Lidl Ireland to mark World Autism Day with sensory products launch

Lidl's new sensory friendly products are launching to tie in with World Autism Day
Lidl's new sensory friendly products are launching to tie in with World Autism Day

Since the successful roll out of Autism Friendly Quiet Evenings across all Lidl Ireland stores nationwide in 2018, Lidl has been on a journey to identify more ways to further support its communities. The latest is the launch of five new products on 2 April, coinciding with World Autism day.



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26 March 2019 | 0

Lidl is launching a new range of autism-friendly products in-store, reaffirming its commitment to serving all members of the community. Two of the new products are sensory friendly, meaning they are specifically designed for children with Autism. Sensory products are products that can help a particular sensory input. Whether it be visual or tactile, they can help improve focus and concentration levels for children with autism.

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognised day dedicated to raising awareness about people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ear defenders (12.99) will be available which can be used in a variety of settings to protect your child’s hearing or help calm them if disturbed in noisy environments. An LED Projection Night Light (6.99) will also be available which projects colourful stars onto ceilings and walls while playing music to enhance visual or audible sensory stimulation.

In line with the launch of this product range, Lidl Ireland also announced the sponsorship of two assistance dogs. Lidl Ireland has teamed up with Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland (ADNI) and Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) to put two dogs through training. The two dogs, named Yogi and Kyra, will be given to families of children with autism in Ireland and Northern Ireland. These dogs will trained to provide a steady influence for the child, especially in public and social situations. They will also be trained to meet the needs of both the child with autism and their guardian/s.

Lidl s Autism Aware Quiet Evenings take place every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm. Launching for World Autism Day in 2018, the roll-out has been a success nationwide. Every week, stores are prepped to have numerous sensory adjustments in place to classify the store as being autism aware. Adjustments such as reduced lighting, no in-store announcements and no background music make a massive difference for customers.




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