Game changer? Amazon trials till-free, “just go” store

Amazon Go shoppers can simply take what they want and walk out. Pic:

Amazon has begun trialling a new kind of grocery store in California which allows shoppers to take what they need and pay online without any need for a checkout



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8 December 2016 | 0

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, online retail technology is evolving at an exponential rate. New ways to shop and pay are becoming the norm practically overnight. Even still, Amazon’s new effort is in the realm of science fiction.

Amazon Go, which just opened its doors in Seattle, uses mobile payment systems, sensors, machine learning and other advanced technology to allow customers to walk in, choose what they want off shelves as normal, and simply walk out. Their total is calculated as they leave the store, and charged to their Amazon account.

The system is outlined in this video from Amazon:


The company says the store has been in the planning stages since 2012. It is currently being trialled by Amazon workers at a premises near Amazon’s offices, and will open to the public in the new year.


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