Green Isle Fruit Snacks: Ready to eat fruit, when you need it!

Made from 100% fruit, new Green Isle Fruit Snacks are perfect for healthy snacking on-the-go, helping people to eat well without adding to the to do list


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23 January 2023

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We all want to eat better but, sometimes, life gets in the way. Green Isle, Ireland’s favourite frozen fruit and vegetable brand, has launched an exciting, innovative and convenient fruit snacking range.

Green Isle Fruit Snacks are superior quality fruits that are perfect for lunchboxes, a healthy treat or on-the-go snacking. Made from 100% fruit, Green Isle Fruit Snacks help people eat well without adding to the to do list.

Ideal for anyone that is focusing on making healthy snacking choices, each bag contains three easy-to-open snack packs and are one of an individual’s five-a-day.  Your shoppers can choose from juicy mandarin segments or melon chunks. Green Isle’s carefully selected superior quality fruits are picked at their peak and frozen at their freshest.  New advanced freezing technology ensures that the superior quality, taste and texture of our prepared fruits are all locked in, delivering a wonderful product with no food waste… Just amazing ready to eat fruit when you need it!

“We believe that we are offering a brand-new way of eating fruit,” said Mairéad Walsh, Green Isle marketing manager. “Many years have been spent perfecting the freezing process, making sure that the fruit tastes really good. Fruit Snacks are high quality fruit, handpicked and ready when you are. They can be eaten frozen or defrosted with no mess.”

The two products currently available in the range are Mandarin Segments and Melon Chunks. Each Pack retails at €3.50 and contains three 80g packets inside. Find them in the freezer aisle.

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