Sicín Sásta places firm focus on sustainability

Study reveals 74% of consumers feel that meat should be sourced from animals that are cared for


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13 April 2021 | 0

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Sicín Sásta, a 100% Irish chicken brand has sustainability at the heart of its ethos; a great tasting chicken doesn’t happen by accident! Sicín Sásta are all about embodying Irishness; through its great quality produce, cheeky nature, and care for the environment.

The Sicín Sásta diced chicken fillet packs have 15% less packaging and the whole fillets are in a tray that uses 60% less packaging and includes a lining to keep it clean and ready to recycle once removed. The whole chicken does not come with a leg-tie or in a tray and the separate elements have been removed to create just one useful bag that functions as effectively.

Tackling sustainability, however; not only means reducing packaging but going right back to the beginning of the chicken-rearing process. Sicín Sásta is proud of its modern, environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Many Sicín Sásta farms have their own wells and any farms that don’t will filter, purify and clean any water that does come in for the best drinking water for the chickens. Sicín Sásta has also planted 42,000 Sitka Spruce trees and 3,000 hardwoods. Even the chopped straw used to pad the floor of the chicken houses is sourced from local cereal farms of which it is a by-product.

According to a study conducted by Sicín Sásta, 74% of consumers feel that meat should be sourced from animals that are cared for. Sicín Sásta chickens can roam their home where they have been hatched and play on their swings and seesaws all day long!

Sicín Sásta free-range chicken is available in a 1500g whole chicken and 500g chicken breast fillets.

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