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With Ireland’s dairy famers renowned for their quality standards, leading brands within Ireland’s diary sector have capitalised on consumers’ increasing desire to maximise the nutritional value of their food choices, by offering products with added nutritional benefits


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25 March 2024

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Dairy stands as a cornerstone of Ireland’s rich heritage and culinary culture, gracing tables with milk, cheese, and yoghurt across the nation. Insights from a survey conducted by the European Milk Forum (EMF) reveal that 92% of Irish adults embrace dairy in their daily diets, with two-thirds declaring their meals incomplete without these beloved products. When selecting dairy, consumers prioritise both nutrition and flavour, with 77% recognizing its health benefits and 66% savouring its delicious taste.

A global report by Mintel on the ‘Future of Dairy and Non-Dairy 2023’ states that while milk is a staple for many consumers, brands need to prove their value to maintain appeal. A focus on core nutritional qualities, coupled with functional benefits and strong ethical and sustainability credentials are needed to secure a profitable future of dairy and non-dairy products.

Here, we take a closer look at the innovative brands continuing to drive sales in the category.

Super success

Avonmore Super Milk is enriched with vitamins D, B and E, as well as extra calcium and folic acid

As Ireland’s number one dairy brand, Avonmore products are enjoyed on a daily basis in households across Ireland. The success factors have been around sustained investment in the brand; partnerships with customers to really drive growth; and delivering a consistent quality product as a priority – ensuring the best tasting milk reaches our consumers.

Avonmore Super Milk has a key role to play in the fresh milk sector. Given that we don’t get enough sunshine in Ireland because of our northerly latitude, we don’t get enough vitamin D. From young children to older families, vitamin D is incredibly important across every life-stage. Avonmore Super Milk is enriched with vitamin D which not only supports our bone health but our immune system too. Avonmore Super Milk is also enriched with vitamins B and E, extra calcium and folic acid making it a great choice for all the family.

Avonmore Super Milk is strongly supported throughout the year with TV, radio, digital, PR and trade activity and is currently running an exciting on-pack offer to give consumers the chance to win one of five Sunshine Getaways. This exciting competition which runs to 31 March celebrates family togetherness as well as aligning to the core vitamin D proposition and will be fully supported above-the-line amd below-the-line to drive rate of sale in-store.


Bring your all!

Avonmore Protein Milk’s latest campaign ‘Bring Your All’ features athletes across a variety of sports, on TikTok, Instagram, and out-of-home (OOH)



Avonmore Protein Milk has gone from strength to strength since launching a single SKU, 1L Original in 2014, to now having a range of ten SKUs, of various flavours, formats, and added benefits, appealing to everyone involved in sports and exercise.

Avonmore Protein Milk is fresh Irish milk with added whey and casein protein, vitamins and minerals. It is consumed by those who seek additional protein in their diets.

Within the range, there is an option to suit all occasions and tastes. There are three 1L options for those who purchase for home use. The core range consists of Original, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate with 25-27g protein per 500ml pack.

For those who seek an even higher protein amount, Avonmore Protein Gold, available in Chocolate & Vanilla, packs 33g of protein per pack, and is enjoyed by those who typically have finished a heavy sporting or exercise session.

Finally, and the latest addition to the range, is Pro-Oats Vanilla. Pro-Oats contains 27g of protein but also the added benefit of 23g of gluten-free oats, making it the perfect accompaniment for those who exercise in the morning before going on to work.

From a communications perspective Avonmore Protein Milk is very active and has recently activated its latest campaign ‘Bring Your All’ featuring athletes across a variety of sports, on TikTok, Instagram, and out-of-home (OOH).

Unbelievable, but believably delicious!

Mooju is Ireland’s number one flavoured milk


Mooju is available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla flavours


Mooju is Ireland’s number one flavoured milk* and sure why wouldn’t it be, it’s unbelievably delicious! Chocolate Mooju is by far the nations favourite, however, consumers are also tempted by Mooju’s other flavours of Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla.

Vanilla Mooju is the latest edition to the range and according to the brand, tastes as amazing as it looks. Launched in September 2023, it is a limited edition SKU.

From a communications perspective, Mooju is continually active across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, partnering with Ireland’s top content creators, and is also present in the computer gaming scene by hosting gaming tournaments and appearing at GamerFest, Ireland’s biggest gaming convention.

