Justice minister in talks on tobacco law

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CSNA meets again with the minister for justice about the impending tobacco legislation, seeking two-phase implementation



7 January 2009

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The CSNA is due to meet again this month with the Department of Justice to discuss the implementation of new legislation governing the sale of tobacco products this year.

Currently, the Department is set to enforce the installation of the sealed container for tobacco products across the entire sector from 1 July.

Chief executive, Vincent Jennings says that while the organisation agrees with the principle of the new legislation, it must be “well thought through” and workable on a practical level.

“I don’t believe we can possibly do it, as an industry, before 1 July,” he told ShelfLife.

The CSNA is pressing the government for a two-phase implementation of the new tobacco sales regulations, allowing smaller retailers an extended period to make the necessary changes to their businesses, as has been enacted in the UK.

Jennings is due to meet both the Minister for Health and the Minister of State at the Department of Health in February to discuss the pending regulations further, and says he is very positive about both upcoming meetings.



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