toasting brings out the extraordinary taste and aroma. It contains just four natural ingredients and no refined sugar, unlike many of the other hazelnut chocolate spreads, which have huge amounts of white sugar as their primary ingredient and a much lower percentage of nuts.

Piedmont Hazelnut Drizzle from €6.95 and Roasted Almond Butter from €5.95 – Nobó’s Piedmont Hazelnut Drizzle and Roasted Almond Butter contain just a single ingredient each, showcasing the delicious natural flavour of the nuts. The nuts are freshly roasted right before they are milled to ensure the best flavour. Nobó uses a specific blending method to ensure a uniquely silky and luxurious texture.

Serving suggestions

Get creative with Nobó spreads and incorporate them into desserts and smoothies and use them as toppings for everything from ice cream, açai bowls to pancakes.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy them!

  • The 100% Piedmont Hazelnut drizzle makes a delicious topping for porridge and yoghurt bowls and works in baking to give a rich hazelnut flavour.
  • The 100% Roasted Almond Butter is ideal for dunking sliced apple for a snack or for slathering on top of some sourdough toast with sliced banana and cacao nibs/ granola.
  • The Chocolate Hazelnut Spread works on top of pancakes, rice cakes, or ice cream.
  • The Pistachio Caramel makes everything taste luxurious. Nobó customers use it as a drizzle on top of porridge, on toast, ice cream, and açai bowls, or even drizzle on top of popcorn for an extra treat or simply enjoy it straight from the spoon!

Co-founder Rachel Nolan said about their spreads: “To us, the best food starts with the best raw ingredients and keeping them as close to how nature intended. We don’t ever see a need for long ingredient lists and highly processed additives. So for our nut butters and spreads we’ve naturally began by first selecting the best possible nuts (like Piedmont Hazelnuts!). We never use refined sugars or anything highly processed to ensure we are staying true to the ingredients we use.”

“We found the shelves were filled with products that weren’t as pure as they could be or that the texture wasn’t as smooth as we wanted. We often see sugar, palm oil, or other ingredients added to spreads that we felt didn’t need to be there, so we’ve looked at how we can make nut butters better!”

Nobó spreads, and nut butters are available from Nobó Ranelagh,, and nationwide from all good health food stores, including Evergreen and Nourish, premium grocers such as Avoca and Donnybrook Fair, and many more.

Please see the full list of stockists here:



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