Moojus current campaign, ‘Mooju it’s unbelievable, but believably delicious’, amplifies the delicious taste and lively personality of the product and goes live across social media and OOH media, during February/March.

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack YTD w/e 31 Dec 2023)


Everyone’s dairy


The NDC’s role is to tell the story of Irish dairy and restore pride and trust in its quality, its sustainability and its role in a balanced, healthy diet


In 2024, Irish dairy needs a central, consolidated voice, one that champions the industry amongst the people on the street – the consumer of dairy products – those who, ultimately, grant us our social licence to produce. The National Dairy Council (NDC) will be that voice by connecting the farmer to the consumer. The NDC re-connects the dairy farmer with the dairy consumer, building greater understanding of what farming is and what the farmer does, building trust in the production system and restoring pride in Irish dairy.

The NDC raises awareness of Irish dairy’s impact against the pillars of sustainability – economy, society, community and environment – developing understanding of what sustainability means for Irish dairy and showcasing the initiatives that are improving the industry’s performance. The NDC works to promote the nutritional benefits of dairy products and their place in a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet. It counteracts misinformation and is a source of trusted nutritional information, as well as recipes which celebrate Irish dairy.

In 2009, the NDC introduced a packaging mark giving consumers in the Republic of Ireland the reassurance of knowing that their milk or cream purchases were farmed and processed locally. The NDC trademark is a guarantee of origin, strengthening the presence of Irish dairy on the shelf and highlighting Irish dairy products as clear choices for sustainable, balanced, and nutritious eating.

The NDC’s job, in 2024, is to tell the story of Irish dairy and restore pride and trust in its quality, its sustainability and its role in a balanced, healthy diet.


On-the-go perfection


Nomadic’s most convenient snack yet, each 150g pouch of Good To Go combines smooth oats and yogurt with fruit


Nomadic has started 2024 with the launch of ‘Good To Go’, its first-ever range of pouched snacks, designed for hard-working people ‘who need to get the job done’.

Each 150g pouch combines smooth oats and yogurt with fruit, for Nomadic’s most convenient snack yet. With all-natural ingredients and free from any added sugar, the three flavours (Mango & Passionfruit, Raspberry & Blueberry, Banana & Honey) further enhance the company’s now wide range of nourishing and convenient food products.

Aside from being firmly aimed at busy people who need handy, easy-to-consume and great tasting snacks, Good To Go pouches are the first in the market to be targeted at adults that contain smooth oats. This helps make them a great source of both protein and fibre. Portable, filling and nourishing, they’re perfect for people who have to keep moving, or are on the go, all-day long.

While best served chilled, the pouches are ambient stable, opening up the opportunity to display outside of chiller cabinets.

In line with the launch of the new range, Nomadic as a proud sponsor of the Festival was delighted to sample their Good To Go pouches at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The partnership not only saw Nomadic ‘Fuelling the Festival’ by providing the frontline staff with products to keep them going throughout the day, the team also handed out samples to the many parade goers and were also honoured to provide Good To Go Pouches for the new Relaxed Parade Space area which was a new initiative launched this year.


Making life golden!

Kerrygold 100-gram Butter Stick. The handy Kerrygold 100-gram Butter Stick  offers food lovers greater variety for a host of usage occasions


Launched over 60 years ago, Kerrygold is Ireland’s most successful food brand, having reached €1 billion in annual sales in 2019. With over 11 million packs of butter and cheese sold globally each week, the brand has made its way to the hearts and homes of consumers all around the world. Following the growth in popularity of the Kerrygold Butter Stick in markets like the United States, where it is the number two butter brand, the new 100-gram stick arrived on shelves in Ireland – the home of the Kerrygold brand – for the first time in October 2023.

Ireland’s leading butter brand, Kerrygold, is the secret ingredient for every kitchen moment. The full line-up of Kerrygold products now includes the Kerrygold 100-gram Butter Stick. The handy 100-gram format offers food lovers greater variety for a host of usage occasions while delivering the unmistakable great taste that Kerrygold is known for all over the world. Whether you are a budding chef, a dab hand at baking, or simply seeking that extra edge to up your kitchen game, Kerrygold offers food lovers an abundance of choice to match every occasion. It’s the little things that make life golden and adding the delicious taste of Kerrygold will bring extra indulgence to the simple meals this Easter.

