Glanbia Ireland farmers commit to a 30% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030

Glanbia Ireland also commits to 30% absolute reduction from processing sites



27 July 2021

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Following over a year of intensive planning, Glanbia Ireland, producers of the Avonmore brand, has pledged to achieve a 30% absolute reduction in carbon emissions from its processing sites by 2030 and will work with its dairy farmers towards a similar cut in carbon intensity from milk production. The ambitious targets are laid out in a comprehensive sustainability strategy, called ‘Living Proof’.

The company and its over 2,000 employees will continue to prioritise actions in air and water quality, animal health and welfare, biodiversity, packaging, production and other areas. It has also signed up to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to show its clear and unambiguous commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by implementing the best science and technology.

The company’s overall ambition is to reach Net Zero Carbon by no later than 2050, in line with the Irish government’s commitment in the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill.

Following over a year of detailed analysis and planning, the board of Glanbia Ireland has adopted a comprehensive, company-wide ‘Living Proof’ sustainability strategy. It sets out clear targets to 2030 and beyond for each of five key priority areas, including:

  • carbon reduction,
  • regenerative agriculture,
  • natural nutrition,
  • the circular economy and
  • growing together.

It contains long-term, science-based targets, goals and promises, including achieving carbon neutral status for six of its main production sites. The sustainability strategy also focuses on soil health and nutrition; further improving the nutritional quality of its product portfolio as well as reducing and recycling packaging and limiting waste. Promoting diversity and inclusion in a fair, safe and progressive working environment is also laid out in the strategy which will guide the company in the coming years.

Among the other specific targets are that:

  • 100% of packaging on consumer-facing brands is recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025;
  • 100% of its portfolio is compliant with the GI Nutritional Standards by 2025;
  • 100% of inputs for food are responsibly sourced by 2030;
  • 100% of Glanbia Ireland farms have ‘A Greener World Animal Welfare Approved Standards’ certification, a nutrient management plan, soil testing and water quality action plans for farms in Priority Areas for Action by 2025;
  • 50:50 female : male representation in leadership roles will be achieved by 2030.

“Irish farmers are among the best in the world and are showing their determination to adapt to the requirement for science-based climate action,” said Glanbia Ireland CEO Jim Bergin.

“Farm families are proud custodians of the rural environment, and we will support our farmers in addressing challenges and building on Ireland’s great natural credentials. Farmers have proven their willingness to adapt and change many times.”



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