Ireland’s independent retailers celebrated in new art exhibition

The exhibition will be held at Larkin Bros. Victuallers on 18 Meath Street, Dublin 8 on Thursday, 23 April at 6pm

RGDATA's Tara Buckley opens exhibition which highlights the contribution independent retailers have made to their local communities



20 April 2015

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To celebrate the continuing rich commercial heritage of Dublin’s Liberties, artist Rian Coulter is hosting an exhibition of trade memorabilia that celebrates independent retail.

The exhibition entitled ‘Through Rose Tinted Glasses’ will be opened by RGDATA director general Tara Buckley. It will be held at Larkin Bros. Victuallers, 18 Meath Street, Dublin 8 on Thursday, 23 April at 6pm.

Coulter says the dominance of “grab-all retail” supermarkets and industrial out-of-town shopping centres has radically altered our high streets, towns and villages over the past 20 years.

Describing the motivation behind his exhibition, he says: “What is lost when the multiple supermarket comes to dominate a community is more than simply the traditional small shop and family businesses but outlets for expression. Not everything can or should remain exactly the same and being in small business is not always rewarding, but certain things and their contribution to society merit cherishing and recording.”




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