The Kerrygold Butter Stick is now available nationwide at most major supermarkets, convenience and independent retailers in addition to the core range of Kerrygold Butter products including: Salted and Unsalted, Kerrygold Spreadable and Kerrygold Softer.


Love every bit!

Müller’s new campaign shows how eating and drinking Müller products help people to ‘love every bit’ of the moment


Müller Yogurt & Desserts has unveiled a new multimillion euro masterbrand TV campaign as part of a major brand refresh.

Following consumer research which identified how the brand can resonate further with consumers and drive Müller reappraisal, the big-hearted adverts celebrate the unique rituals consumers have when eating and drinking Müller products.

From a school teacher debating whether she should lick the lid of her Müller Corner in front of the class, a family divided by the cold versus warm Müller Rice debate, to a TV news reader ignoring his live countdown while he finishes his last drop of FRijj, the campaign shows how eating and drinking Müller products help people to ‘love every bit’ of the moment.

The business has also redesign its branded packaging to make it more cohesive, distinctive and easy to find and buy. From late last year, Müller began a roll out of new packaging designs across all of its branded yogurts, desserts and drinks products: Müller Corner, Müllerlight, Müller Rice, Müller Bliss and Müller FRijj.

The move follows recent positive growth in the dairy company’s branded range. The business will utilise the campaign and brand refresh to continue driving category growth.


Pure yoghurt goodness

Glenilen Farm Kids Yoghurt Pouches offer a no mess, healthy snack for kids’ lunchboxes or when on the go


West Cork brand, Glenilen Farm was the first Irish brand to launch an Irish-made kids yoghurt pouch last June. The brand carried out extensive research and found consumers were looking for nutritional yoghurts with multiple benefits in a convenient format.

The 90g pouch is available nationwide in two varieties i.e. Vanilla and Strawberry. The pouch offers a no mess, healthy snack for kids’ lunchboxes or when on the go.

The Irish-made kids pouch offers innovation in the kid’s yoghurt category which is dominated by imported brands.

On the back of the enormous success of the kids pouch range, Glenilen Farm has now launched a multipack pouch solution. With four pouches in each pack, Glenilen Farm yoghurt pouches are pure yoghurt goodness, jam-packed with gut friendly cultures.

Glenilen Farm Multipack Kids Yoghurt Pouches (4 x 90g) are available in Vanilla and Strawberry varieties.


Support your every step, with complete protein

GetPro’s range contains between 15 – 25 grams of protein per serve



GetPro’s range contains between 15 – 25 grams of protein per serve


The new GetPro range which combines high-protein and great taste, has been developed for people who want to get more out of their workout or can even be enjoyed as a healthy snack. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast or a fitness fanatic, the journey to your fitness goal begins with you and GetPro supports you on every step of your journey*, with complete protein**.

GetPro brings you 11 high protein dairy snack options including delicious and nutritious yogurts, puddings, mousses and drinks, to be enjoyed at home and on the go after a workout. ​​So, whether you prefer a smooth and creamy caramel pudding, or a juicy strawberry drink, GetPRO has everyone covered.​

GetPro is proud to also announce that it is the new official protein partner of Dublin GAA. This partnership will see GetPro and Dublin GAA work together to champion a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness of the role of protein in supporting your fitness journey*.

Containing between 15 – 25 grams of protein per serve, GetPro’s range of delicious products include high-protein yogurts, mousses, puddings, and drinks (both fresh and long life). Each product in the range is high in protein with great tasting flavours and textures, the most delicious way to follow a workout and support consumers on their fitness journey. Now everyone can enjoy great tasting, high-protein snacks when they are needed thanks to GetPro – with no added sugars and low or 0% fat***.

The GetPRO range is available now instore and online in Dunnes Stores, Tesco, SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide, and prices range from €1.59 to €2.99 RRP.

*(GetPro contains protein which contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle)

**(Like all dairy products)

***(GetPro products contain naturally occurring sugars only. GetPro yogurt, fresh and long-life drink products are 0% fat, GetPro mousses and puddings are low in fat)



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