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Ireland is renowned internationally for the service and standards of our convenience store sector. However good your store is though, it is always worth considering footfall generators which can encourage even more shoppers through your door


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25 July 2022 | 0

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Generating foot traffic is essential when running a brick-and-mortar retail store. More traffic means more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which in turn leads to higher revenues. There’s no doubt that consumer patterns changed dramatically with the rise of online shopping. In a bid to drive footfall and generate all-important repeat business, many stores have broadened their range of in-store services, demonstrating that they can offer so much more than groceries.

Cigarettes and newspapers may have been the main drivers of footfall in the past, but today the scope of what a retailer can now provide is much richer. Now, retailers can offer a lengthy range of services, from postal services to electronic payment of bills and much more. Below, we shine a light on the many efforts a retailer can make to get more shoppers walking through their door.

Digital signage success

We know that our eyes automatically follow movement, so it’s not really surprising to hear that studies show viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text.

Digital signage in stores has been shown to increase footfall by up to 24% and the chances of an impulse purchase between 18% & 20%. But it needs to be straightforward to implement and easy to manage.

Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS) is a 360° digital signage solution from Stacked, which incorporates hardware, software, installation, training, and ongoing support into one low monthly price. Intelligent analytics add-ons are available to further increase return on investment. Stacked’s analytics integrations incorporate invaluable insights on audience measurement, campaign insights and content performance so you can see at a glance what’s working and why – and then do more of it!

With Stacked’s ‘Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS)’ solution, retailers can now look at relevancy and context when you communicate digitally

The content management system (CMS) that sits at the heart of the Stacked solution is a far cry from the CMS of old which simply allowed you to schedule and publish content. It is a hub, a single pane of glass platform that will allow you to do everything you associate with a modern CMS and much more. Rather than just following the ‘right message, right person, right time’ method – you can now look at relevancy and context when you communicate digitally – triggering the right content based on (anonymised) audience demographics, time of day, prevailing weather conditions, proximity or even stock levels for perishable goods.

The Stacked content management system can also provide data and tactical insights into the likely effectiveness of campaigns even before they are launched. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse and score content samples prior to publishing, allowing you to adjust as needed without using your customers as guinea pigs. It then completes the feedback loop with analysis on the campaign performance after completion.

The content management system is only one element of Stacked’s ‘Digital Signage as a Service’ model but it is an important one in terms of making the technology more intelligent, extremely user friendly and very intuitive.

Want to know more? Get in touch with Stacked now to book a free, no obligation consultation with one of its experts.

Telephone: 0818 409 988 | Email: hello@stacked.ie

Benefits of in-store banking

Research suggests basket spend can increase by up to 65% when there’s an ATM service offered in-store

Recent years have seen retailers innovate to drive footfall and generate repeat business and in-store banking is a key part of this strategy.

The more there is on offer, the more of a destination a store can be, and giving consumers secure access to their cash in a trusted environment, is a great way to entice customers in.

Will Caffrey, business development manager at PointCash by Brinks explains real ally research has suggested basket spend can increase by up to 65% when there’s an ATM service offered in-store with onscreen marketing. This can now use video to promote special offers or daily deals to entice consumers towards an impulse or family meal promotion and improve the customer experience.

The receipt can also be printed on with a coupon, barcode or offer that the retailer can track through the till.

ATMs provide retail outlets with a healthy revenue stream, without any capital outlay, allowing them to recycle cash to back to their customers and reduce banking costs and with the Central Bank of Ireland predicting the demand for cash to grow by up to 8% in 2022, in-store banking will continue to develop for PointCash and retailers.

Bill payment, top up and mail services

PostPoint agents across the company’s network of retail and convenience stores experience a rise in footfall thanks to the range of convenient and essential footfall driving services they can offer in-store.

PostPoint is a wholly owned subsidiary of An Post and offers retailers the opportunity to provide a comprehensive range of bill payment, top up and mail services.

Agents can accept payments on behalf of Ireland’s main utility providers. This drives customers in-store to pay their bills or top up their mobile phone.

PostPoint agents also have the opportunity to sell An Post mail products such as stamps and One4All gift cards. Agents report experiencing a huge increase in demand for international stamps this summer with the welcome return of visitors to our isle.

In partnership with PostPoint, convenience stores are transformed into destination hubs where agents can become parcel collection points driven by the surge in ecommerce shopping.

The addition of in-store PostPoint Services also provides essential and convenient services within the community and enhances the experience for the customer in their local convenience store.






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