New child-friendly sanitiser launched to the retail trade

Virapro Kids comes in three sizes, 50ml - great for in the backpack, 100ml - ideal for in the car and 500ml - perfect for in the house or classroom

With a return to school on the horizon, sanitiser is set to become as much a school day essential as pencils and copy books, and Irish firm Virapro has stepped up to the plate with a great new Kids option


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14 July 2020

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Indigenous Irish company ViraPro, has launched hand cleanser specifically intended for children’s use to the retail trade. The new range titled Virapro Kids, is non-toxic and alcohol free.

With the return to school on all parents’ minds, this product launch comes at the perfect time. During lockdown, parents have been able to ensure their children wash their hands at home without the use of sanitiser. However, with a return to school on the horizon, sanitiser will again become as much a school day essential as pencils and copy books.

One Dublin-based mum explains more about why she finds the new range so useful. “My children’s hands were raw red during the CoronaVirus pandemic from using alcohol hand gels,” says Mrs Crowley, who is mum to Caoimhe (13), Eimear (11) and Darragh (7). “I think Virapro Kids is a great idea for children,” she adds. “I would use it for my children as it is alcohol free and dermatologically tested and the fruity scents will also appeal to my children.  It is great that they come in different sizes that can be put in the children’s backpacks for school and after school activities.”

Virapro Kids comes in three sizes, 50ml – great for in the backpack, 100ml – ideal for in the car and 500ml – perfect for in the house or classroom.

No more offensive alcohol smell, as they come in four fruity scents, Strawberry, Apple, Banana and Bubble Gum.

“We know at Virapro that Mrs Crowley’s story is a common one,” says Tony McMullan, ViraPro director. “At the onset of the pandemic, children were having to use alcohol sanitisers which can break down a child’s skin leaving it cracked and bleeding. Virapro Kids will avoid that and ensure that kids hands are sanitised in a safe manner with no more tears because of sore hands.”

A great success story

ViraPro is a brand created and owned by Portfolio Group, an Irish family business. Portfolio Group was started in 1991 by Richard McMullan, and the first person he employed was his own dad when he managed to persuade him to come out of retirement! The company has grown from its humble beginnings and now has a presence in the UK as well as the island of Ireland, with the main office residing in Dublin 5. Richard has since handed the reins to his son Tony, but stays involved as the most experienced sales consultant on the expanding team.

The hard work since 1991 has paid off and with suppliers and links created during the course of the company’s lifetime, Portfolio were not only able to create ViraPro to answer Irelands healthcare needs, but they were one of the first companies to be able to deliver much needed sanitiser and PPE to the HSE and NHS Northern Ireland. In order to guarantee supply, ViraPro chartered cargo planes at their own expense to bring in the much-needed healthcare products to help in the Irish fight against Covid 19.

“It was a proud day in the history of our company that we were able to help keep our Irish frontline healthcare heroes safe by using the resources and contacts we have cultivated in the last three decades,” says Richard McMullan, founder of Portfolio Group.

With continued sustainable trade with suppliers in place, ViraPro is not only able to guarantee consistent quality supply, but also constantly expand the range of preventative sanitising solutions and healthcare equipment on offer, both to business and retail customers.

“We know that future risk of virus infection is going to be a constant worry in people’s minds,” Tony McMullan adds. “We will continue to expand our range to offer the trade and public more user friendly and inventive solutions.”

Virapro Kids will be in stores in August. 50ml, RRP €1.99, 100ml RRP €2.95, 500ml €6.95. 

If you wish to be a stockist, contact the team on 01839 4918 or email

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