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The growing popularity of no and low alcohol (aka ‘NoLo’) products is really making waves within the market. While beer and cider brands lead the trend here, Drinks Ireland reported in July that the no and low spirits category has started to emerge with sales up by 313% last year, while NoLo wines are also a popular choice for consumers who want to enjoy a fruity, flavoursome and fuss-free treat


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20 October 2022

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Whether a consumer is driving home after a night out; limiting their alcohol intake for health or personal reasons; or simply looking to try something new, a low/ no alcoholic beverage holds wide-ranging appeal. And with an equally expansive array of drinks to choose from, there’s never been a better time for retailers to embrace the trend. In fact, the annual Drinkaware Barometer published in September 2022 showed that 30% would like to drink less often and 35% agree they have already made small positive changes to their drinking habits in the past 30 days. The Drinkaware Index 2019 also found that 23% of Irish adults abstain from alcohol and 2022 saw Dry January reach record breaking engagement with 7.6% of households purchasing a non-alcoholic alternative, up almost 2% on 2018. Another poll from a popular news outlet suggested that over 30% of respondents took part in Dry January in 2022.

Indeed, research from Drinks Ireland|Beer estimated that non-alcoholic beer sales in Ireland grew by 129% between 2017 and 2020, from 1.79 million to 4.12 million litres. Meanwhile, the market share grew by 175% during that time, from 0.4% in 2017 to 1.1% in 2020. This figure increased again last year, with sales up from 1.1% in 2020 to 1.5% in 2021. With such strong growth in the segment, it is important for retailers to know where the trends lie.

Malbec must-have

For those seeking the pleasure of a warming glass of red, the Doña Paula Estate Malbec from Argentina is a must. This elegant, refined yet very approachable Malbec is made by renowned winemaker and viticulturalist of the year Martin Kaiser using grapes grown at 1350 metres in the foothills of the Andes. The range also includes Doña Paula Estate Blue Velvet, a seductive blend of Malbec, Pinot Noir and Bonarda and the Estate Black Edition which is a complex and full-bodied blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. A single varietal Doña Paula Estate Sauvignon Blanc due in stores this month completes the line-up.



Dealcoholised with full-on flavour

With consumers more conscious of the negative effects of alcohol, and regular wine drinkers reducing their alcohol intake over the last couple of years, the introduction of low and non-alcoholic wines to the Santa Rita 120 range could not have come at a better time.

Two non-alcoholic wines, a Santa Rita 120 0% Sauvignon Blanc and a 0% Cabernet Sauvignon, were launched into the Irish market in March 2022, with three new low alcohol wines also scheduled to launch on the market in the coming month: 120 Reserva Especial ‘De-Light’ Pinot Grigio at 9% alcohol and 80 calories per serving, a De-light Moscato at 8% alcohol and a De-light Cabernet Sauvignon at 9% alcohol and 80 calories per serving. The RRP is €12.50.

Each wine is made according to traditional winemaking practices, with the Pinot Grigio and Moscato picked early to achieve lower alcohol and the spinning cone method used to reduce the amount of alcohol in the Cabernet Sauvignon. The spinning cones gently and repeatedly spin the wine out into thin liquid films, simultaneously a cool vapour created from the wine itself rises from below and carries off all the lightest molecules in the liquid. The process is repeated until the desired level of alcohol is reached. This is a very gentle and sympathetic technique which works well in reducing alcoholic content yet retains the delicate aromas and flavours of the wines. The final wines are a blend of full alcohol and dealcoholised wines.

Pink perfection

The Noki & Co.  Juniper Pink Edition is distinctly Juniper forward but is also complimented by other classic gin botanicals and fruit aromas

RTM Beverages is a Dublin-based drinks innovation company that is shaking up the fast growing NoLo categories. The company originally launched the Noki & Co. 275ml range of pre-mixed alcohol-free Gin & Tonic flavoured drinks.

The reaction to our 275ml alcohol free G&T range has been extremely exciting, there has been a real gap out there for authentic alcohol-free solutions when people are out socialising but not drinking alcohol for any number of reasons,” says Stephen Dillon, founder of RTM Beverages.

“Noki & Co. tastes like a real Gin & Tonic so designated drivers and non-drinkers can join in on a night out without the side effects of alcohol.”

The latest innovation from the company is the Noki & Co Juniper Pink Edition – a 50cl distilled non-alcoholic Irish spirit.”

“As the name suggests our Juniper Pink Edition is distinctly Juniper forward but is also complimented by other classic gin botanicals and lovely summer fruit aromas,” Dillon says. “Some people prefer to mix their own drink and our 50cl range is ideal for this.”

Noki & Co. has enjoyed considerable success and is widely available in numerous shops, bars and restaurants throughout the country.

The Noki & Co 50cl ‘Juniper Pink Edition’ is now available to both the on and off-trade in Ireland.

