Home cooking soars nationwide with 67% cooking from scratch more at home

Half the population are spending up to two hours in the kitchen every day



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14 April 2021 | 0

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Just in time for the easing of some lockdown measures giving the nation a little more freedom, SuperValu has launched its ‘Freshly Prepared By’ range of over 90 quality convenient meals and side dishes to ease the burden of cooking meals at home and to give back those additional two hours daily that are spent at the stove.

SuperValu’s pulse of the nation survey shows that over half the nation are spending one to two hours cooking from scratch each day with 49% cooking between four to six dinners each week.

While these stats demonstrate a healthier approach to cooking as people are learning more about food and ingredients, respondents stated they are tired of cooking and spending this amount of time in the kitchen each day.

  • 84% buy pre-prepared meals and/or takeaways for a break
  • 43% prefer the pre-prepared meals and side dishes options, an increase since the pandemic began, with 36% saying it is their go to option one to two times per week
  • Factors considered most important when buying pre-prepared meals are quality (85%), taste (74%), convenience (51%) and price (50%)
  • Lasagne revealed as the firm favourite pre-prepared meal (22%) followed by curry and then pizza

Family favourites like spaghetti bolognese and lasagne are still the most cooked mid-week meals with the traditional roast dinner continuing to be the must have weekend meal for 49% of families.

As the kitchen has become the most used room in the house, three quarters of respondents claim they have tried new recipes since lockdown began with 29% saying they have purchased ingredients throughout the pandemic that they would never have put in their trolley pre-lockdown.  The survey reveals that the top four lockdown baking favourites have been cupcakes (45%), cookies (42%), soda bread (38%) and banana bread (33%).

Commenting on the survey and launch of the ‘Freshly Prepared By’ range, Shane Lynch, marketing manager, SuperValu said: “While we all know that the country is cooking more than ever, we understand that people are tired and look forward to getting out and about more as restrictions begin to ease. Our new range of meals and side dishes gives time back to people to enjoy family activities with guaranteed high quality, tasty and freshly prepared food that they enjoy, without any hassle.  This range of over 90 ‘pop-in-the-oven’ meals and sides are real game changers as they give the convenient option without compromising on taste and quality and have been developed by our trading team following strong consumer insights along with input from some top chefs and local suppliers.”

Check out the wide range of ‘Freshly Prepared By’ meals at your local SuperValu or on www.SuperValu.ie.



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