Gin Island: Ireland’s latest premium gin joins the party

Listoke Distillery is home to Ireland's first Gin School
Listoke Distillery is home to Ireland's first Gin School

How do you take yours? With lemon and lime? Or more adventurous, with a slice of orange or even avocado...



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26 January 2017 | 0

Isn’t it remarkable how, in the past couple of years, gin has become a highly sought-after and talked-about spirit. The sector is booming in Ireland and around the world; an estimated 1.87 BILLION Gin & Tonics were sold in bars and restaurants around the world in 2015 (a lot of them by us here at ShelfLife), a total which IWSR figures show a sales increase of 2.5%.

The latest gin brand to hit the market in Ireland is Listoke 1777 from Drogheda, the brand new Listoke Distillery – also home to the first Gin School in Ireland.

Listoke’s Gin School offers visitors the chance to learn the “secrets” of gin, especially Listoke itself, and even craft their own bespoke bottle.

The Listoke experience also allows visitors to learn about the complex combinations of plants and herbs that make up gin, and the history of the spirit itself.

James McKenna, sales and marketing director at Listoke Distillery said he was intrigued and excited about the current popualrity of gin in Ireland. “Having recently returned to Ireland after 18 years in New York, I was struck by the sudden interest in gin,” McKenna said. “I immediately saw the opportunity to recapture Ireland’s heritage of spirit production.

That heritage is certainly on an upswing currently, with exports expected to climb exponentially in the coming years. Watch this space…

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