For sales enquiries, contact RTM Beverages Ltd (01 9618922), e-mail: Info@Rtmbeverages.com or visit www.RTMBeverages.com.

Quiet revolution taking place

Introducing Quiet Noise Brewing! – Ireland’s only dedicated Alcohol Free craft beer brewery

 Leading drinks innovation company RTM Beverages is proud to launch Ireland’s only dedicated alcohol-free craft beer range, Quiet Noise Brewing. Stephen Dillon, founder of RTM Beverages is one of Ireland’s only qualified craft beer sommeliers and has been involved in the Irish craft beer scene since 2007. “Having previously launched my own craft beer I am very excited to take my experience and passion for great beer into the alcohol-free beer category,” he says.

“As we all now know the demand for alcohol free drinks is in rapid growth and we are proud to be pioneers in this category,” Dillon continues. “As a craft beer lover l am very proud to launch Quiet Noise and what I believe are the best tasting alcohol free beers available. These are the beers I love to drink when choosing not to drink alcohol; cutting back on alcohol shouldn’t mean compromising on taste!”

The name Quiet Noise’ is a reference to the quiet revolution that is taking place as more and more people look to reduce their alcohol intake for a wide variety of reasons. The Quiet Noise range comes in three initial styles – a crisp and refreshing craft lager, a more full-bodied and flavoursome pilsner and a hoppy pale ale.

Quiet Noise Brewing is available via The Celtic Whiskey Shop, online and from leading retail stores nationwide.

For sales enquiries, contact RTM Beverages Ltd. (01 9618922), e-mail Info@RTMBeverages.com or visit www.RTMBeverages.com #RethinkingDrinking #QuietNoiseBrewing.

Delectable new arrival

A compote of tart blackberries, redcurrants, and raspberries at its base, Atopia’s Hedgerow Berry has floral undertones and a hint of spice

Atopia, the premium non-alcoholic spirit, launched in Ireland with its delicious flavour, Hedgerow Berry. Your customers can enjoy this delectable new arrival with total freedom as it transports them to a world of flavour, without the alcohol.

Expertly curated by award-winning, master distiller at Hendrick’s Gin, Lesley Gracie, the new non-alcoholic spirit has won top honours in The Spirits Business’ 2022 Low & No Masters competition. Gracie wanted to create an accessible yet unique liquid that would elevate the moderated drinking experience.

As people in Ireland are increasingly looking to substitute alcohol for their busy lifestyles, Atopia fits in perfectly as a delicious alternative. Crafted to elevate mindful drinking moments, the new addition to the market is the ideal accompaniment to any occasion, whether hosting friends at the weekend, or enjoying a mid-week wind down at home.

Atopia’s Hedgerow Berry spirit base is a compote of tart blackberries, redcurrants, and raspberries, with floral undertones of rosehip and pomegranate and just a hint of spice.

Atopia does not compromise on flavour, so drinkers do not have to compromise on taste. The distillates have been selected and combined with care and precision, meaning each flavour can be picked out separately whilst no one flavour dominates over the other.

Available now in SuperValu for €26 RRP in-store or online, it’s distributed in Ireland by Richmond Marketing.

Italian flair!

Perfectly balanced, Birra Moretti Zero has fresh, hoppy and citrus notes

For your customers who are observing ‘Sober October’ this month, a great option is to do as the Italians do and enjoy a Birra Moretti Zero which can be matched perfectly with food, such as a delicious pasta dish or favourite pizza.

Birra Moretti is a quality beer made in the traditional way. It is the result of a production process that has remained almost unchanged since 1859.

Brewed with Italian passion and the finest quality ingredients, Birra Moretti Zero is perfectly balanced with fresh, hoppy and citrus notes. Its flavour is loved by many and it’s the perfect match for any meal: ‘66 calories. 0% alcohol. 100% Moretti’.

“If Birra Moretti is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures, Birra Moretti Zero is about always having choice,” says Niamh Fanthom – Birra Moretti, Heineken Ireland.

“Made with top quality ingredients, its freshness and subtle taste make it the ideal choice if choosing a non-alcoholic beer whether out with friends or enjoying it with a delicious meal.”

It’s the perfect time to take up the challenge of adopting the Italian tradition of enjoying an afternoon pre-meal drink and make it your own this October.

Made with top quality ingredients, Birra Moretti Zero’s freshness and subtle taste make it an ideal choice

Mondello Park

This Sober October, Birra Moretti Zero is also headed for Ireland’s most famous race track, Mondello Park with two famous faces.

Mondello Park doesn’t just sound Italian. It is. It’s named after a suburb of Palermo, where the famous Targa Florio race was held.

Birra Moretti Zero wants to bring a taste of Italian racing culture to Ireland by hosting the country’s first Piaggo Ape competition at Mondello Park. This day on the track offers a new way to enjoy Birra Moretti….one with zero alcohol.

Watch this space for the final video as two famous faces will go head-to-head in Ireland’s first Piaggio Ape competition at Mondello Park.

A homage to Scottish whisky

Lyre’s, the leading award-winning non-alcoholic drinks company, has just announced one of the most innovative drink launches of the year, Highland Malt, a non-alcoholic whisky style beverage.

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Highland Malt has been crafted to capture the essence of a blended malt whisky, one of the world’s most revered spirits, with flavours that are distinct and contemporary. Whether enjoying a highball, shaken in a sour or simply on the rocks, customers can delight in the same delicious experience of their favourite serve, without the hangover.

Showcasing an inviting light honey hue, Highland Malt leads with a soft earthiness and bouquet, featuring light grain cereal, stone fruit and almond, round out every sip. The subtle additions of sea spray and lightly charred oak, further add to the complexity. A lovely and rewarding depth in flavour, can be found with a natural influence of seasoned oak, nutty grain, and warm spices. In addition, the welcoming smoke contributes lift to the soft palate.

The 700ml bottle is now available at www.lyres.eu. For more information follow @LyresSpiritCo on Instagram and Facebook.

The rise of Low Tide

At 1% ABV, Low Tide has an all-important bit of extra body that allows it to carry hops

Low Tide, Kinnegar’s 1% low alcohol pale ale, is quietly muscling its way into an important position in the independent Donegal brand’s core range.

For a brewery such as Kinnegar, technical options used by big breweries aren’t an option. A de-alcoholiser is not only prohibitively expensive, it also goes against the grain of Kinnegar’s brewing ethos. “The challenge,” explains Kinnegar’s head brewer Rick LeVert, “is in producing a traditionally fermented low alcohol beer that we’d be happy drinking ourselves.

“To do this, we had to strip down the process and rethink how we brew, looking at everything from malt and yeast selection, to mashing and sparging techniques. To be honest, Low Tide took more than a few runs on our pilot system to get dialled in and is still one of our more difficult beers to make.

“Pitching it at 1% ABV gives us the all-important bit of extra body we want to carry the hops.”

Low Tide is finished with a restrained dry hop, giving it a fresh, citrusy aroma that results in a crisp, refreshing American style pale ale. Perfect for early risers or those simply keeping an eye on the units.

Strykk your night

The Strykk range makes switching out a favourite spirit for an alcohol-free option easier than ever

Introducing Strykk, the distilled non-alcoholic spirits brand with all the spirit but none of the alcohol. Stryyk was launched in 2018 to satisfy the increasing demand for a quality, modern and stylish alternative to alcohol. Distilled and bottled in the UK, the Strykk range features non-alcoholic spirits which make switching out a favourite spirit for an alcohol-free option easier than ever. Meticulously developed over two years in collaboration with top bartenders, the expert Strykk team carefully reconstructed flavours of spiced rum, London dry gin and traditional vodka.

Up to 50% of 18-34s have opted for a no/low drink on a night out according to recent research, so Strykk gives a real, unpretentious alternative – just Strykk your night and party with all the spirit, but none of the alcohol!

Created by drinks industry entrepreneur and founder of Funkin Cocktails, Alex Carlton in recognition of the growing demand from Gen X’rs, Strykk is predominantly targeted at 25 – 45-year-olds.

Strykk is proudly distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam – the five lines available are:

Strykk Not Gin: a distillation including hints of coriander, sage and basil and the classic juniper notes that mark this as a derivation of a London Dry Gin.

Strykk Not Vodka: a distillation combining the warming spice of capsicum and the cooling notes of cucumber and menthol to emulate the characteristics of a classic pure vodka.

Strykk Not Rum: a distillation that blends sweet sugar cane and raisin notes with the characteristic vanilla and oakwood tones that create a perfectly balanced spiced rum alternative.

Strykk Not Vanilla V*Dka: infused with Madagascan vanilla beans. A sweet toffee and buttery aroma with a warming capsicum finish. It’s 100% natural with no sugar, no fat and no artificial flavours.

New Strykk Not Aperitivo

Strykk Not Aperitivo is the world’s first non-alcoholic apéritif to blend sweeter prosecco-like notes with the sharper flavours of bitter orange, quassia and wormwood, designed to create the perfect spritz. The serve is just 25 calories, five times less than the full-strength alcoholic version.

The icon of weissbier

The number one weissbier in Germany, and one of the world’s favourites, Paulaner is renowned as the icon of weissbier.

A non-alcoholic option is now available: Paulaner Weissbier 0,0%. Thanks to its balanced combination of fine malt aromas, refreshingly fruity weissbier flavours and a pleasing hint of sweetness, this non-alcoholic Weissbier 0,0% can be enjoyed on any occasion. This isotonic thirst-quencher is brewed using the traditional Paulaner Weissbier technique and the alcohol is carefully removed after a thorough maturing process. A complex procedure removes all the alcohol from the beer, without losing any of its refreshing flavour.

The popularity of Paulaner beer has always extended beyond the city limits of Munich. The special enjoyment of beer, the highly skilled brew masters and the famous Bavarian way of life are just a few factors contributing to Paulaner’s success – locally and internationally. More than 2 million hectolitres leave the brewery each year – travelling from Munich Langwied to over 70 countries.

“Good, better, Paulaner” is the well-known slogan of Paulaner Brewery. The name Paulaner has stood for the highest quality and Munich beer culture since 1634.

Paulaner is distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

A true trailblazer

The McGuigan Zero range uses fruit  selected specially from premium vineyards in South Eastern Australia

Unrivalled taste with zero alcohol, McGuigan Wines pledges to make great quality wine accessible to everyone around the world for every occasion. The company has subsequently been named IWSC International Winemaker of the Year a record breaking four-times and its commitment to alcohol free wines is no different.

McGuigan Zero is a trailblazer in its category. The range offers an unparalleled alcohol-free experience both on the nose and palate, launching with shiraz, chardonnay, rosé, sauvignon blanc and sparkling. It’s created using state-of-the-art spinning cone technology. By drawing the wine into super fine layers for efficient vaporisation, alcohol may be removed at lower temperatures than ever before, thus resulting in a truly beautiful tasting product. The fruit has been sourced and selected specially for McGuigan Zero from premium vineyards in South Eastern Australia. The quality of the fruit and its adaptability to the alcohol removal process ensures that customers are drinking the best possible alcohol-free wines. McGuigan Wines, Ireland’s number one Australian wine brand, is distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

Punked-up flavour

No-alcohol just got punked up. And Punk AF lives up to its billing, with all the flavour but none of the alcohol. Brewed with eight different hops from North America, New Zealand and Europe: juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy and pine notes. All sitting on a solid malt bassline. The bitter finish belies its ABV, rolling in at 35 IBUs to provide the perfect retort to those who push alcohol-free beer devoid of character.

BrewDog is on a mission to prove that alcohol-free does not equate to taste-free. And now the brand has delivered a new alternative to the mainstream. A beer for those seeking a point of difference at 0.5% ABV that brings all the attitude of the flagship, Punk IPA.

Punk IPA was the beer that kick-started the craft beer revolution and Punk AF is the next step in the brand’s desire to brew beer for every taste, for every occasion.

Distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

Belle of the ball!

The Belle & Co range has only 22 calories per 100ml

Belle & Co is an innovative 0% alcohol free sparkling wine with less than half the calories of a typical sparkling wine. Belle & Co is zero alcohol, lower sugar, vegan and gluten free. It’s available in 75cl Brut and Rosé formats in recognisable sparkling wine bottles with a mushroom cork.

A carefully crafted alternative to traditional alcoholic sparkling wine, the best part is its only 22 calories per 100ml – one of the lowest available in the market for zero alcohol.

How is it made? Belle & Co is a fermented grape juice produced by a specialist, state-of-the-art producer of fermented products. This innovative new bacterial fermentation of grape juice reduces sugars by 30% and produces the same acid bi-products of a yeast fermentation without the production of alcohol or carbon dioxide. The reduction in sugars and the production of acid bi-products ensures Belle & Co. tastes like a wine and not like a soft drink. The fermented grape juice is transported to a specialist sparkling wine producer where green tea and dried tannin are added to create the mouthfeel of sparkling wine. CO2 is trickled in very gently. The bubbles of Belle & Co. achieve a streaming effect and elegant mousse. It is excellent value for money and proudly distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

Ultimate fruit refreshment

Kopparberg Alcohol-Free is an extension of the premium fruit cider’s current offering. The range meets the evolving attitudes of consumers towards health, which has led to increasing demand for low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Kopparberg has taken its most popular flavours, Strawberry & Lime & Mixed Fruit and made them alcohol-free. The variants may be free from alcohol but there’s no compromise to the taste.

Kopparberg is the number one alcohol-free cider brand representing 64.6% in volume terms, an increase of +1.6 percentage points year-to-date (YTD)*.

Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Strawberry & Lime, like its original equivalent, delivers a splash of fresh strawberries and a squeeze of tangy lime, minus the ABV. Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Mixed Fruit captures the same unique taste of bursting blackcurrants and raspberries.

The range offers a refreshing alternative for people looking for an alcohol-free alternative without compromising on experience and taste. It gives the ultimate fruit refreshment with 0% alcohol.

*(Source: Collated ROI EPOS DATA (c.60% of Total ROI Scantrack) to week 36 2022)










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